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posted on May, 9 2013 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by Nightaudit
reply to post by Belcastro

I am sorry but this "consciousness experiencing itself" slogan is sooooo old now.

And saying that the individual does not exist is simply wrong. You could say that we come from the same source and that may be true, although we have no way of knowing.

But saying that we all are part of the lovely consciousness bubble is simply not true at all. Do you want to share your mind with rapists, terrorists and all the other evil people? Is that part of you as well?

they say that we are projecting our shadow selves onto others and that really its ourselves doing it to ourselves.
the only problem is that the people commiting those things dont know that they are doing it to themselves.

i like to view the earth, solar system, galaxy, and even universe as a single organism sometimes metaphorically speaking, and that an organism at war with itself cant survive.

all of the evil and wrong-doing in the world is a manifestation of love or fear in our psyche and thats what we mean by projecting our shadow selves onto others, as like a mirror image.

even the beasts and the fowl are mirror images of ourselves. they also experience reality through their sense organs as do we and have their own minds as do we.

the problem isnt "sharing your mind." with other people,
it has to do with our shadow selves being constructs of our minds, not sharing minds.
the saint and the theif being shadow self reflections of each other. counterparts, much like ying and yang.

if we were to be of anyones mind then we would be of God's. they say the substance of the universe is councioussess, holographic, projected. and that we must assume an intelligent mind behind the matrix of reality.

so we are "Thoughts." and "thought creates thought." if the substance of the universe is counciousness then thats what they mean by the one counciousness experiencing itself.
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