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+ The Great Divide +

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 05:01 AM
heres an exerpt from a pretty down to earth article pertaining to a looming anomosity amongst us US citizens and the driving forces behind it.

The corporate media appear to abrogate responsibility for what they produce telling us that they only print and produce "what Americans want" - to read, hear and see. How do they determine what Americans want to read, hear and see in their newspapers, televisions and at the theater? If you put dishes of candy and spinach on the table in front of a child, which will most children choose to eat first? If you take a child to MacDonalds Restaurant on a regular basis from the time he or she is 3 years old, will the child grow up to favor processed beef over a well-made dish of eggplant and mushrooms in their diets? Does the corporate media follow the people with their content selections for news and information - or are American minds shaped by the choices of the media bosses with productions of Fear-Factor, The Millionaire, MTV, Law and Order, Cops, JAG, Court TV, Survivor; CSI; Cold Case; Las Vegas; Will and Grace; Two and a Half Men; Everwood; Sex and the City; South Park, The Jerry Springer Show; The Sopranos and the list goes on. These questions can be answered with good old-fashioned common sense. But where common sense may be lacking, behavioral science also weighs in.

as society that is so easily molded by the presuasive voice of media, are we doomed to forget that unity is that golden path to prosperity? what do we do? do we struggle for unity at the expense of complancy? do the like minded cut our ties and forge a path of independance? or are we that incapable of living harmoniously with one another that the efforts of thought reform are so tasking as to demand a bullet lodged into the opposing spectrum?

To answer this question, I can only return to the need for careful self-examination - a look "into the abyss", if you will. Some folks are born, live and die without ever doing so. It can be a frightening act because of the threat such an act represents to who and what we think we believe and are.

perhaps it is time to rethink our cultural values. the way we look at issues as a black white and grey matter of citing and refering to sources of a common origin. that same set manner of conduct so eliquently potrayed by our leaders that we all must emulate and if not able shunned! perhaps it is time we answered to someone more important, that is ourselves. do not control your emotions to follow suit with the generalization that has magically appeared before you in coorperate media. just let it go people, you dont need it. ask yourself what do you want out of this world, not what you think you should want. then perhaps we can mend the wounds of hatred among us. im not even talking about most of you ATS folk either you guys are already leaps and bounds beyond the majority, im talking about those around us who have not the gift of an open mind and a alurring conviction. they need our help.

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