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What are civilians to do when Korean war II breaks out?

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 01:56 PM
Another thread on the Korean threat, I know, but an angle not covered so for by anyone specifically.

The threat of war is real and not a joke. Fatboy Kim has run out of aces and gottermederung is the only way avaliable for him and his senile old military vets idealogy.

Many are living in denial, wishing it away as I do too, but wishes are only fantasies. We will have to wake up to realities eventually.

We must be pragmatic, because to defend peace, we must all be prepared for war all at all levels of society - President to soldiers to civilians, and most critical of all, is that life carries on for all caught up in this senseless violence that will come soon be unleashed by Fatboy Kim, so that more may not be shocked or caught in surprise.

The insignificant nobody me can only be brief as I have word and time limit.

1. Civilians in Korea, Japan and Taiwan must now prepare at least 30 days of food, water and medicine stocks. No one truly knows where those nukes and conventional missiles will hit. WIth 30 days full stock, it can stretch for 90 days when rationed for essentials.

2. When the sirens of attack comes, each within a family must grab a prepared bug-out-bag of 3 day rations to be shared and head to shelters, IMMEDIATELY, and NEVER to question anything. Human life is precious.

Do not depend on govt rations alone, for there will be many and almost impossible to provide for all. Each must take care of one's family, and if there is any spare, to share with other fellow humans - white or black, citizen or foreigner as all are in it together, and need each other for support one day.

3. The war is not expected to last long, as NK is not supported by any other capable nation, and their ammo is not unlimited.

However, safety is no 1 priority and survival is 2nd. Follow instructions as the outside area may be nuke contaminated and need special clothing to be worned.

4. When an all clear is given, life must return to normal, to pick up the pieces. Where homes are destroyed, neighbours must share temporarily with others as govt shelters will not be ready instantly.

Economics must start, - jobs must be found wherever possible in existing infrastructures immediately. Entreprenuership comes into play. Schools must be restarted, even on open ground. Normality must return before despair which is of no return, sets in.

For North Korea:-

The Kim regime is a goner for sure if war breaks out. But US and SK govts CANNOT make the same mistakes mankind had made time and time again - of not knowing what to do NEXT when the war is over.

1. Do not expect cheering crowds from NK people, for they had lived in fear for decades, and will not dare to believe what they see. Human instincts will revert to instincts- they will be shy and withdrawn, and some may even try to be loyal to the ex-regime and will be a threat to all.

2. NK will have to be divided up into provinces and ruled by military governers - SK, USA and one from UN as a team, men whom have proven records of organisational ability and integrity, made up of Colonels or Captains as there will be many regions.

They will be the administrators of NK provinces, under martial law. The borders to China and SK will be sealed, as there will be no need for NK to flee there once war is won, as they will be needed to manage and rule the land one day soon., within 3 years while the nation is being stablised in the meantime

3. First priority will be economics as the belly must be fed. Initially, food and medical aid will come from UN, but it cannot be forever. Manufacturing, services, regulatory efforts will have to be initiated as soon as possible, as NK is not without resources, only that it needs better management.

Next will be education for those between 6 to 14. Older than that, they will become the labour force, but each according to their human limitations and NEVER to be treated as slaves at ANY TIME. There isnt much the world can do for the older, except to give them the opportunity at economics, and chance that they may learn a trade, grow from it and become successful one day, akin to direct apprenticeship.

For children, the chance to help educate them is better, as they are more young and receptive, and proper education do takes time, sadly something the regime had failed to do.

The costs will come initially from aid, but will later be drawn from revenues of exports, licensing of biz and taxes. Teachers and labour force for this massive excercise can come from Europe, where many intelligent educated youths are left with no jobs and opportunities in life. This will be a chance for all.

4. Identification - this is critical as it would provide for security. Every NK citizen must register themselves, have their faces and finger print pasted onto cards with identification numbers, so that all may be tracked using robots/machines. Using latest facial and thumb print recognition, it will ensure better the rule of law, espacially after the war to ensure no one destroys the peace without being tracked and consequences faced.

This is only but the tip of insights. I am sure there are many more far more intelligent and wise than me whom can provide better insights. The whole point of this post is that we cannot make the same mistake of the past again. We must HAVE a plan on what to do next when war is won, a pragmatic plan and not some idealogical magic kingdom la la wishlist.

Good luck and take care all.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 02:11 PM
Sounds like imperialist view which is also a psycho war on NK people and it's missing fairness.

Masses are control everywhere by MSM , censorship , basic instincts , education and direct control.

So , you send me your location and ideology , then I will tell you how you have been being controlled.

Control is not bad.

Even devices and machines are designed to be control themselves. That is where order comes from and makes this universe stable.

You should have access to many NK people for your self or through a trust worthy channel , not through MSM , to see how they are going to act , or how they feel , or what they think.
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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

I love it.... Step by step Doom Porn!

Got Excitement? Get it here!

I'm actually spent on the whole N.K mellodrama that's becoming more like a virus on ATS every day... Not that I don't see where your going and not that I haven't learned anything from member's here about N.K....

Honestly, if war happens.... It happens... I will not live in fear of being nuked, I feel sorry for the people who have been nuked by the hands of the U.S sorry Japan......

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 02:28 PM
Nice outlook on the whole situation. If it happens then this could happen and by the way number 4 sounds like what's going to happen here in the u.s.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 02:48 PM
Being prepared - is what this thread was meant for. For those who see it as doom porn, there is nothing I can do or wish to do to change perceptions, as each have their own free will and right to speak freely.

The mistake we democratic mankind did in the past was to ALWAYS install one of their own citizen, often an exile or opposition to rule, to set up the constitution.

The mistake lays in that when regime change happens, when dictatorships are toppled, very OFTEN, the masses, whom are most critical for the support of real democratic Rule Of Law, are uneducated or even comprehend what are the RESPONSIBLITIES of democracy. They only know freedom - which can range from that of an animal by those who knows not to that of plato's if he/she had the opportunity and access to knowledge.

Sadly, those that know are few. It would only be chaos as proven by the arab springed states, for not many knew of their responsibilities of democracy.

Thus they need the security and education of a stabalised nation to be fully aware of it.

This is nothing new. It came from learning and studying what Caesar Reborn - MacArther did to Japan, tried, tested and proven successful, and can be duplicated for asian north koreans, for there is much similarities, along with further studies and adoption of how other asian states there became successful, with just one thing to avoid - corruption, and thus the need for 3 man teamed governors - UN, SK and USA honest upright military men for check and balances at the highest level of governorship under martial law of a period of 3 years at max, till hopefully the north Koreans themselves are ready and fully capable to rule by themselves, as is intended all along, sparing them the sufferings new democracies did such as in the middle east and africa.

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 03:31 PM
There will be some who views that after the aftermath of the korean war and won, SK would simply reunify both Koreas and problem solved. But the truth is far from being simple.

1. NK do posesses mineral resources and large huge tracts of arable land. In SK and China, there are some whom unbridled greed is a way of life. When the war is won, many hungry NKoreans would flee to the bright lights of SK cities, and leave those riches abandoned, and open to opportunities by rich and greedy others.

2. SK, while being known as compassionate people, do have degrees of discrimination to the Nkoreans, as many of them are in reality - uncouth, uncultured, little education, and very hungry, not of their fault, but Fatboy's dynasty fault of keeping them that way.

Thus should an influx of them cross the border into SK, social problems will arise that will only lead to much pain and conflict, not to mentioned the huge cheap labour to be explioted but high social expenses SK will have to fund.

Therefore, it is better to help, train, and educate the Nkoreans first, to be independent, to be aware of their own natural riches and tap them, and decide for themselves based upon informed choices for reunification, than to have an outright reunification as Germany had and suffered for it.

For families, the door is always open for visits, which would be very much less restricted than in Fatboy's time for sure.

But all these will not be necessary IF Fatboy kim comes to his senses, end his belligerant rhetorics, threats and actions, adhere to UN resolutions and attempt to honestly for once to follow international rule of law and human rights. There will always be hope, but at the same time, there too will be preparedness for any eventualities if he cannot change his ways.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 03:44 PM
This seems like pretty good advice for citizens of any country that could be involved in this potential war.

I really hope that war does not happen.

However, it seems like common sense to prepare as you have stated in your post.

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