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Guide to advanced consiousness: Attaining Enlightenment.

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posted on May, 11 2013 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

it is not timeless understanding of 'self' there is no self

it is endless being

self is just a story

soul is just awareness of a part of being

the true light from darkness that you speak of is the realization of the forward momentum of cosmic creativity

the light that we know, is just quanta, packets of photons, energy particles vibrating, taking form and transmitting information to conscious observers, the 'heartbeat' of the universe so to speak

dark matter is condensed energy and a part of the equation not found yet between the relationship of dark energy and gravity

dark energy is consciousness moving in a forward pattern, expanding to infinite at an accelerating rate, much like knowledge is an exponential growth bound to the infinite

gravity is its anti thesis, the collapsing of what is known into a singularity, nothingness which springs forward all that is, this is why time dilates within a gravitational field, it affects the forward momentum and expansion of dark energy, it slows it, but take note that the forward momentum is greater than the reversal, that is why we move forward in time, but also take note that the outer edges of the universe holds the beginning, the cosmic radiation background, in a way we move backwards through time, but we do not see it, we do not perceive it as such

and that is because truly everything moves through us, in front of us to see the eternal fruits yielded by the nothingness that is behind us and ahead of all that is
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