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Evidence of Ancient Advanced Civilizations...Would We Find It?

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Hanslune

Two excellent answers together, Hanslune and Coredrill.
These two pages do not contest in any way but are here in case any one else wishes to see theory on how old life on earth may be and these two pages do not agree on that.

Now if the next page is correct we should expect a universe teeming with life at various stages throughout the universe and the possibility of an advanced civilisation is increased but not definite given the estimated age of the universe is only 14 billion years (I do wonder if the new data about the expansion of the universe that was found to be actually accelerating has been factored in thought the alteration to this would likely be negligible) and the answers you provide may indicate it took 4 billion plus years for our level of intelligence to evolve on earth and that applied to life else were creating a possibility that intelligent life would be very rare indeed and even almost miraculous.
Meaning that every soul on earth is that much more precious and wonderful even for the atheist mind set.

Therefore the likely hood of even a non or extra terrestrial intelligence visiting is also very negligible indeed but the universe is a big place so that is why I expand from earth outward as absence of evidence here would merely deflect the search to other places and other species and who knows maybe one day a descendant of yourselves may actually be rummaging through the mysterious ruins of an ancient advanced alien civilisation performing xeno archaeology, it is a shame the Data on the net is doomed to be lost though as unlike inscriptions and even book's it is only there as long as the servers will store it.
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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by Arnie123

Originally posted by JohnnyCanuck
I'm going to suggest you formulate the questions that you have, and track down what has been presented in academic or scholarly research. It's tougher, but it is better than starting from the fringes, and gives you a more solid base to build upon.

Sounds good, but might I add, have'nt we all started from "The Fringes"? In a sense, thats how it all started in this fascination of conspiracy. BUT, have'nt we learned that in some cases, current mainstream scholary research could be wrong too? I mean at one point in time, we were the center of the universe...
As I've said, imagination and speculation fuel innovation. Sure, we start on the fringes in that sense but then you need to back track to find solid ground. I don't need to tell you that assumptions that were made on the basis of us being the centre of the universe incorporated a fatal flaw crippling any science that flowed from it. When you are checking out speculative stuff like Ancient Aliens, be alert for phrases like: "...can only mean that...". It usually means anything but.

Heck, I like it on the fringes...that's where the fun is. Personally, I'm doing some historical research right now involves a couple of what I call Black Boxes - data goes in, data goes out. Do they connect in the middle? Sure hope so...but I am alerting the reader to their existence. Should they have knowledge to take the premise in another direction, well, go for it and let me know. But at least they will know at which point things get fuzzy. That's what I mean about working from solid ground.

"I think you should be more explicit here in step two"

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by JohnnyCanuck

You might want to give Schrodinger his cat back afterward.

Quantum theory is undeniable were the future may lie as it is the very edge of science and I have avoided the parallel reality idea and the what if's involved as the very nature of the human mind is that it act's like a quantum band filter that selects a reality and stays in it (which may help explain a lot of psychic phenomena) if you find a definable answer then you are far ahead,.

Here is a conundrum, take a quantum singularity and remember it is spinning as it collapsed into the black hole it is becoming now see two (or more) parallel universe that are identical except for minor differences and watch what happens as the event horizon form's, is it possible that at the speed of gravity with a weakening effect over distance that at least in localised space if can bring the two parallel reality's back into sink as a single reality.

Here is another, at the heart of the star that becomes a singularity there is a point at which the mass is all around and though under immense pressure the gravity is also being lensed into this membrane by the mass all around to a very small indeed point of zero gravity that is being compressed to a point smaller than an atom, As the black hole forms this is compresses even further but then the gravity creates a internal event horizon similar to the external one and the gravity of the surrounding black hole which is spinning reaches into the centre of this tiny trapped and isolated piece of membrane verse and pulls with enough force on a small enough area that shifts around only very slightly as the black hole is spinning to rupture the verse through to whatever lies above as the gravity emanates from the verse below and inverts the verse thus creating a white hole or big bang that then expands within it's own time space bubble and the external gravity of the PARENT black hole emanates through the surrounding event horizon then accelerates the expansion which will eventually undergo spaghettification at the end of the expansion, eventually the black hole succumbs to quantum evaporation but by that time the internal daughter universe has ran it's course as time in the child universe relative to the external universe moves much faster, the asymmetrical displacement of time, matter, energy within the contuii is down to the fact the parent black hole is spinning so during it's formation the exact centre was not symmetrical and there may be more centres that our expansion may come into contact with eventually.

Still the search for black energy is necessary as at least it will provide new technology and methodology.

And it may put into context just how vast the universe really is and just how many older civilisation's just might exist.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 10:06 AM

Originally posted by Arnie123
reply to post by Hanslune

Okay cool, true that. It just seems that if somthing so radical pops up, it gets buried, history had shown us that, am I wrong?

Fairly wrong some religions, groups and occassionally governments - usually for religious regions have looked askance at things. In general new stuff gets accepted if the evidence is there, just compare 1813 to 2013 - if 'someone' is blocking stuff they are doing a remarkably poor job.

Ideologies an current governments who don't think we should know things is what gets me. But nonetheless, I do agree with you.

I've seen Arab governments try to do that - rather unsuccessfully. Western governments no

My MOS is not a security issue, so I can discuss it.
I am a 74D, CBRN SPC. My job covers Decontamination of Nerve, Blister, Choking, Blood and Biological hazards.
Our MTOE can cover anything from personnel, vehicle an aircraft decon. Also Hazmat an chem force recon fall under the same field.

That's interesting I was a 13a925k

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767
To me, quantum physics is "It's a particle!" "No, it's a wave!" "Stop! You're both right!"
After that it involves numbers and I have to take my shoes off to get to 20.

Simply trying to entice our friend to conduct his research from reasonable starting point, rather than cherry picking his favourite fun theory from any number of breathless charlatans with books to peddle. A lesson that many on this site might heed.

If you're gonna get all multidimensional on me, there's not a lot I can say aside from citing that the benefit of building a boat that floats in this universe is of more value than one that only does so somewhere else. In the here and now...there's not the same degree of legitimacy.

...all in the spirit of good humour, eh?
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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by JohnnyCanuck

Sorry there but it is an interesting field though in which I have no credentials and remember I am working on a defective brain here but your attitude is the correct one as it is that far from the universe we think we know that it twist's the mind with all kind's of implication's and possibility's still have you seen the other thread that is on the same wave as this now on the main page about line's in Alaska that the author thinks are like the Nazca lines but have been exposed as the ice has retreated for summer,

I have seen linear line's caused by the movement of glaciers but only in one direction and never ignoring the contours of the terrain. So I am going to read that one now, also just a what if here the Nazca line's, there is a mountain that has had it's top levelled into a flat area that resembles a runway now there is absolutely no evidence that it ever was and a lot of evidence that it was made by the local culture but what inspired them.

A long time ago I watched a documentary in which the local hallucinogenic cactus was sampled by a member of the team and he claimed it gave him a sense of flying and he experienced an OOBE accurately reporting thing's he should not have been able to, In shamanic ritual's amongst the Reindeer herders of northern Europe/Siberia whom still live in tepee's they use a mixture of drug's and music to create a meditative trans like state in which they claim they free there souls, this is common throughout many cultures were substances we call neuro toxins are used to put the body out of sync with the soul.

I would definitely nor recommend this to anyone as they can be lethal, Addictive and destructive to the person using them but in those cultures they are used in sacred ceremony's.

We are looking for technology but what if a different kind of knowledge drove ancient culture to extreme's of achievement as did religion and what if we are using entirely the wrong criteria.

Just back to that wave/particle thing, when a photon is OBSERVED it act's as particle this is because the mind is filtering the other reality's out and that is far more than a brain should be able to do, using a famous test called the photon aperture slit test a photon is split into two photon's and they act as a single photon and in the test they are sent down two different track's divided with a wall between them, at the end of one track there is a slit and at the end of the other a blank board, beyond that there is a photographic plate and in theory you should only have the effect of half the light creating what is called an interference pattern so half an interference pattern is all you should have but in test after test the result made no sense except with parallel reality theory in that the actual result is that you get the full interference pattern.

What this means is the photon is somehow able to skip between reality's and act as though the dead end on one track was not there.

Now you know about quantum communication's and the theory of faster than light communication through quantum entanglement, well if we ever truly gain an understanding of that it may unlock a very low energy requirement system for displacing object's as well as energy and for the objects sequential displacement's may unlock the ability to travel at two time's the speed of light without breaking the rules of Einstein's theory of relativity, I could describe a simple mock up of it but could not get it to work as that is well above my current ability's'..

Keep thinking brother you have a good mind.

Just read through the post's fully explained and something you most probably know of still interesting though.
Geological prospecting line's some cut by chain saw and others by bulldozer, I never heard of this technique and very interesting but it make's perfect sense so absolutely no similarity with the thin stone topped desert of Nazca were it is easy to make the lines simple by removing the stone's covering the fine sand underneath.

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Hanslune

I believe Omni magazine or another mainstream once did a story on what might have occurred if the Dinosaurs had not met Mr. Space Rock, they theorized an intelligent warm blooded intelligent being evolving from one of the smaller carnivores.

Found what I was remembering


posted on May, 17 2013 @ 02:00 PM
A really great thread here that is of a fossilised machine over 400 million years old (looks like sea shells to me but 400 million years ago did they exist in this form) still great thread and maybe the ultimate oopart.

Thanks to LUXUS.
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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 12:30 AM

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