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Magnetic Storm Is Coming By April 13TH

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 06:53 PM
I should pay more attention to this stuff
I'd love to see some aurora one day
I will not worry too much about the sun's activity. Yes, worst case scenarios can cause a lot of interruption in our daily lives; but those are worst case scenarios. Our planet does seem to have decent defenses to protect the life on it. Our species has become very dependent on systems we don't protect against these sorts of extreme events; in fact, our infrastructures are faltering without any major events.

We've seem to as a society jumped into the digital age feet first, and now rely on satellites greatly. Communications and data/information exchange will be severely inhibited if something were to take out a % of our equipment up there. Our electrical grids are ancient and in decay; and we rely on that heavily.

The good that could come out of the bad is possibly better forethought, and better maintenance and back up systems. We (U.S.) spend billions/trillions on war, but can't afford to upgrade to a respectable standard our roads and electric grid? Seems like misplaced priorities; even ignoring proper affordable health care for all citizens (which comes down to divide and conquer and scary monster tactics instead of thinking of what is best for your fellow human). If our power grid fails, people will suffer and many will die. People don't know how to keep warm/cool or store food ... and in major cities like NYC, they can't forage for themselves. Our road systems supply nearly everything; but bridges are in disrepair and construction is never finished or good enough on our major highways (how many times can you remember interstate travel that didn't have road work many times on your long trip?).

So, don't expect anything bad to happen anytime soon, but if we did get a 'scare'; maybe it would be enough to create a paradigm shift to reallocate our resources and focus on building up the foundations that our society depend on.

reply to post by mysterioustranger

As a long time member, I think you are being a bit obsessive about this, and should probably relax a bit. The mods are more than capable of handling their job, usually much much less aggression, and possibly much more discretion (as in a u2u).

You seem to relish in not only calling him out but also antagonizing members that are basically telling you to 'chill' and let the mods handle, and instead enjoy the forum, contribute to the thread, or move on to something that interests you more.

I've joined many a forum in my day; and reading the t&c wasn't always in my priority, and I never had a problem. My opinion on whether they are arbitrary restrictions or not doesn't negate the rules; but if someone makes intelligent, thought out posts, or creates threads of quality or of great interest ... I believe we have enough ability to not be machines and allow certain things to overall pass.

What I feel you should do in this situation in the future; send the person a u2u, kindly and gently explaining the rules you feel so passionate about, possibly quoting and linking the ones you feel were violated. If this doesn't work for you, then possibly notifying a mod that you feel the rules were violated and letting them handle it fully, without your direct communication to the person.

I'd rather someone be able to bring forth a great thread or response as their first post, than to go make 20 pointless posts across the site just to meet some quota. Personally, I nearly never post in intro threads, I don't join forums to talk about myself directly; I may mention things of my past or try to use experiences to relate, but never to just gossip about myself.

Would you really want a new member, who could possibly have something amazing to share, to just not share it because of a post count? That seems absurd in my eyes.

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