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What can we ban to prevent another Boston

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:41 AM
No matter how much protection you have it is very difficult for any security agency(S) to prepare for and prevent every possible security risk. One of the most difficult to prevent is the lone wolf, or in this case two of them. It is very easy to go online and learn how to build a bomb, it is very easy to buy a gun walk into a shopping mall and empty out a magazine because you think Allah told you to or that you don’t like the government’s tax policy.

I think to answer to OP’s question, its not what’s going to be banned its what’s going to change, I would imagine that in the aftermath of all of this there will be some institutional changes in the FBI and also in local police in how to deal with these type of incidents and the appropriate response to them.

The terrorists only have to get lucky once, the security agencies have to get lucky every time.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 07:44 PM
I agree that banning anything or making new laws that strip our Constitutional rights further will have no effect on an individual or group from committing this type or any other type of criminal act. That's why I get so pissed when people jump on the ban wagon. I was a little shocked at the hatred towards religious groups though. Yes people commit atrocities in the name of religion all the time but its just a twisted misinterpretation to justify their will.


posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:12 PM

Originally posted by mike_trivisonno
Here is pragmatic an non-violent approach to reducing the number of Jihad attacks on American soil:

1) Outlaw the practice of Islam on American soil.
2) Close all mosques and madrassas on American soil
3) Deport all muslims encamped on American soil

This will reduce the number of muslims on American soil and the Jihad they wage.

Defeat Jihad. Deport muslims.

So you figure having the United States basically declare war on the entire 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world (Which that would absolutely be seen as ...and I'd even have trouble arguing it at that point) is a good idea?

This has been a war of over 10 years now because we are fighting a VERY small % of that enormous overall number. If that were to dramatically change? It might be a much shorter war alright, but not ending in OUR favor. There is such a thing as force of numbers ....and going against a religion based on Faith alone would bring response in kind to our nation, on nationality alone.

I'd also note, the ones most determined to kill us and most interested in doing it HERE also have the sense God gave a goose to blend and pass as something other than Muslim if they so feel the need to do so. Why bother now? They don't have to...but if that changed, so would they. It's the innocent Believers of Islam who would never change simply for the paranoia of baseless suspicion and that would mean hitting pretty much the ones we want HELPING us ...not as hateful of our nation as the Jihadis we are fighting.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by Misbah
Haha, Good one Mike. If there weren't Muslims on this earth, God would destroy it. The only reason he created it was so human beings could come together in worship. Only Allah is worthy of worship. And you want to ban Islam from being taught? Your only hesitating for your own destruction. I'm not saying that Muslims would be angry against you or come towards you in violence, but It's like having a war with God. It's a war you'll never win, You're seeking a war with the one who created you and gave you life? What a fool of a human you are.

Islam has done nothing but good for America, whatever Islam prohibits is bad for every human being and whatever it allows is the best of deeds among humans. Tell me some of the things that Islam has done to America that has been bad. Don't tell me about the deed of bad Muslims, tell me about Islam. What has Islam taught that was so bad for you?

I think most of us agree that you're a total fool Mike. How about we ban all religions and start our own religions, I could worship something by killing people? And another would worship something by slaughtering children? Do you want the religion of humans?
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Any organization is only as good as its weakest link. People keep saying Islam is peaceful, Islam is tolerant, and yet people keep getting blown up by Islamic terrorism. If you are a Muslim, then YOU get rid of those weak links. Why should the rest of the world have to take care of your mess?

I think most of us agree that you're a total fool Misbah.
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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:25 PM
Ban the marathon for a start.
You can't stop nutters.
Anything can be made into a weapon... even the keyboard you are typing on and the screen you are looking at as you read this.

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