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The Tool of Conspiracy

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posted on May, 12 2003 @ 03:54 PM
I ask you consider these before reading the piece that follows:

1) In the following I am not considering the people behind what we are faced with just the means by which they seek to enslave you. If your preference is Reptoids, Greys, the Trilateral Commission or Omega Agency (or Whoever) please feel free to think it is these people. The means they seek to use against you are the ones we should attack, not the hidden “masters” of the conspiracy.

2) I am not advocating different political and economical view points

4) I have purposefully stayed away from any quoting of facts or statistics as this is meant as an abstract piece.

My contention is that in basic essence, capitalism, rather than anything else, is the conspiracy. It is the easiest means by which to regulate, control and suppress peoples.

Capitalism has been with us since the dawn of known man. Sumerians used it, Egyptians used it, Romans used it, almost everybody, with exception of the few communist states, over the course of history have used it (and even then the means of suppression are not dissimilar). It has for many several thousand years, provided those who wish to have power over fellow man the perfect means with which to do such.

The development of political and religious forms have been determined by it. If man did not have money would the Vatican be the large sprawling, gilt edged monster it is today, no, most likely it would be a simple shack and all the more glorious for it.

It allows those “powers that be” the perfect way to deny, allow, tease and torment those who wish to get on with the normal way of life. There is no more total means of control. By allowing or not allowing people access to money and therefore, food and sustenance you have power over life and death. The powers that be through governments and corporations have total control over everyone, because a capitalist society must be structured. It demands that there are no unknown citizens, everyone is logged, catalogued and duly noted so society may run to the smoothest possible course.

Demand, supply, control=Capitalism.

If you seek to control people you must have a means to do so. Religion is a good one but it will never encompass the whole globe in one form and any such attempt would take many more years, look where 2,000 years has got Christianity, not even half the planet (anyone wants to correct me do so but I think I`m pretty much right in that assertion).

Food, housing and well being are a way to control. How do you control such things? Simple, money! An unreasonable means of handing out tokens for happiness and health. Do not be sold out on capitalism, one of these days something “unfortunate” will happen to you and your government, your bank, whoever will not come to your aid, I have seen just this happen too many times.

Capitalism is the means by which your churches have amassed fortunes whilst the poor starve. Capitalism is the means by which your employers have amassed fortunes whilst the third world starve. Capitalism is the means by which your government amassed material wealth whilst your neighbours starve and their kids die due to a lack of funds in the budget.

The post second world war era saw Nuclear weapons as the ultimate weapon. They are not and never have been. Capitalism is. It is the best friend of governments, secret cabals, religions, corporations or whoever wishes to be “the powers that be”.

As a tool for control, for any global or national conspiracies there is no more perfect means than capitalism, think about it!

[Edited on 24-6-2003 by cassini]

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 07:19 AM
For control....communism worked pretty well for the Soviets, for a time... Then, it too was corrupted, and lies in tatters currently. There is NO system of government that is proofed against the root of corruption is power, and with a system of control (i.e. government in general), power is at the very heart of it, and thus, so will corruption be as well.

All we can do is strive to minimize it as much as possible. To think we can eliminate it, is to be naive. This would be tantamount to us thinking we can eliminate terrorism, whereas all we can really do, is try to minimize its impact on us....

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 03:10 PM
I believe that capitalism is merely a tool for a greater plan.

It is there to finance the building of the New World Order.

If/when, the world is reshaped to their vision, I believe that capitalism will have done it's job and will slowly be watered down.

I believe that the NWO doctrine will be one resembling a type of socialism. Capitalism will not be able to survive in it's present form next to such a system.

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 03:35 PM
"....communism worked pretty well for the Soviets"

There has not been a communist state in existance ever. All those states claiming to be so were no more than dictatorships. One of the great crimes of political evolution is the dirty handed tricks of the Bolsheviks taking over from the mensheviks. I`m not saying it would of worked, how can you say in hindsight but the ideals were there.

"To think we can eliminate it, is to be naive"

No its not, to think you can`t eliminate is merely to be defeatist. I believe in us as a race, we may be selfish and any number of nasty things but we CAN overcome the problems that are in our way. The human race is a marvellous creation and together we can get it right. Would Kennedy have put a man on the moon if he had thought we can`t do this (although thats obviously the wrong question on this board), he thought he dared and he did, so can we.

[Edited on 24-6-2003 by cassini]

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