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Nixon's Apollo: Howard Hughes and the Apollo Hoax

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posted on Oct, 1 2013 @ 11:52 AM
Well, I was going to go to the leg work, but all gov't sites are down. Hopefully I will remember later, and I can understand your reply. It's too easy to fake images.

posted on Oct, 1 2013 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Chrisfishenstein

Thanks Chris, It's really hard to find people on ATS who have interest in this area of research, and I appreciate the feedback.

Nixon screened well over 500+ films during his time in office. But he could only be bothered to attend one single Apollo launch and that was for the Apollo 12, on November 14, 1969. It was a Friday.

Apollo 12 lifted off into a rain storm, the ship disappeared into the clouds very quickly, then the ship was struck by lightning 52 seconds after launch, (but all systems checked out OK, according to NASA) it then travelled to the "moon" and three days later Conrad and Bean stepped out on the Oceanus Procellarum, meaning in Latin, "Ocean of Storms".

Bean pointed his color TV camera at the sun and sizzled it. $70,000 destroyed in an instant. That's why we only have a few minutes of color TV pictures from Apollo 12 on the moon...

Now getting back to the Apollo 12 launch, on November 14th, Nixon arrived (10:54 Eastern time). He viewed the Saturn V lift off (11:22 Eastern time) with Frank Borman and Tom Paine. After a quick run through launch control, the shaking of hands and a short pep talk, Nixon fled the scene. (12:26 Eastern time).

Nixon had started the day at the White House, spent several hours flying between Washington and Florida. He ended his day where it began, back at the White House.. thanks to aviation... thanks to the vision of Howard Hughes who subsidized and promoted civilian air travel in the early days of that industry.

We might recall the Howard Hughes 'round the world airplane trip in 1938 setting a new record of 91 hours (3 days, 19 hours) which instantly made him famous around the world, more famous than he already was. And you know now, it only takes about 3 days to get to the moon! Just sayin'

posted on Oct, 1 2013 @ 03:36 PM
What a great thread !!!

Thank you for all the hardwork and creative narrative . This is the kind of thread that makes ATS worth visiting .

I have favorited this thread and will definetely come back to it .

Two questions remains in my mind ;
I wonder HH is still alive somewhere ?
What is inside the moon ?

posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 01:20 AM

Two questions remains in my mind ;
I wonder HH is still alive somewhere ?
What is inside the moon ?

Thank you for the good comments and these real good questions.

HH would be 107 years old on Christmas Eve 2012, according to his "official" corporate birthdate. Some sources say that Hughes was born a few months earlier in 1905, maybe October. There are discrepancies in the evidence and testimonies of his real date of birth. According to this theory he was born on December 24, 1905.

HH official corporate date of expiration was April 5, 1976. He was 70 years old. Could Hughes have extended his life? artificially? by advanced cyber-netics or even going so far to embed his personality into a mainframe computer? Well , it's not impossible.

Hughes was always on the cutting edge of advanced technology. Hughes created the Hughes Medical Institute, which was basically his privately owned scientific/medical research army. If HH were alive today, inside a computer program, I think he would be crazy enough to try it

Birthdays are important to the Nixon's Apollo theory. Why? When NASA announced the Apollo 11 crew it was announced on Richard Nixon's birthday.. January 9, 1969. Some may say "Nixon wasn't yet inaugurated yet, how can you connect him to this?"

I would say "Nixon, on January 9, 1969, was the president-elect, he was in the process of receiving the administration from LBJ, and according to protocols, the president-elect is immediately included in national security briefings, he frequently met in discussions with LBJ, in the 3 months from November 6 to January 19, during the time Nixon is president-elect, he wielded power." The power he wielded still had limits... but of course... he did wield power.

What is inside the moon?

Looking at the evidence, HH might have built a small army of Surveyor landing probes, some equipped with drilling rigs.
Hughes is always 2 steps ahead of the game... even when he's losing. That's why I portray him in this theory as a Godfather, and Chairman of the Military Industrial Complex. I use those familiar characters to humanize Hughes and bring him out of the shadows in to the light of modern historical narrative research.

When I step back to look at the Apollo program I see something that is a radical mix of fascist state economy, "build rockets for the memory of the leader" that is mixed (on many social levels) with a centralized command- control of economic resources... communist in every way, also depending on the same mantra of ""build rockets for the memory of the leader" which is exactly like how NASA, Bellcomm and other contractors used command-control to fully realize the Apollo program. The Apollo moon landings were meant to prove that our system was better than "their system".

Well what did America discover? That fascism and communism work good together. They called it capitalism and Apollo proves that capitalism was better than any other economic system. We beat the Russkies to the moon. That's all that mattered in 1969.

What is really inside the moon? The Ghosts of Nixon's Apollo

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 01:32 AM

Howard Hughes had Robots with TV eyes. In 1959.

I think this is pretty big stuff and deserves an update to the thread. I've put this out to Apollo Defenders in a different thread and they are having trouble understanding the implication of it. The Mobot was designed to handle extreme conditions which and it is described as "a new family of remote control handling machines".

"to gathering samples on the moon while scientists controlling it relaxed in the relative comfort of a rocket ship."

A quote like that is like rocket fuel for Nixon's Apollo!

Hughes had everything he needed, at his fingertips, to make the Nixon's Apollo movie. If we are to believe the main sources available in HH research then why do these same researchers avoid, studiously avoid, talking about the HH connections to the Apollo program?

As I mentioned before in this thread Mark Feeney, the author of "Nixon at the Movies", has missed numerous opportunities to point out some solid links between Richard Nixon & Howard Hughes, and the links between Richard Nixon & the Apollo program. That's not an insult to Feeney.. he's the academic, and he's not the only Nixon researcher that has performed gymnastic maneuvers on the Hughesian megaplay.

What do I know? I'm a just a conspiracy "buff". I consider Mae Brussell my ideal researcher and I'll never be offered a position at a university based on this research. So Enjoy it while it lasts

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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 12:41 AM

Howard Hughes has always been 50 years ahead of the game.

The robots did most of the flying when HH circled the globe in 1938.

Hughes, already a master film maker by 1932, famous aviator/test pilot by 1938, in terms of technology, he decided to pay millions to public relation firms to collect and redact the historical newsreels, the newspaper articles about himself, the photographs, and biographies, etc, to clean up his personal narrative history. Howard Hughes knew what the future would bring, and he knew that the internet was coming and anyone could type in his name into a search engine to effectively crossfile every fact about himself.... so in the 1950's Hughes pre-emptively ordered that his public relations firms clear up his public history. This is why we only find images of Hughes up to 1952, from the RKO/Paul Jarrico trial.

Howard Hughes is already closely related to Richard Nixon and Nixon is closely related to the Apollo program by virtue of being the President of the United States for each and every Apollo moon landing, A11, A12, A13, A14, A15, A16, A17. Every one of the missions happened under Nixon. No other president could obtain the same. Richard Nixon owns that "Secret Honor" 1984

Nixon's madness came about because he had modelled himself closeley on Howard Hughes who, inspiring as he was, was still a complete mad man, perhaps, the inspiration for any number of 007 super villians, not the least, Hugo Drax. Hughes was 50 years ahead of Google and always 50 years ahead of the game.

posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 01:55 AM
Nixon's Apollo

Richard Nixon authorized the Apollo 13 flight lift off for the doomed "Marooned" mission... which it was launched on April 11, 1970. Thirteen days earlier, on March 29th, 1970, Richard Nixon screened "The Stalking Moon" (1968) in Key Biscayne, Florida. Both films starred Gregory Peck, one of Nixon's favorite actors. Recall that Nixon screened "Marooned", back on 20th of December, 1969.

If I were to follow the academic road (read: non controversial) I would, like Boston Globe Pulitzer winning journalist Mark Feeney, I'd make a footnote here that Nixon liked Gregory Peck and westerns, in general, and it seems fairly boring to conclude that Nixon was sitting at ease during the screening of "The Stalking Moon".

I don't have the prestige of an academic/journalistic career to protect, so therefore, I can take these NIXON/APOLLO connections to the next level, here amongst my ATS research buddies and the ATS general readership. Last night I screened "The Stalking Moon" (1968). Here is my review:

This film is pure crap. There is very little "moon" in "The Stalking Moon". I saw just one shot of the moon in the sky... a big, blurry white dot in the sky, throughout the whole film. I expected that there would be some "tie in" to the moon and the murders, but none is ever made.

The acting is awful. Gregory Peck and Eve Marie Saint are emotionless, automatons, going through the motions of a tedious script. The half breed indian child has only one facial expression and it's not unlike a ten thousand yard stare.

The plot is so awfully drawn out on screen that you can't wait for everyone to DIE! Apparently, Peck's character takes sympathy upon the lone white woman, Marie-Saint, and her half breed indian boy. The problem is, the boy has a psychotic Apache indian daddy who is presented in the film only as an afterthought.

The daddy Apache wants his boy back and chases Peck and Marie-Saint into New Mexico where Peck's character owns a piece of land, a cow, a tiny cabin, and mode of self sufficiency.

We never see daddy Apache very much in this movie for he is presented to the viewer as a stereotypical savage and wild killing indian, he is silent, never seen, and in fact, his name is "Salvaje", which if you make the "L" silent, it reads "SAVAJE", or savage.

For the entire duration of the movie, "Salvaje" kills, brutally, everyone who comes into contact with Gregory Peck's character. We don't ever see him do the killing but we see the dead bodies, covered in blood, and we see Peck's reaction to the brutality. Peck's reaction is wooden, scripted and unbelievable.

Daddy Apache's best moment comes when he is shot three times in the belly by Gregory Peck. Nixon would have loved that moment. Other than this... there is no plot to the movie.

Famous film critic Roger Ebert didn't like "The Stalking Moon" (1968) when it came out, he reviewed it here:

Here is what I really think about Richard Nixon screening "The Stalking Moon" 13 days before the Apollo 13 launch date.... his screening of this film was a death threat on Richard Nixon from Howard Hughes, via Hollywood, via Key Biscayne.

Richard Nixon, when viewing this film on March 29, 1970, would readily identify himself with the Gregory Peck character. Peck/Nixon's trying to do the right thing (save the white woman and the half breed indian boy from the savage) but everyone who comes into contact with Nixon/Peck is murdered.

I think Nixon would have been deeply disturbed by this film, it's title, it's main character, it's main actor, it's plot and the bloody finish to it. Later that night, after the screening, Nixon's mind would tumble around the plot and the summary of "The Stalking Moon". What did it mean? "What the hell did Howard mean by that?

posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 02:58 AM

Nixon's Apollo

It's funny how people can look at history, look at Richard Nixon, and push Richard Nixon into a little box called Watergate and be done with him.

History doesn't work that way. And these magazine covers are by no means all inclusive, just a random selection from the 1950-1970's.

When the President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World, is screening 500+ Hollywood movies during his term in office, this is an important thing to take into consideration. Those magazine covers tell a mythological story about Richard Nixon. We always have to dig deeper to understand the context of Nixon, Apollo, Hughes, the 1960's, etc.

Digging deeper is a way to elicit new questions about the historical narratives and to expose those mythologies in the narratives that deserve to be closely re-examined. Richard Nixon deserves to be re-examined in history because it's fairly clear that his politics is intimately associated with fascism, gangsterism, the Howard Hughes inspired anti-communism, which is basically code word for national socialism, Nazi's.

Nazi rocket sales were sky-rocketing in the early 1960's.

posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 06:09 PM

Nixon's Apollo

What I gather from the source material is that HRH had packed up from Houston, Texas and resettled in southern California, taking his substantial inheritance with him. Hughes's uncle, Rupert Hughes, was already established in Hollywood as a writer of some success and note. Although Hughes lost a fair bit of cash on his first silent "Swell Hogan" this first failure only made him more determined to succeed.

Resentful his given Hollywood nickname as the "Sucker with the money", Howard Hughes, aged 21, rebounded with a production from 1926, his second silent, called "Everybody's Acting" and you could see it in theaters from December of that year.

HRH film titles always bear on the significance to the Nixon's Apollo theory... and knowing that Hollywood frequently recycles it's material, here is a "remix" of "Everybody's Acting" with Hughes, Apollo and Nixon, the historical narrative that has been 87 years in the re-making...

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 01:10 AM
Nixon's Apollo presents: The Dirty Dozen

Nixon probably screened "The Dirty Dozen" (1969) sometime in August of 1969. I say "probably" and "sometime" because my source material only supports that conclusion. What's important is that Nixon screened that movie in August of 1969 and during that time the Apollo 11 crew were living life within the confines of the Mobile Quarantine Facility MQF.

But by August 13th 1969 the Apollo 11 crew were released from captivity and ready to begin the propaganda mission name of "Project Giant Step" detailed here

The Nixon's Apollo theory includes the idea that twelve astronauts got their feet dirty on the "moon", hence, in this theory they will be referred to as "The Dirty Dozen."

add thumb link for large version
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posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 06:11 AM

Nixon's Apollo: Hughes, NASA, Elvis: 1966-1970

At first it seems like a mess. But it's really easy to explain. A timeline of lunar mission dates is overlaid with Elvis film titles (all inclusive from 1966-1970, 3 films per year) and a Howard Hughes overlay which is not all inclusive but descriptive of his Las Vegas casino purchases.

The casino list reads like a list of CIA operations : Desert Inn, Sands, Frontier, Silver Slipper, Castaways. Landmark. Hughes cancelled his plans to purchase the Stardust in August 1968.

The Elvis films read like a narrative of messages :
1966 Frankie and Johnny (Frank Sturgis? Johnny Roselli?)
1966 Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Hawaii is a repeating theme with Apollo)
1966 Spinout (a reference to Neil Armstrong's spinout in Gemini XIII)
1967 Easy Come, Easy Go (possible reference to Nixon's gambling habits)
1967 Double Trouble (a reference to HH body doubles? or Elvis body doubles?)
1967 Clambake
1968 Stay Away, Joe
1968 Speedway
1968 Live a Little, Love a Little
1969 Charro!
1969 The Trouble with Girls (possible reference to the Manson Family murders)
1969 Change of Habit (possible reference to Hughes future move out of Vegas)

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posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 07:21 AM
Nixon's Apollo: The Last Surveyor

The American military industrial complex celebrated Richard Nixon's birthday with the Surveyor XII launch on January 7, 1968 and the lunar landing which occurred at 01:05:36 GMT on January 10, 1968. Source

That means when the last and final Howard Hughes Surveyor landed on the moon, it was January 9th, in Washington D.C. and that was exactly Richard Nixon's birthday.

It's mind blowing when I thought about how the birthdays are always creeping up in Nixon's Apollo. And January 1968 was quite a violent month for the military industrials. Things are going badly for America on the war front.

January 21, The Battle of Khe Sanh,
January 30, Tet Offensive begins,

There was a call from Las Vegas. Richard Nixon picked up the phone. He knew the voice on the other side was Howard Hughes. I don't know the exact time and date of the call. And a deal was made. Nixon would run in 1968 with Hughes support.

Two days, later, February 2, 1968, Nixon announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:54 AM
I spent a lot of time in GIMP getting this image together. Sometimes I am at a loss for words. A mental thought can be conveyed in an image, to some degree, and sometimes more effectively than a whole page of text. This the image was in my mind when I think about the Apollo program, anti-communism, Howard Hughes and the whole 1960's mind-f**k that ended so abruptly with the murders of MLK and RFK and ascending to the throne of the military industrial complex was RMN. In this theory Nixon is still #2 to the Godfather of Godfathers, Howard Hughes.

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posted on Nov, 24 2013 @ 10:24 PM
Nixon's Apollo

Nixon was the kind of president who was always playing poker in his mind; he played for large stakes, big pots, $50,000 and $100,000 per hand. But some times, money wasn't enough. In the house of the madman he owed his soul to the Godfather.

Hughes, the keeper of Nixon's soul, kept it for many years tucked away in one of several floor-to-ceiling vaults at Romaine Street. During the early Apollo years through up to Nixon's presidency, Las Vegas was the home of Nixon's soul... buried in a secret cavern beneath the Nevada Nuclear Test site, perhaps near a place called 'Carpetbagger fault'.

Why was Hughes so persistent in his efforts to ban nuclear testing in Nevada? Hughes, through his agent Robert Maheu, had been petitioning presidents, LBJ and Nixon, to put a halt on testing there. Hughes had multiple motives to seek a nuclear testing ban in Nevada. He was worried about his assets. Because deep underground in the desert - buried under a thick crust of irradiated sand-glass, was Richard Nixon's soul.

Nixon was always dreaming of that desert landscape again and again - in the cowboy western films he constantly screened at Camp David, Key Biscayne, San Clemente and sometimes the White House.

Nixon visited Las Vegas - Remarks in Las Vegas, Nevada. October 31, 1970

Also, it relates to the State of Nevada in a very direct sense. The test center here in Nevada is essential and indispensable to our defense program. The test center here in Nevada is essential and indispensable to our space program.

Unless we have a Senator who votes for what the President says is necessary for national defense, we are not going to have anything to test at the test center.

This Nixon visit timing is critical because Howard Hughes will be leaving Las Vegas in less than 30 days... on November 25, 1970...

Now this is Nixon, on Halloween, in Las Vegas, he is essentially telling the people of Nevada that the 'test site' is important, Hughes took that as a message from Nixon. Hughes was extracted from the Desert Inn less than one month later. Richard Nixon would set about nuking the Nevada desert in an attempt to free his soul from it's prison... the gambling casino... the high stakes poker table forever playing in his mind.

If Apollo 11 (July 1969) were an Ace card and Apollo 12 (December 1969) were another Ace card, what poker player wouldn't exploit that to his best advantage? Nixon's going to think big and bet bigger. What could possibly go wrong? How about 3 jokers.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 02:35 AM
A special album cover for Nixon's Apollo. Get one while supplies last!

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 01:59 AM

Nixon plays poker. Howard Hughes owns Las Vegas. Here are the Aces that Nixon holds on the Apollo hand.

1. Ace of Spades. Howard Hughes. Motive, Means and Opportunity.

In January 1961, NASA awarded Hughes Space & Communications the contract to build the Surveyor to achieve the first fully controlled soft landing on the moon. The first of seven successfully landed on the moon June 1, 1966. By using rockets to rise 12 feet above the surface, Surveyor 6 also proved that a spacecraft could lift off from the moon. The Surveyors transmitted close-up photographs of the moon's surface to prepare for the Apollo lunar landings. Source Boeing narrative .

2. Ace of Hearts. Deke Slayton. Grounded for a heart murmur,

but because of an erratic heart rate (idiopathic atrial fibrillation), he was grounded in September 1962, Unofficially called "chief astronaut," he had the decisive role in choosing the crews for the Gemini and Apollo programs, including the decision of who would be the first person on the Moon. Source

According to the Apollo lore, Deke took a regimen of vitamins which cured his heart murmurs, courtesy of Dr. Charles Berry's miracle vitamins!

3. Ace of Clubs. Farouk El-Baz, the geologist, hired by Richard Nixon's brother, Ed Nixon, also a geologist but someone who could not find a job in geology! El-Baz was the first to collate the Lunar Observer images which NASA had stacked on a desk in an office and he served as the Secretary of the Landing Site Selection Committee.

4. Ace of Diamonds. Diamonds Are Forever. A film that Richard Nixon screened on April 27, 1972 at Key Biscayne Florida with his buddy and bag man BeBe Rebozo.

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 01:39 AM
The Apollo Defenders didn't realize that Nixon was both a good poker player and a cynical lawyer.

Nixon's quote "Well, when the President does it, that means, that it is *not* illegal."

Nixon was involved in Operation Paperclip. Nixon was involved with helping those Nazi's get established with proper credentials, and money, in the United States.

Nixon was involved with Howard Hughes. Financial links from 1956-1972, all well documented.

Nixon was involved with Operation 40, and the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

The relationships between Frank Sturgis and Cuba, Robert Maheu and Cuba, Richard Nixon and Cuba, BeBe Rebozo and Cuba, Howard Hughes and Las Vegas, Hollywood and NASA are all well documented.

Nixon was a gambler. Howard Hughes owned 50% of Las Vegas.

Nixon was legendary movie buff, he screened over 500+ movies while he was in office. Howard Hughes was a legendary movie maker.

Nixon was an actor. Hughes produced a movie called "Everybody's Acting" in 1926.

While in Whittier, Pat Ryan met a young lawyer fresh out of Duke University law school, Richard Milhous Nixon. The two became acquainted at a Little Theater group when they were cast together in The Dark Tower.

Howard Hughes secluded himself in numerous "Dark Towers" when he occupied the Desert Inn, Las Vegas, for four years, November 1966 to November 1970.

December 1970, At the Brittania Beach Hotel in the Bahamas. April 1971, At the Xanadu Princess Resort on Grand Bahama Island which he had recently purchased. From February 1972 At the Intercontinental Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua. From February 1972 At the Bayshore Inn of Vancouver, Canada.

Every time Howard Hughes would occupy the top floor of a hotel and every time he blacked out the windows in his own "Dark Towers". Nixon was involved with Watergate, Frank Sturgis, Robert Maheu and Howard Hughes.

The Nixon's Apollo theory is dedicated to researchers Mae Brussell, Jay Weidner and Rob Ager, with special thanks to Mark Feeney, for his definitive work.

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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 06:21 AM

Nixon's Apollo : Dress rehearsal. Part 1.

Nixon understands the need for a dress rehearsal, he is a trained actor.
Howard Hughes understands the need, he is a director and producer.
NASA understands the need for a dress rehearsal, too. Apollo 10 was the mission.

So what films did Richard Nixon screen on, or around, the time of the Apollo 10 dress rehearsal? One of those films was "Camelot" (1967). It's about the mythological King Arthur and his court.

There is an article titled "Jackie Started The Legend of JFK 'Camelot'" Jacqueline Kennedy's original interview appeared in the Dec. 6, 1963, issue of LIFE magazine.

Jacqueline quoted the line and concluded, "There will be great presidents again, but there will never be another Camelot." Her observations found their way into newspapers around the country. Source

Richard Nixon, the reclusive movie buff, would have known about the Jackie/JFK/Camelot myth connections, too. So it was on May 17 of 1969 Nixon screened "Camelot" (1967) at the Camp David compound, on the eve of the Apollo 10 launch, Richard Nixon was thinking about ancient, myths and heroic King Arthur.

In the last images we can see two of the tv special effects workers who are setting up a simulation of lunar scapes with a single source of lighting, eventually to be used in live broadcasts for CBS network television.

Any resident of the United States, between May 18-26 of 1969, could tune in to watch hours and hours of CBS/NBC/ABC tv simulations of moon scapes, simulated EVA's and simulated orbital manouvres in the dark.

Myths. Legends. Special effects and a dress rehearsal... just like in the movies.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 06:30 AM

Nixon's Apollo : Dress rehearsal. Part 2.

So let's ask: What else Richard Nixon was doing during the Apollo 10 dress rehearsal?

May 16 1969
Richard Nixon is very busy all day on Friday at the White House. He is doing everything that a president does. Meetings, greetings, phone calls and boat ride in the evening with Ross Perot, in a boat named after Dick's daughter, "Tricia".

May 17 1969
Nixon awarded two Medals of Honor on the Saturday morning ceremony. He then flew by helicopter to the USS Saratoga which is referred to as "The Attack Carrier Striking Group visit" which amounted to a mini- airshow for the President and his entourage. Then on to Camp David Maryland where he will stay the night. 647pm is the last diary entry.

According to Mark Feeney's book "Nixon At The Movies" Nixon screened "Camelot"(1966) at Key Biscayne however I do not see that confirmed in the present versions of the Nixon Secret Service diary's offered by the Nixon Library.. so that information must be a mistake in the editing of Feeney's book.

The details of Nixon's days were sifted from his Secret Service daily diary.

May 18 1969
Apollo 10 launched on Sunday morning, Nixon was in Camp David and watched the launch on TV.

The President left Camp David that afternoon and returned to the White House.

May 19 1969
The President has a business-like Monday filled with meetings, phone calls, an awards ceremony, an African delegation, his last phone call of the night is a 9 minute conversation with J. Edgar Hoover, Nixon called at exactly 935pm.

May 20 1969
The President has a normal business on Tuesday that includes filming a statement for Danish TV. A 2.5 hour luncheon for the King and Queen of Belgium. For the second consecutive night, Richard Nixon called J. Edgar Hoover at exactly 935pm and spoke for exactly 9 minutes.

May 21 1969
Normal business for a Wednesday. Nixon swore in a NATO official, met with NSA advisors, met with his personal physician for one minute, he went to the swimming pool, and at 7pm he went on national television to announce his nomination for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Warren E. Burger. Nixon called J. Edgar Hoover at 759pm and talked until 808pm, exactly 9 minutes.

Apollo 10 reached lunar orbit. May 21, 1969, 20:44:54 UTC.

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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

Hi. You've got some of your dates wrong on the new post, you typed 1970 instead of 1969.
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