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Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by jimmyx
let me ask you a few questions

Absolutely, I love questions.

Originally posted by jimmyx
1. is it ok for a convicted armed robber who was just released from jail to be sold a gun at a gun show?

N/A. Persons convicted of armed-robbery, a felony, cannot purchase firearms at gun shows. Transactions at gun shows with commercial arms dealers must, with very few exceptions, be done through an FFL. They run a NICS background check, and the convicted felon will be DENIED.

Originally posted by jimmyx
2. a convict who was just released from jail, for a crime that you testified in court that you saw him do, you're ok with him buying a bushmaster 223, and a 45 colt semi-auto handgun in your towns local gunshow?

See answer above, as it covers this question as well.

Originally posted by jimmyx
3. a convicted and jailed wife beater, for whom the wife testified against him, gets out of jail and buys several guns at a gun show in the same town, you are ok with that?

He won't be getting a gun at a gun show. He would not even have had to have been jailed, a mere restraining order is enough to disqalify.

What percentage of firearms used in violent crimes were purchased at gun shows?
—> 2% according to the US Dept. of Justice. Of those 2%, nearly all of them were purchased with the buyer passing a background check.

In summary, your questions tell me you have no idea what is required to purchase a gun, nor are you aware of what goes on at gun shows. Despite what Rachel Maddow tells you, it isn't easier to adopt a kitten than purchase a firearm (LOL).

But I have a suggestion for you, don't listen anyone, but go out in your town or city today, and you try to purchase that “45 Colt semi-auto handgun” you talked about.
Once you've got it, come make a thread on ATS and tell us about your experience. I for one would be quite interested to know if you still think that we need more restrictive gun laws.


posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by gunshooter

Originally posted by Daedalus

Originally posted by gunshooter
What if its all one big dog and pony show, the bill gets slapped down on purpose, Obama steps in and says he has to enact E O's now.
not sure where this is going to go, but my guts tell me we'll lose our rights no matter what happens.

we don't lose anything that we don't voluntarily give up

just because some asshat in a suit, in washington, that i didn't vote for, says i don't have a right anymore, doesn't make it so. if that happens, and you stop exercising that right, that is a personal choice, not because of a cannot "take away" constitutional rights on a whim...and it can't be done without an act of congress..

everyone really needs to stop with the "gonna take away our rights" nonsense...
edit on 20-4-2013 by

Daedalus because: (no reason given)

Really? Please don't type another word to me until you have read this very carefully, then you may go and stick your foot in your mouth.........

the only things on your list that were actually implemented were the recovery and reinvestment act, and the one about the abortion clinics....the rest are just proposed.

and neither of the ones that were implemented "take away" any rights...

look, i'm no fan of obama, but just mindlessly bashing for the sake of bashing isn't going to get anyone anywhere..

explain to me how anything on that list that has been implemented actually "takes away" any of our constitutional rights..

my point was that an EO banning guns is not a law. it's not legal, because it violates the supreme law of the land, and the supreme court has ruled that illegal laws are not laws. citizens are not required to follow them, police are not required to enforce them, and the courts are not required to uphold them.

if the president says you can't have guns, and congress hasn't amended the constitution to that effect, then it's meaningless, and going with what the president says is a personal choice. he's not our father, he's our elected representative.

that was my point, what is yours?

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by LogicGrind

And he was not taking his own polls. He was gathering info in other ways, using some polls as a part of his whole picture.

Good hell. I understand people like you are pushing so hard for your Anti-Gun Rights crap, but try to actually present truth in your retorts. Instead of half truth cherry picked bull crap.

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