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Shane Smith, Cables of Kabul, Joe Rogan Podcast(More VICE)

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posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 09:03 AM
Here is a podcast featuring Shane Smith one of the owners of VICE. The start of the podcast is Shane Describing his Cables from Kabul experience and what he learned in Afghanistan. This actually shed some light on whats happening there. He really makes the Taliban sound like the middle eastern version of the the Black Hand mafia. Apparently the Taliban is negotiating with the US on an exit strategy and the US is assessing the amount of power the Taliban is going to have in Afghanistan. Shane Smith is dropping some serious knowledge on the Afghanistan War.

The way he puts it it really puts some of the conspiracy issues with the Taliban being lead by the CIA down in the dirt.

Are you guys even really paying attention to anything? Everyone seems to base all of their ASSUMPTIONS and yeah i seriously mean ASSUMPTIONS on what the MSM propagates. Then when your presented with information from alternative news sources that prove your ASSUMPTIONS wrong you ignore or chose to DEBUNK it somehow.... the more i learn about some of these issues the more i realize we are being lied to by everyone. EVEN THE CONSPIRACY COMMUNITY DOESNT KNOW. I dont know what to think anymore, who really knows?

Vice Cables from Kabul

This is the diary of VICE photographer Henry Langston and journalist Conor Creighton from their time in Kabul during the war in Afghanistan’s 10th birthday. Reportage in the country has become so loaded with statistics and political jargon that you can forget that real people even live there, so they went to find the real stories and experience what life really is like. The people of Kabul have their own stories to tell, far beyond what we hear on the news.

Scroll down and look at the more from this show section and see if any of these title interests you and post about it and what it is that interest you.
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posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 06:19 PM
Hello ATS knock knock? Is anyone debunking VICE or any of their journalist or is their information CREDIBLE?

Are you guys evening listening to this guy Shane Smith's information that hes providing from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Hes providing a lot of information i dont see anywhere else. What do you think about what VICE is saying about 9/11?

Do you guys even care?

Holy #... someone debunk these journalist or validate them so we, i can start really applying the analyses to my spectrum of thought?

They have a lot of info... maybe their CIA?

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 06:24 PM
The owner of VICE basically just said that the conspiracy theories for 9/11 are bull# and hes learning this from interviewing the leaders of the Taliban. He also said they are in negotiations with the US government on how much power they are going to have when the US backs out of AFGHAN. He said they control large portions of Pakistan as well.

Im wondering if these get credible intel when their sending their journalist into interviews with the leaders of the Taliban, and the other darkest deepest parts of the Middle east.

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