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The Future Is Now: Navy to deploys lasers on ships in 2014

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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by retirednature

Originally posted by MysteriousHusky
Keeping in mind that funding Defense is one of the largest items in the Budget, US Navy ships have a history of experimenting with various forms technology. Deploying lasers will be the latest chapter following sound and electromagnetic cannon tests. Suffice to say, I wonder if the private blackop companies like Blackwater already have this stuff of if they will become middle-men to the international weapons market once ship lasers go on the retail block.

P.S. Blackwater's name changed to Xe and again to Academi.
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I have the same question... can private companies like Blackwater obtain such weapons. If I were to guess, I'd say no... considering the price of these weapon systems, the technological aspect, and the simple logistics of them trying to move the equipment around.

I hope that the Navy keeps this technology rather secure and doesn't allow for others to obtain it. It's not as if private industry and/or other countries can't develop this technology... but the US has the budget, it has seemingly unlimited resources, and so forth. Also, to consider the costs of developing this weapon, then building it, and having something to attach it to with sufficient energy to operate it... it would be hard for a private company to take on this project and be profitable. The NAVY isn't in it for profits, it replaces profits with attempts to reduce the cost to taxpayers. $1 a round that can take down aircraft and small ships!!! That's amazing.

I have the same doubt.. but i think its yes, when we go through web we can see many suppliers who are dealing with the products related to laser and other Combat management system of Defence Industry and who are already successful . So , i think there are few private Companies with enough technology and which can handle with such type of projects.

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