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For Real (RSWC)

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posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 04:32 PM
It is fifteen years into the future. Comet storms have wreaked havoc over the entire planet of Earth for the last nine years, making it virtually impossible to survive on one's own. Initially forseen, the storms brought the best of technical discoveries out from mankind's terror-ridden nightmares. One of these discoveries was the SP-20, a mass-produced "Survival Pod". It was an "enabler" , constructed for the sole purpose of surviving the explosive fire-storms, until, hopefully, the galactic anomaly passed. One had only to climb in and set the timer and the unit would automatically close and seal itself, put the occupant comfortably to sleep in a life-sustaining atmosphere, and protect him for a period of three years.
Our specific story begins with the third de-pressurization episode of Pod #11000789-B, a customized SP-20 built for two.
For Breena and Evyn.

(To be continued)

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by SIEGE

Breena : Evyn ? Evyn, are you awake ?
Evyn : Yeah Bree, I'm awake.
Breena : Do you think it'll be different this time ?
Evyn : I don't know, but I hope so. The enviro hasn't kicked on yet, that's a good sign.
Breena : Maybe, maybe it will be for real this time.

[Deep mechanical sounds came from below, followed by a giant "whoosh" as the SP-20's top rolled open]

Together they climbed out and stepped down to the floor.
Together they walked slowly to the front of the cave, atrophied muscles trying to remember.
Just like three years ago. And just like six years ago.

Evyn : It IS different this time Bree ! The sun . . the sun is shining !
Breena : And there's no more firestorms ! It's quiet, and peaceful, and . . . nice !

(Running out into the sunlight, smelling the fresh air, the grass, the flowers, the trees; they were stricken with sensory overload.)

Breena : Is it really real, Evyn ? Is it real ?

(But before Evyn could reply his skin began to smoke, and then burn.)

(Breena screamed. Her arms and hands now smoking too.)

Breena :" I thought it was over. I thought, . . I thought the world was real again !"

Deep inside the cave the SP-20 (B) came to life, its enviro signal active now. It read "Warning" !

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