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I'm suffering from mental health problems and constantly get denied help. Something needs to be don

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posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 08:48 PM
I would of never guessed OP. You seem sensitive and clear as water. Your attributes here are remarkable. Can't judge a book by it's cover I guess. I hope you do find someone to at least confide in. If I were a mental health professional, I would also back off due to your pregnancy as well; medication wise (I schooled in mental health).

Medication obviously is not right for you now. You need a really good friend or two. I know it's not easy being bi-polar, but you have to try. Reach out like you are now. Reach out locally, find another person with your same problems.

I'm sorry your going through this. Your in my thoughts.

posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by NavyDoc

good job doing the research. I'm a little lazy lol. I did warn she "must" look it up first tho. I'm lazy, not irresponsible.

posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 10:24 PM
Mblan, you have found a host of friends here. That's a good thing. Continue to reach out in you local environment for the resources you need. Have you talked to your gyn/ob to see what resources they've could direct you to? Call them ask for mother to be and new mother groups and what referrals they have for dealing with baby blues. You don't actually need to tell them of your history right off the bat, just that you want/need/looking for help in your current situation.

One of the most effective and affective things is to write in dry erase and non permanent marker on mirrors. Affirmations hopes dreams, positives!!!!! I can't state this enough! Write down a counting your blessings list. Spend as long as you can stand doing this initially. Then each day require yourself to count off 5-10 more. Facing the affirmations each day getting ready in the mirror, finally will make the affirmations stick so to speak. The continuous exposure to the positive lift some of the funk.

Here is our duty to fellow ATSer. For those who "know" her and care so much about her, Might I suggest we support her by being her support group. Mblan, start another thread with a positive title, link it back here, we subscribe to that thread. And have ongoing supportive conversation. Positivity is key, Mblan. Prayers, love and hope to you darlin. Let us share in the last stages of your pregnancy and the first months of your new and coming life, fiance baby, trials triumphs. Make a thread about you. I know I'd subscribe!
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posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 10:42 PM
I can relate to a lot of what you are going through. I had a pretty ugly breakdown when I was 8 months pregnant and they couldn't really do much for me at that point. I was alone in a city with no family had basically rejected me because I was pregnant. It was rough. Honestly, the only thing that did get me through it was my baby. The father was overseas, and at that time he wanted nothing to do with me and my baby. So it was me and her, alone for the most part.

One thing I did do a lot of at that time was write. I wrote constantly about everything in my mind, all my fears, dreams, conflicts...I obsessively wanted to document everything in my life at that period so I would never forget it. Later on once things calmed down in my life, I took my notebooks and mailed them to my dad. I told him to store the package in his garage. He did, they are still there covered in dust the last time I checked. That was my therapy. I know this advice might seem terribly simplistic, but it really did "get me through it," because it really was all I had left at that point. I don't know if that will even begin to help you or not, but I hope it might just a little. If you ever feel the need to talk, I'm here!

posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 10:46 PM
Wow OP, you have people coming to your need. Reply to the ones that have your interests at heart. They seem like really great people and they want to help. You are lucky.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 12:21 AM
This is a very real disorder, and if you are reaching out for help and no one is there to give it, it can completely exacerbate the symptoms for you. It can be frustrating to keep calling around to find a doctor or therapist who will treat you while pregnant, medications or not, and being alone only adds to the problem. I am so very sorry your fiance isnt able to be with you during this trying but exciting time. It must be very hard on him, too.

You can try to locate a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) support group in your area. Florida has many of these in most cities. They have been very successful in helping those who are in a crisis situation, which it sounds like you are. You might also be interested in which is an online support group with others who have bipolar disorder.

Trust in yourself and your feelings. You are going through a pregnancy alone, and have had problems you have been having trouble dealing with. You WILL overcome this. You are about to experience one of the most beautiful events in the world, and I know you will be a terrific mother. I think it was very brave of you to ask for help here, and I also think you have had many positive responses. Don't settle for less than happiness. I'm pulling for you and your baby. Best wishes and luck to you!

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 12:23 AM
I think a lot of People make up Mental Problems to get checks. I think a lot of people fake handicap to collect checks.

Now, bring this back to like 1950 and I think that doesnt happen know why??

They didnt give out checks for stuff that doesnt exist.

I think Mental issues are what they are...your own Mental issues. A drug wont help you. Someone (who thinks there a DR) listening to your problems wont help you. You can only help yourself.

I have Mental Problems that for sure can be looked at as a problem but instead I decide to deal with them. I deal with them by knowing my mental problems are not bad but good.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 12:28 AM
A Breakdown when your 8 months pregnant?? If I had 5 cents when my Wife had a "breakdown" when she was pregnant with my three kids I would be a Millionare.

Mental Illness is just cant handle your own Mental Feelings. You feeling out of control is real. You feeling helpless is real. You feeling every thing that can possibly exist is real but someone besides yourself or someone close to you will not "really" help you.

Drugs, Government, Strangers (sometimes) wont help you. Yourself or your close friends are the only ones. If you have no friends than your on your own. You will get some help here for sure.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

You are not alone. I like that song too and I can relate. I am not sure what can be done, there are resources here in FL, we just need to find them for you. Are you walking? That is good for depression. I know that first hand. Doctors might be afraid to prescribe anything for depression due to a) dangers and b) the pregnancy. You should be able to get help from a pregnancy group. Are there any major hospitals near you? Those hospitals near you should be able to make some recommendations. I would call and speak to counselors and nurses there rather than hit the google phone book. Meanwhile I will ask around, some female friends may know someplace that can help you. When I am depressed and frustrated, I nap. Eventually, it does go away.

Edit: I would be especially worried about post postpartum depression, after the birth of your child...Hopefully the help you find now will take that time into consideration. Try this link... and here is another:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 01:02 AM
I'm really sorry this is happening and even in Canada, if you don't have extra work inurance that allows for physchologists, and counseling, the mental health is medications. So its not that different here.

Bi polar is often a catch all, where the person doesnt really have one definable thing. My ex husband, apparently inherited something that his aunt had, so it ran in the family and passed this to his son from his first marriage. His was borderline, undiagnosed, but he was paranoid and thought we were poisoning him, and also bailed on work camps believing his water supply was tampered with. His second oldest was diagnosed with bi polar and yet he had very similar condition to his father, perhaps each was unique in how it came on or specific symptoms. He ended up committing suicide, tragically, while working alone, in a small community many hours away from his family. And he was so beautiful, just broke our hearts to learn this.

I think natural things are important. I've read that potassium plays a big role in bipolar natural treatment, but would have to look into safety while pregnant.

And believe there are counselors in training that can be found and often they use sliding scales.

Here are ideas for tyring to find low cost of free counseling. I also thought of starting a support group for others, after contacting various community services and attempting to find contacts. Even online but it would be really nice to have healing centers, with support, art therapy, music therapy, regression, tai chi, yoga, good food, massage, therapeutic touch.

Setting goals, writing affirmtions, envisioning this, meditation, prayer may help to pull this in. For when we are going within and seekig good and in bringing this into your community, this is something that people wishing to grow their spirits, grow up, may feel positive thoughts, visions, prayers can open those doors.

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 01:14 AM
Being pregnant in the situation you described? That alone is enough to make any soon to be mother feel mentally unstable. Glad to see that you turned to ATS for support and how many people are here to offer you support.
You and your little one are in my thoughts and know that you have people here willing to listen anytime you need to talk.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

You should not be doing this alone. Having a baby is difficult enough without the added complications of a medical condition or mental issues. You desperately need a strong support network. What's your families view on your situation? And your friends back home? Can they offer any assistance, even if its a good 'blow-out' over the phone. Is there any way you can move back home temporarily? Can your family and friends visit? Or even stay over? An hour isn't so far away.

I have worked away when my wife was pregnant and when the children were babies. Although she didn't have any particular medical needs, her support network of family and friends was absolutely essential in maintaining her spirit.

As for medicinal help, all I can say is you should really strive to get proper advice and attention. It sounds like this is proving to be difficult, but don't be put off and keep going until you get what you're after. There's 2 of you to think about now and I'm amazed that you've not been listened to.

My thoughts go out to you and I truly hope to get access to what you need.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

Are there no self help groups in your area? In the UK charities like MIND or the Bipolar Association run regular support groups and have 24 hr helplines - is there really no equivalent in the States?

Is this your first pregnancy? The hormonal turmoil of pregnancy really has to be experienced to be understood - it can come as real surprise to many first time mothers. You describe lots of crying - maybe you could slightly change your perspective - and see the tears as a good thing - as a safety valve?

If you have experienced clinical depression before you will know that tears play very little part in the condition - it's more of a numbness, an empty, non-thinking almost zombie like state. A dreadful thing to go through - the fact that you are crying indicates you haven't yet reached that stage.

I agree with all the posts that advise you to eat a good diet - it really really does make a huge difference. Also make sure you get enough restful sleep in a properly ventilated room. A bit of light exercise e.g walking, swimming can also help get those endorphins going. But pls do not take any supplements without first consulting a doctor - St Johns Wart for example is extremely potent can cause photo sensitivity etc and should not be taken without medical advice.

And talk - talk your head off - don't let perceived problems play on your mind. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that

Oh btw - i was diagnosed bi-polar many moons ago. I haven't taken meds in 13 years - and have had no relapses. I reckon it's simply because now that my children are grown, finances are in order etc. there's a lot less pressure on me than there was back then. I believe my bi-polarity was a natural reaction to extra-ordinary circumstances.

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 04:57 AM
I'm so furious right now. Partly at your plight, which breaks my heart, but at some responses you've been given.

It's just your hormones, you don't sound depressed, you're just bored...

With a noted history of mental health issues, are people skipping the fact that you are seeing the signs of your own deteriorating mental state?
Yes, as a pregnant woman, your hormones do become a bit wibbly, but as a woman, a mother and someone with bi-polar myself, I can attest that the two are not synonymous.
Being depressed and writing coherently that you need help, is exactly the same as being depressed but looking normal on the outside. Depression is often an invisible affliction, and you will not always know to look at or talk to someone that they are suffering a depressive, or even manic episode.

I am outraged that people are not taking you seriously, and putting your issue down to your pregnancy. Thats some bull#, right there.
Outside of making a complaint to a local congressmen, or a local care trust (if you have one in the US), I would suggest looking into some measures to tackle this naturally. Look into some yoga for pregnant women, as exercise has been something that has been massively helpful in managing mine (currently unmedicated for 3 years now with only one episode in that time). Also write. Write anything, you can get an online blog which you can protect with a password or make private posts in on many sites (you could try Livejournal, they're good for making private posts which others cannot read, and is one I use myself). Writing can help you recognise what you're feeling and give you insight at a later date when you're feeling more clear about triggers or how to recognise the signs.

I really wish I could offer you some help, and give you the help you need.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 05:08 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

First and foremost, you are doing brilliantly. You have not only recognised that you have a problem, but you have also recognised the best solution to that problem. That is the biggest hurdle so well done for that. It may not feel like it right now, but that shows that you are totally in control of the situation, you simply need to find the right place to loosen the valve and let it go.

As Christina suggested above, there are bound to be free support groups in your area. The establishment isn't helping you, so beat a different path. Doing a quick search on Google for the Florida area, there is a free support group for Bi-polar sufferers, and some churches that offer very comprehensive (none faith based) counselling services, but without knowing your specific area, it is difficult to know what is close by to you. But try it out, they may not be ideal, but if they are willing to lend you their ears, it will do the job in the meantime. Push comes to shove, walk into your local ER and tell them you are concerned about thoughts you are having regarding self-harm, that should get a few arses in gear, but I only suggest that as a very last resort

Nothing is more important than you and the baby, and you are of nay use to that baby if you are not fighting fit. As a number of people have suggested, eat some happy foods, at least two free range egg yolks a day for starters. And you need to get active, as Christina again suggests, swimming is great and it is low impact, won't hurt your back, and it is wonderfully soothing to have the water take the strain of carrying baby. Your baby is currently feeling all the stress that you are feeling, through you. Let your guard down, and let others help you. If they don't want to listen, make them listen. Do you have a voice recorder on your phone? Talk to it, tell it how awesome you are, and how in control of this you are. Whatever it takes.

Once again though, you are dealing with a lot right now, and although the system is clearly letting you down, you are doing everything right, you know what you go take it where you can find it even if it is from someplace that you normally wouldn't look, like a church.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

That's so #%$#ed...If i had money, I'd send you a doctor

Have a song...

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 08:22 AM
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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 08:24 AM

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by deizaguirre

I'm entirely sure that that would be illegal, though I'm sure you have the very best intentions.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by kaylaluv

That is probably the worst advice.
That action will place your name on a Govt list and provide for many many ways for the Govt to remove rights.

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