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Hurry Up Osama, We've Got Short Attention Spans

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 02:06 PM
Though the majority of voting Americans did not hear much about either the initial threat Osama bin Laden made against the US with respect to yesterday's elections and even less folks heard the accurate translation that was released later, it's still out there.

The pointed threat he made indicated that it would not matter who won the overall election, but that US states who cast their Electoral Votes for Bush would be seen as supporting the oppression of Muslims worldwide and would feel al-Qaeda's wrath. Since we had no terror attacks or October surprises leading up to this election, I believe many Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief and thought to themselves "This Bush guy is really keeping me safe. All those threats and no attacks. Four more years!"

The message sent from OBL is drastically different. I am left to wonder if his threat has legs or is simply the empty variety. Beyond that, I think of a truly worst case scenario. That scenario involves a multi-pronged attack against internal targets within the US. It's got me a bit nervous. Strangely, I am not as nervous about the attacks as I am about the possiblity that they will not come until months from now.

As any American who is living in perpetual nausea since hearing word of the fact that Kerry called to concede this morning must understand, Americans, in general, have extremely short attention spans. We are easily distracted by shiny objects (celebrities and rich folk with lots of bling, or just fake-boobed women). It is this short attention span which Bush recently used to increase his political capital in this election. It is this very same short attention span which will spell our doom politically should it take OBL a bit too long to get his troops in order.

Here's the main issue...if al-Qaeda truly intends to punish the American electorate for having voted in Bush, the clock is ticking. I honestly believe that if attacks are carried out against American soil more than a month after the election, Americans will simply not associate the attacks with the election results. We will all, typical of the ADD and ADHD society we are breeding, completely forget that the attacks are simply followthrough on a previous threat. Bush will use new attacks to his advantage and will continue to run roughshod over the constitution, budget, foreign policy, and citizenry of the United States and our dumb butts will say that he is our greatest protector. We will completely forget the fact that we were told, in no uncertain terms (though they were initially mis-translated) that this guy is the problem, not the solution.

So, my recommendation to OBL and al-Qaeda:

If your continued threats against the US have any force behind them, act quickly and be certain to follow your actions with a clear message, complete with accurate English transcript within 48 hours of your attacks. If you hesitate, we won't get the message and you'll never get what you want.

This piece was not written to condone potential terrorist activity against the United States. Though this author does believe that the U.S. has put itself out as a target through it's execution of Foreign Policy, attacks are not automatically warranted for such behavior.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 02:17 PM
bin laden doesnt have to do anything else. Iraqi war mess and the economy is going to take America MINIMUM 5 yrs to crawl out from, and that would be with the full support of many countries.

IF bin laden/CIA/mI5/Mossad/Illuminati/Mad Masons/Little Green Men or whoever the terrorists are do attack again on the scale of 9/11 THE ENTIRE WORLD IS SCREWED!!! And myself and everyone reading this post will lose their job!

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 11:14 AM
If he's going to attack Bush states, he has plenty to choose from. That's practically the entire country anyway. Maybe he'll only attack those that were dominated by Bush. That wouldn't bother me one bit, to tell you the truth. America is too crowded with idiots anyway.

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 11:18 AM
Unfortunately, I may have to agree with you. We are awash in idiots. But I hardly think we (U.S.) are entirely alone in that respect. As for Osama- I can think of an address on Pennsylvania avenue AND Downing street that he could have a crack at and welcome to it.

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 11:47 AM
if OBL wants to do anything majour why not just send a pack of pretzels
to the white house addressed to G W Bush
the chnaces are the idiot would choke on them

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