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Chicken Coop Advice

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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 12:45 PM
Regardless of what design you use; if you are going to have a large flock of hens in a larger coop I recommend that you add a slight slope to the floor boards (10-15 degrees) and cover it with a scrap piece of linoleum or some impermeable material with a drain at the lowest point so that you can power wash the inside as the walls and cracks inside will become caked in # in short order. This and the water spillage along with poo will make the boards rot rather quickly.

I learned this the hard way after putting in a wood floor and it all but rotted out after just 2.5 years from all the decomp and bedding saturation.

As for nesting boxes I also learned that wood is a poor material as it rots after having to be sanitized. So I built shelves and on those shelves sit plastic Tidy Cat ™ litter containers (the large ones that hold 35lbs) they can be removed and power washed over and over without rotting. The plastic keeps in the hens heat in the winter and with a small layer of spare hay/bedding they nest in them fine. It didn't take me long to accumulate 64 of them form my set-up. I put an ad in the local swap shop offering .25c for each container. People throw them away mostly so its win-win.

posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 12:52 PM
Dont know ware you are.
But in england you get mission imposible Foxess.
unless you build it Very well the fox will get in.

and a fox goes Kill crazy.
it will kill them ALL.

so you must find out what will attack your chikens.
and make it good to stop them.
rats to. they will eat the eggs.

in a after the big one.
you will need a human defence to.
so build it as close to ware you sleep as you can.

give them your food scraps too.

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