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Political Labels...

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 04:11 PM
I really get a kick out of the Liberals in the world calling Republicans Scum and the Conservatives of the world calling the Liberals Scum. I listen daily to the Radio and both political groups call in to radio shows and tell everyone how there side of things is so much better than the other and vice versa. I have to laugh at all people who think like this. The truth of the matter is that no republic/democrat is better than the other because of their party affiliation. The truth of the matter is all that make those claims are mere middle class people who are wanna be's, people who are unsatisfied with their position in life and who can't deal with it so they claim they are better than others just because republicans are better than democrats and because democrats are better than republicans. The crazy thing is that the joke is on all of you. Do you think the Republican party actually cares about you, maybe in as much money as they can collect from you but do they really care? Does the democrat party really care about you? In as much as they can get money from you yes. The people who represent this country in D.C. are not there for you folks, they are there for $$$$$ and the funniest thing that happens to all of them is that they die, are forgotten, no longer matter, and all that money they hunted during their life is tossed down the drain, their whole life wasted and nothing to show for it. If all of our government officials put as much effort into helping their fellow man as they do stuffing their wallets with the constituents money, we would have a great country. But as it is today we have a bunch of idiots filling the pockets of both parties all the while making claims they are better than someone else all because they are unsatisfied with their lot in life.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 04:36 PM
From the perspective of the UK this so-called 'division' is pretty amusing.

(and we got parties doing similar so this is no sneer, more a tragedy shared)

I see basically two lots of politicians who ape each other almost identically. Personally I'd rather the Dems won but IMO really there are too many worrying similarities.

Some individuals have quirks and differences or a 'name' to stand out with but many of each party could very easily be in the other. What and where is the difference, really?

Besides marginal tax policy differences they all basically believe in heavily skewing policy to benefit the already super wealthy and privileged.

The two candidates in the election made a great game here on our TV in a couple of shows where people here and in the USA played the 'who said....' game. Kerry sounded like Bush sounded like Kerry sometimes.

The two (basically very) right-wing parties slug it out with little between them in terms of difference .....and the term 'liberal' as abuse is such a sad and hilarious perversion.

It appears that now that most policy is so similar with only marginal differences the contest was decided on who was the most churchy and the most 'moral'!?

Moral politicians?! Pleaase.


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