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Meditating to meditation.

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Could you explain further on the idea of many requests being sent by people.

Many ones here, will make requests to above, and not even recognize the request on the surface. For example, you will watch Bush, and wonder why does he look like that when he is asked a certain question. So, in slumber, when updates are pushed, and various other things take place, you put in a request, to see on your wonders. So, it is granted, and you are now seeing through dreams, (I am sure, you know, dreams, are not just dreams), what really goes on during those times, if that makes sense.

I hope I explained that right, it is rather a task to explain these things in human terms.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

you wrote:

1. My focus is very boring to most people and it gets repeated day after day, as I don't think anything else matters, and really don't want to magnetize anything else. But, Love. And always noticing any shortcomings, disagreements with family, ineffective parenting, anything flawed and bad in me. I am far more concerned with my failings than anyone else, and always trying to ride the bike again, and pour out heart to Team I have experienced all my life watching over, and Guidance I receive. We have a wonderful Family watching over and I want to be with my loved ones, and want everyone, every soul/spirit/entity, even the ones in the rocks and clouds, all of them, home and safe, even the shadow side. Home, everyone healed, Love.

Thats it, there is no place like home.

my response:

Every moment is different, never ever repeated... the moment there is attention, awareness, then there can't be room for boredom. We use the same lexis, say Spring as in Last spring, this (year) spring - but are they the same spring? We are imprisoned by words (mental constructs, aka thoughts) that do not reflect the reality out there, are we not?

When one watches attentively and with affection, the word, the thought, the construct disappears, and one becomes one with that which one observes and the apparent distance disappears. That is wholeness, another word for love, which is not some sentiment... now if you ever "experience" this, you will truly understand what innocence is... beyond the pale of verbal description.

And one can easily go through life without knowing this, without contacting it. The mind will try to discover it though all the activities that one sees around one - but they will never be satisfactory. Anything the mind touches is unsatisfactory... in the Far East, anything the mind touches is considered filthy! It is the very obstacle, the very cause of all the misery... seeing failure, frustration, disharmony, disagreement, fights, shortcomings, it will try to 'do' something about it.

The nature of the mind is duality, a word which originates from duo/dve/dwi and when you trace it further back, you will be shocked to learn that it shares the same root as 'devil'. Those who are familiar with the Tarot cards will know this. Now, can the devil, aka duality/twoness bring about, engender that which is the opposite of failure, frustration, disharmony, etc?

The next time failure, etc. rears it head, just observe it without any movement of the mind. By that is meant commenting, evaluation, judgment, censoring - functions of the mind. Should thoughts arise, watch them without any movement. Now what happens is that the distance separating the two will then be bridged and oneness obtains - Now, that oneness is really LOVE and only this love can bring about healing and wholeness.

Nothing else needs to be done. In fact, the moment one launches on some marvelous plan of action, that's it, mind takes over and rules. And failure, disappointments, frustrations, etc, underpinned by the devil, will continue to reign.

So the quote that one must "befriend the mind" (!!) ... well! Did you know - one has to defeat it first through the power of attention, pure observation, awareness? Then only then will it become silent - that silence is not only shattering but also most holy for there is peace at last. Only when, and AFTER the mind is defeated, can it be of great assistance, that is, worthy of being called a friend. Heard of the phrase 'monkey mind'? It's coined for very obvious reasons. The great occultist H.P. Blavatsky exclaims in her writings "Slay the mind"!

If you examine the statue of Janus (January is named after this god), you will see that it has two faces - symbolically, it opens to both the Inner and "Outer", that is bidirectional. Got it?

If you remove the fangs of the cobra, you can even keep it as a pet for your kids to play it. The fangs of the cobra is an apt metaphor of the mind.

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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 06:13 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

you wrote:

2. Personal experience. Meditating and seeking for the grace and ability to overcome, and reporting for duty to help others.

3. Working out all the ways I would help, envisioning a world around me that is wonderful with eco farms for all, and children safe to grow up and explore their talents and ways to help and contribute, a wonderful upgraded planet.

my response

I'm aware that there are magnetic groups that we could end up taking a side trip back home, but also with every single contact experience I've had, any galaxy I've seen practically, always get this really happy, there you are, kind of feeling, and am aware that my soul knows just about everyone here and wants everyone safe and home.

There is only ONE consciousness - so when one focuses on oneself, to understand who you really are, the merits one gets will similarly apply to everyone participating in that ONE consciousness operating in the whole universe, hence the saying or title of that 1985 song (charity single for Africa) by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie:

'We are the world'

(BTW, just as I finished typing the title of this song, would you believe it, the program on TV [National Geographic channel] announced that very title itself in some advert!! Talk about synchronicity.] Those who have walked the path will tell you that eventually, you will come to see that there is no world out there, that that is only an illusion, a Mayavic (from the word Maya) construct.

So you do not even need to step out of your front door to help the unfortunate people you perceive or believe to be out there. When there is proper understanding of the principle involved, one is free from the oft accusation of egoism, narcissism, preoccupation with self, etc. The accusation stands only when one is not engaged in some meditational/spiritual endeavor of course.

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by Rextiberius

I'm not into Law of One, in fact, have energy recognition, and sensed the jaki strongly in that. You and I are not one and the same being, we are infinite, and I have memories of my past life, of Home itself. Its a system of infinite progression, in Infinity. Infinity does not do One. That is finite thing. Put one dot on a piece of paper and look all around it. There is a universe, that means there are infinite universes, in every conceivable type, and infinite things Beyond the universe, and Infinite Beyonds. And we're akin to infinite fractals. Its both mind boggling and incredible. The other side isn't boring, its the real world and this is but a school to learn to progress Love in. It's a womb to be born from. So we're actually like prenatal 2 year olds in messy diapers when we harm each other and walk by others in need.

I have the veil lift frequently and recognize people, some close to me, ie family and even my ex, some ocean across, in video's.

Another time when I went against what I recognized to please someone from ATS who was writing to me, calling all humans tares, he kept trying to push Cassiopian Wave on me, and I didn't have the firmness to tell him no, after trying to and him insisting, I finally agreed to read something that felt like a dark star, or black hole kind of energy. Now I recognize "legion". After reading a bit, without honoring my own bungee cord, Dad and Mom sent me in with, my energy recognition, and not being grown up enough to find a better way of communicating No, instead of caving in. So, went to sleep, woke up and my youngest son, came running down the stairs with his blanket and threw it down, said it paralyzed him, and then he was in tears, pouring out what happened.

He had been paralyzed and surrounded by what later the guy who had insisted I read this work channeled on a Ouiji board, called jackyls and said they work co-op with the miltary. Hooded being with these prods, wands, sticks in their hands. They touched his stomach every time he tried to move and it was like being punched in the gut. But my son is strong and he got up and came downstairs while it was happening.

I ended up with a huge lump in my lymph/neck and was sick for over a month on antibiotics. So giving into permissions to open the door to the dark side is not recommened.

My same son had woken one morning, when 5 or 6 years old, and told me, he protected this household!!!

(We're not One, we're infinite One's. And the information that is coming down the pipelines, often channeled is by design to make people give in to bad guys. You are me and I am you, and all roads are equal, so we are only putting you into fema because we love you. Everything is love after all: rape, murder, and killing, enslaving is just the other way home.

Because infinite God, in infinity still didn't progress and still needs to repeatedly send out feelers to do bad things.) I've had many long discussions with those who believe in law of one, and its a finite belief. Instead of being feelers of this non progressing One that throughout all eons is always harming, to learn, we're actually SEEDS FROM GREAT TREES, such as Michael, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Layla, and in a system of infinite growth, as individuals, who on higher levels of consciousness are telepathic and in Oneness. Within the Infinite Love and Peace that connects us. The Spirit of Peace and Love.

We're in Infinity.

Between some people's beliefs, and I'm not really trying to change them, for if they have a positive view on believing everyone is One, thats up to them, all we can do is share, what a person believes is less important than how they work on overcoming their flaws, here and their love for others. That is the whole purpose of testing grounds.

However, like I said, my own experiences and memories are what guides me. I don't walk away from what I know, its the soulstone. I weigh everything against what I am and know.
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posted on May, 19 2013 @ 12:59 AM
So what you're saying is, "Run to go Running?"

posted on May, 19 2013 @ 05:00 AM
reply to post by RicketyCricket

yes, something like that, run to start to see yourself running, and all you'll do is run. You'll even run making your dinner.

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