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Yet more uk employment/slavery corruption.

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by davesmart
The system is turning into the stage of slave labour.

It always has been. It's just things like this make it more obvious.

We still live in the Egyptian slave system, it has just evolved. That's why so many governments around the world use the same Egyptian God as their logo. The only real difference is now it uses money instead of whips.

They say it is not slavery because you are "rewarded" with payment. But then you must give back your pay in return for your basic human rights.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by Dfairlite

I agree totally with what you have said, BUT!
The system over here has been set up to make it almost impossible. Our streets are littered with failed businesses because of the various taxes and costs etc. The town near where I live is now unrecognizable to me, well over half the shops now sit empty.

The sheeple are bombarded with tv programs such as..
The Builder form hell.
The plumber from hell.
The electrician from hell.
The mechanic from hell.
The computer man from hell.
All these programs are designed to frighten Joe public away from local tradesman and into the very expensive arms of the corporate owned businesses, and it works!

I don't think people realize just how brainwashed the UK is, or how corrupt the system.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 11:45 AM
I was reading a story in the FT this morning about Amazon.

They pay 1p over the minimum wage, the workers in the warehouses are tracked with a mobile computer that tells them where the items that need picking are, and whether they're working fast enough or not, and most of the "employees" are supplied by an employment company.

There is the carrot dangled that if they work hard enough they can become proper Amazon employees, but hardly anyone ever gets it.

If you're off sick you're fired, if you don't work fast enough you're fired, and during seasonal times they "employ" people then fire them as soon as the peak in demand is over.

They earn £Billions in the UK, pay their staff peanuts, and didn't pay 1 penny in Tax on those profits.

This is why the country is sinking.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by avriel

Good post. I knew how this BS worked all along. The benefits do everything they can to make it appear people are not unemployed so that the national statistics can be cooked. They don't just do it with the employment figures either.

You mentioned having to meet targets. well I watched a show some years ago called "the trap" by Adam Curtis.. I recomend viewing it.

Anyhow in this documentary Curtis goes on about our target driven system. Apparently this idea of having targets was originally from America, i think it was the rand corporation who first though it up as a great idea, back in the 1960's...The thing is in the very early days of research experimenting with target driven companies etc, it was found that the pressure of having to hit targets on a regular schedule let to massive amounts of cheating and manipulating facts and figures, by employees and bosses, in order to meet the targets. This is crucially important to know, because when our governments restructured the welfare system, the NHS, the schools etc..they made sure everyone had to meet targets and turned every part of the public sector into a target driven environment.

This is what is really infuriating, the government knew targets lead to massive amounts of corruption, they knew full well before they introduced targets into everything. This just illustrates how evil our governments are, they know all the stats on employment are lies, on hospital waiting times are lies, classroom over crowding etc. They know it, they know the reason for all the lies is people having to meet targets they cannot meet, without making things up. So in a nut shell the governments, for atleast the last 25 years have been quite happy to know the entire public sector is built on a pack of lies. All they want are statistics to say everything is OK, for our credit ratings etc...but its all BS, its just like one big company with a corrupt accountant who is cooking the books so the share price stays high..the only difference is the target driven system is the corrupt accountant, but the bosses hired it knowing it was corrupt, but they can plead ignorance and whenever scandals hit the news to do with the NHS or welfare system or schools, the government always scape goat individuals rather than taking responsibility for the system they introduced that was known to force people to cheat.

Here is another example. of how our target driven public sector lets people down. back when I went to school in the late 80's, there were several very disturbed, violent and dangerous kids who attended, I wont go into specific details but there were numerous serious assaults, where the police were called in, but more often than not the police weren't even informed, yet the biggest punishment anyone ever got was a 3 day suspension. These were kids who should have been expelled but never were because it would have showed up in the schools league tables and it would have affected the government rather than get funding cut for doing the right thing, the headmasters and teachers simply bury their heads in the sand and allow nut jobs to do as they please..

I mean think of bullying for instance, the problem never ever goes away does it. and it's continually in the media and nobody has a solution to it, supposedly, well the reason it doesn't go away is because the kids doing it don't get kicked out of school, this is the obvious solution that nobody talks about..The media say tell your parents and tell your teachers, but if the teachers don't expel the problem kids then how the hell does it help if you tell them, this is what angers me massively about the continual BS I hear in the media. the same kids who were out of control in my school went on to commit serious criminal offences later on and got locked up, but as that's yet another target driven know the police and prison service, so you can bet they only did a third of the time they were sentenced to or got "suspended sentences"...but it looks good on paper.

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by stumason

Sorry to leave the thread but this is a necessary response.

My mother was born on the 28th of January 1933, baptised in st luke's church of england that is left as a memorial to the people whom were killed there during the german bombing of liverpool, her god parent's and relative's were lord and lady Tattershall, (try to find them they have been removed from history despite being the family whom founded tattershall bloodstock's, owned camden race track now the market so the land on which the market is built and estates both here and in the colony's, her trust was stolen by a solitor called malcolm fowler of toot's solicitor's birmingham and also a Mr Birmingham, the Queen mother god bless her and may she rest in peace responded to a request for help from my mother by telling her that a plaque dedicated to Mr's leslie (my mother's first marriage divorced in 1959) was on the tattershall stand at aintree racecourse (saying she had died in 1960).

In 1982 my mother went to see myrabelle topham whom broke down crying ans said "it was'nt me I sold your document's to Bill Davies in 1970 for a million pound in cash in a gladstone bag", Lord Sefton whom never owned aintree racecourse despite the rewritten history of the heirarchy and there filthy corruption (God give me a sword and a field of honour), sold the deed's to the topham's in 1947, my mother was supposed to recieve her trust in 1951 but was taken to the george hall in liverpool and introduced to everyone but never told why she was there.

Ken hind former MP for west lancashire and a barrister asked her how much money she though it was and when she said she did not know but she thought over 4 million he replied "Mrs McArdle (My mothers second married name divorced 1969)", he covered his face with both palm's face down and paced his office as if coming to some decision and then continued "it is that much money were this much money is concerned no gentleman is above board, I am Afraid that if you try to get any were with this there is somebody in every department whom will put a stop to it, You inherited Aintree property's and it has simply been stolen I can do nothing more", the Cheetah fraud during which Derick hatton was arrested was a cover up and a young policeman of scottish descent came to my mother and said "Alice I am sorry but if my parent's knew the corruption I was working with they would go mad, I am leaving the police and am going to be an ambulance driver, The higher up's have told us to but out and they are simply covering up, I am so sorry", shortly after the case was closed with not successful prosecution's Tattershall's up staked and relocated to the republic of ireland, the dock's in liverpool were also funded by my ancestor Lord Tattershall whom loaned the money to build them to the liverpool corporation in 1750 and he became the main shareholder of those dock's meaning they are not government property.

Lord derby now deceased was prosecuted for claiming rent on property and land he did not own and we have been told by someone I will not name that it was from my mother's trust also, this is an international fraud and extends to america and australia as the tattershall family were one of the wealthiest in the british empire and it was all simply taken.

The TSB refused to acknowledge the account detail's and when it pressed them they said the Alpha numeric account number may be an old portfolio type account and they were virtually untraceable, the details including the trust number were provided by a tax inspector whom was one of the most honest men we ever encountered and he was forced to take early retirement when the police whom were supposed to upholding the law found out whom he was from the document he sent to us ( he said to my mother I can not believe how much you own ).

She was told Elizabeth tattershall (whom they buried as Liza tattershall but at least with her parent's) had made the trust safe so it could never be stolen, that she was the sole hair of all the tattershall estate and title and that the court's are responsible for the bulk of the fraud.
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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

I said people who refuse to work not people who can't work.
My father is disabled he couldn't work past 35.

Don't bend people's posts out of shape .


posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

That's an amazing story!!
I do hope you or someone is still chasing whats rightfully yours?
I have a similar story though mine concerns old family land in Newzealand, but that's for another day.

Don't let them get away with it, chase them, expose them, they are thieves.

posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by VoidHawk

You've really hit this on the head. Well done. I've noticed this trend shifting for quite a while now. Over the past 2 years almost every job vacancy for unskilled people (e.g. contact centre, bar/restaurant, office, etc) are now part-time.

I'm at a loss for words to describe the spurious logic that gave birth to this idea, but I can only conclude that has more to do with numbers than any genuine motive to improve our economy. By that I mean that it may look good if an employer can say "We employed 300 new workers this month" or "Our company is creating 200 new positions" whilst all the time knowing that those positions will be for 15hrs/wk jobs.

Do some business's get grants/funding from the government depending on how many new employees they take on?

Edit: just to say that I'm currently a 3r Year university student. I've normally always worked whilst in education, but recently it's impossible to get a job. The job market is beyond saturation point now. Part-time jobs used to be exclusively held by students/elderly/stay-at-home parents, but now due to the lack of full-time positions all those people are applying for part-time too.

The last interview I went for in a pub had 30 people there, of which 25 had university degrees. 5 of those guys had 1st CLASS DEGREES from Edinburgh Uni in various Engineering subjects. How are there not jobs for these guys, seriously? It's madness.

tl;dr there are plenty jobs, but the job market is absolutely flooded with over-qualified people that it's making the act of getting a job nigh-on impossible
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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 08:33 AM

I'm at a loss for words to describe the spurious logic that gave birth to this idea, but I can only conclude that has more to do with numbers than any genuine motive to improve our economy. By that I mean that it may look good if an employer can say "We employed 300 new workers this month" or "Our company is creating 200 new positions" whilst all the time knowing that those positions will be for 15hrs/wk jobs.

It's not spurious logic, it is genius.

You have privately owned corporations (that is privately owned by shareholders) who's workers are provided by the state for free (in the case of benefits claimers who have to work to get their benefits), or are heavily subsidised by the state in the case of part time workers on minimum wage who need to top up their "earnings" with benefits.

As part time employees, or even full time employees hired through a 3rd party company the workers have no employment rights from the Amazons of this world, since they don't actually work for them, get no sick pay, the corporation doesn't have to pay National Insurance for them (employers have to pay I think 21% of a workers income in NI on top of what the worker pays), or holiday pay, etc, etc, etc.

So with cheap or free labour they have much lower overheads, meaning much greater profits, which can then be shared out among the shareholders.

AND they don't pay any fecking tax - not 1 penny - either.
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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by VoidHawk

Thanks we have tried everything, one solicitor set his own company up and left, another said it was too big, another was frightened and admitted he did not want to go up against those involved, we have been fighting for so very long, my mother though it now too ill and what ever may be will be I just hope that there is a god to deal with these callous and wicked people and for yours as well, one policeman said we had to fight for it outside the country but hey my mother is rich but does not have a penny and without money how can you fight these kind of people, But I hope you find justice as at least in Switzerland you have a chance.

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