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It's not wrong being affected by illusions.

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 03:50 PM
Yes, meditation is supposed to build on the quality of equanimity.

Yes, you have to have the road to get to the endpoint. Progress is a shade colored across everything.

Good associations promote useful habits, and bad associations spoil useful habits.

You shouldnt feel less worthy if you have been guided by illusion. You are just as worthy, if not more, because you still struggle on the path, and there is valor in that. Judgement is a flame, and too many people use it and burn others unforgiving. Most often than not, it is passed on, and what happens is that the person accepts this unwise judgement as their own, and in the end, they judge themselves.

Once a person does see through illusion, it is that persons responsibility to act in the most effective and clear way, for the betterment of others and oneself.

Life does balance everything out, and where there is a 'bringing down of others' or making a stumbling block for your sister or brother, there is not enlightenment. But remember, that we all serve as mirrors for each other, and what is often seen in others as undesirable, is ourselves staring us back through the mirror, questioning us.

Yes, but Jesus said listen to him, and that through him was the way to God. But he did it in a most caring way, but even Jesus didnt get through to everyone, some came to hate him.

Yes, the meek shall inherit the earth. The humble ones are to be exalted.

much love
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