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Shanti Devi - The Only Fully Explained and Proven Case of Reincarnation

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Cabin

This thread has migrated quite some, but getting back to the OP and Shanti Devi ...

I have never seen the relevance of reincarnation and find difficulty accepting it. Some say my perchant for the teachings of Buddhism implies that I accept, or even believe in reincarnation - but most are usually surprised to hear this is just a misunderstanding on their part.

"Reincarnation" normally is understood to be the transmigration of a soul to another body after death. There is no such teaching in Buddhism.
Reincarnation in Buddhism

So what can be an alternative explaination for the story of Shanti Devi. I dispute that this is a "Fully Explained and Proven Case of Reincarnation." Reincarnation was the only explanation those at the time had to explain her experiences, and the validity of that explanation in turn depends on the validity of the explanation of reincarnation. They are used to prove each other and even though this explanation offers a seemingly good fit for the Shanti Devi/reincarnation story, it is only a good fit because no other alternatives are considered.

In the definition of this forum, Paranormal Studies, you will find "remote viewing". Now here is my offer of an explanation for the revelations of Shanti Devi. My brief "interaction" with remote viewing surprised me and I have been searching for a theory that can explain what I experienced. There are now explanations that some call scientific, to explain this phenomenon of remote viewing. And I find these explanations a lot easier to accept than the explanations of reincarnation.

So Shanti Devi was a born remote viewer, and did not know it.

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