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A thanks to Netchicken, I want ATS to give you applause from me!!!!!

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 03:09 AM
I found myself in a position to recieve input on a thread from Netchicken.
While no and I repeat no specific editing was done to content, the format suggestions where made. I am glad they were and they were gladly implemented. So before I go further understand Netchicken nor ATS influenced the removal or addition of any content, I was allowed to speak and in the way I wanted, I just made a questionable format error.

It was explained to me that the guidlines of the ATS board indicated that my thread Thread link here as previously named and formatted was supposed to be in the political restricted debate forum, but as I explained to Netchicken it was not a political thread but an anti-war thread as I intended.

So I asked and recieved some clarification as to the difference which distinguished the classification, and I made the changes as a matter of respect to compliance to board guidlines, and got the thread to a point where open not restricted uses were possible. Despite my original request was originally granted to restore the thread under the previous uneditted format.

It should be noted however that Netchicken was fair to my appeal and restored it under the understanding it was restored against better judgement.......I WAS FLABBERGASTED AS TO THE FAIR TREATMENT of
Netchicken, as a member on another board I held membership on this would not ever have happened fairness on the other [nameless outta respect] board was never something displayed it was their way only.

This fairness is an example of why Above Top Secret is respected by me so much, and why I recommend it to friends. TO ATS ADMINISTRATION I would say please give net chicken an applause from me. Netchicken you deserve it.

[edit on 3/11/2004 by drbryankkruta]

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 03:20 AM
This board has Great Mods, I think FredT, KingLizard and many others like Kano have a great skill. Not only do they know how they want this board to be run, the Mods here know how to communicate it to others in a respectful manner that make us feel as though there is a level playing field here and distinctions of authority are usually only revealed in the aspect that the knowledgeable help the others become full responsible community participants...

hATS off to the staff at ATS!!

p.s. I have to say the chat and chatting with members here is one if not thee best chat where open minded communication and exchange between people happens...great work!

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 12:08 PM
May I congratulate the member for making such a fair, balanced, and insightful post. I think the board could do with more posts of this calibre and as a result I am giving you an "applaud". Keep up the good work.

(The cheque is in the mail)

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