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anyone here recently having "end of humanity" dreams?

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 06:34 PM
hi all.

april 5-13

has anyone here recently experienced a "end of humanity" dream?

I ask this as I have had Information given to me, from someone, that this might happen soon.
Ah yes, always there are End Time dreams. the world ends several times a month, here on these forums! But this change of spirit plans for us might be new!

I am really looking to see if there is *new* focus on this, as *if* the higher powers that be, in the archangel worlds, have made a decree that perhaps mankind should all leave, by one manner or another. If they did, maybe some of the New Plans might have leaked down here to "psychics" and dreamers-who-See.

please share any of these dreams or experiences.

thank you....freestone

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 06:47 PM
the time line keeps changing. day by day events keep influencing the outcome of what ive seen so the future is in a state of flux. end of humanity? no. many people die? yes. beyond that i care not to say. except for one thing... the course of events will go one way or another... one way is by natural events, the other is by struggle of wills of the collective will against those who wish to dominate. there seems like a thin possibility that the idiots trying to dominate are defeated by the collective will and brought to justice. this defeat is brought about by their initiating war with korea. it backfires.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 06:57 PM
I have end of the world dreams all the time but I just chalk it up to being on this site too much. I have noticed recently that my dreams tend to be about things I did during the day. Could be something I read, saw on TV, on the street, subconsciously it always comes out in my dreams. They're all interesting though I don't think that my dreams have anything to do with some kind of premonition. It's awesome being able to remember most of them but I end up just laughing at the randomness.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:06 PM
No,i seriously cannot say had i anything on that level-not in the dreams i do recall anyway.

I had a dream of a big earthquake recently,though,but affecting one big city.And about 1+half to 2 years ago,a very memorable one about a man who tried to ignite the whole world,with a flying thing that looked like a cross between a small plane+a missile.He did get started,there Was burning,what looked like a landscape/city(ies) burning-certainly not the whole world,or even a big part of it-but he was stopped,and the fires were put out-or at least,stopped from spreading.And there was nothing he could do about it.
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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:08 PM
No, the last month or so i have been having very vivid and LONG dreams where i am exploring deeper and deeper inside these magical underground worlds with waterfalls and suns and huge machines made of quartz all while having sex multiple times along the journey with various women from my past and present.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:09 PM
I've had them. Violent, recurring ones, of people fighting each other on the streets. It was an ugly scene; man vs man. It wasn't "us vs them". It was "us vs us". Crazy. I also used to have recurring nightmares about zombies, when i was a child. No, seriously!

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:25 PM
reply to post by freestonew

I have been having 'rebuilding' dreams almost every night for the last week. It had increased mostly gradually (this is a recurring theme of my dreams) but really ramped up a couple of weeks ago. Previously, I would have one or two of these dreams a month. In these dreams I am always helping my fellow man recreate an equitable society after TSHTF. There is always a looming specter of another descent into greed (profit motive), and sometimes a vague physical threat.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:31 PM
just two nights ago i had a very freaky dream, it's still very vivid in my head. i dreamt that north korea had launched a nuke at the states. i live in canada, just above the great lakes, so in my dream the radiation had spread into the clouds( can anybody tell me if that's possible? that would help
) then naturally, the clouds came over canada and started to rain. everybody was told to stay in their basements because a green fog had occured from of the radiation. the weirdest part about my dream was that a bunch helicopters were hovering around with their spotlights, aiming at houses. then people in hazmat suits( im assuming it was the military) started abducting people who were still out in the fog. it was pretty freaky. hope this helps.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by zyrktec
the time line keeps changing. day by day events keep influencing the outcome of what ive seen so the future is in a state of flux. end of humanity? no. many people die? yes. beyond that i care not to say. except for one thing... the course of events will go one way or another... one way is by natural events, the other is by struggle of wills of the collective will against those who wish to dominate. there seems like a thin possibility that the idiots trying to dominate are defeated by the collective will and brought to justice. this defeat is brought about by their initiating war with korea. it backfires.

I also have that strange gut feeling that this is what will happen that it's going to back fire on the US. Already South Korea has asked the US to leave Kim alone because they are making things worse and yet Obama sends more force there. This is going to be bad for the US. I can feel it. However I am not worried about what happens. I know that many of us including my family, know what the US government does with force just isn't right. Its like a bully on the play ground.

I have dreams, but mine are not of war its of a peaceful place where people ride bikes around instead of having cars to drive.

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 11:37 PM
I have. It was sometime last week. I typically have random dreams but they are never really vivid. This one stood out since it was super colorful, almost realistic feeling. It started with my walking through some strange uphill sloping underground corridor with a hand-constructed look and worn, uneven paving stones on the ground. It really felt like it belonged in some pre wwII European city.

I walked to the end of the tunnel which led into a much more modern underground walkway with nice, wide, marble stairs that brought me into a huge building with really high ceilings and large glass windows as walls. This part was very lucid and I spent a good part of my dream just goofing around with my friends.

Suddenly, as we were sitting on the wide staircase the power goes out, and everybody continues on like it's a common occurance. I remember thinking to my self in the dark, "oh so a big solar flare must have finally came".
Ten or so seconds later the ground rumbles and a huge crack forms in the middle of the stairs. I was completely caught off guard and it occurred to me then that I was unable to change the course of the dream as I usually can while lucid dreaming.

The earthquakes keep occuring but the building is not affected. I look out through the window and see a cloud form out of blue skies and begin to take the shape of an extremely detailed ornate and evil looking animal (almost dragon-like but really not like any creature I've seen in art or films) and turn completely black exept for its orange-red eyes. The cloud-beast moves through the sky completely unlike a cloud and more like it is a real being. It then ascends past where I can see and suddenly the sky goes dark. Like no light whatsoever dark.

My friends and I make it onto a large patio of sorts, the sky now being lit up by massive, knotty, and bulbous pitch black thunderstorm clouds that are arcing deep golden bronze colored lightening bolts between all of the knots and bumps in the clouds. The image of the cloud scene is still burned into my mind. It was exactly like a beautiful and intricately rendered modern cgi clip. Totally unlike my usual dreams, where its almost as though my lazy attitude is in charge of the props. No bolts actually hit the ground from the clouds, but the clouds themselves moved in low and really close to the buildings around us, in a fashion more similar to a predator than a cloud formation.

The rest gets a bit hazy as I started waking up, but it basically ended with tons of what looked like tiny old wwII jeeps being driven into the city by soldiers dressed in all black. The odd thing about the jeeps was the fact that they were completely armored. The small heavily armored jeeps keep driving into the city from all access roads that lead in, and after they seem to have saturated the streets, the soldiers in all of the jeeps simultaneously point machine guns out of slots in the doors and open fire on everyone in the streets. That's when I woke up feeling the oddest feeling in the world, it felt like somebody had forced me to watch them as they proceeded to commit horrible crimes.

Without actually dwelling on the storyline in this dream, I would say it was hands down the most impressive dream I've had in my life. It is the only vivid dream I've had that I've felt unable to control.
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posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 07:06 AM
I head a outfreaking vivid dream (could even smell the champigions we were passing while fleeing , can´t stand them) this night and what´s so special about this, I was "able" to rejoin that dream four times.

It was sort of like a spring break party first obviously I was young at that time and when I left with myself (now being father and son at the same time :puz
. I heard that "roaaar" in the west were sun was going down and saw light flickering on the ground like yellow explosions without much dark smoke in the distant, shortly before the "roar" arrived us.
There were two or three machines, looking like tripods or four-pods walking around with a saucer like head. You could barely see the head because it was in some grey fog, either clouds or just fog. Freaked us out totally, we were fleeing into a industry hall were the large silver rolling doors were shutting down, just slipped in and a men came running towards me, (translated from german) "what the # are your doing open the doors again" (even if I was not the one shutting them down).
I said "If we do that we´re all gonna die" he ran towards the switch panel and I knew we have to get out of there. We were running through the empty hall, the rolling door on the other side of that hall was now opening and we ran through it, climbed a red container and jumped over a barbed wire fence into a small wooden cabin where champigions were hanging on strings. I could clearly smell them and suddenly the smell was changing into the smell that occurs when you roast them in a pan everything reflecting in the cabin began to light up yellow, we were running further and hid in a concrete drainage tube, that kind with iron steps in it, aprox. 1m diameter.
It wasn´t connected or burried, it was just sitting there, some weeds were growing high around it so it has been there a while.

We were hiding there, as suddenly the tube was lifted on the side where we would get out if we moved through that tube, my wife was there also she was just behind me I managed to grab her under the ankle and hold her, the tube was thrown down to the ground I hurt myself at a iron step and the tube was lifted the other way, now hanging upside down, my wife was now slipping down towards me, I managed to press myself against the steps and the walls to avoid being "flushed" out of that tube and then little pieces of concrete began to burst from the wall in our faces as the tube cracked, blending yellow light came through the cracks, the tube broke and we were squashed inside. I then woke up terrified, wet from sweat.

This is the first real vivid dream I ever had, and the first dream ever where I smelled something.
(I apologize for missing fullstops,comas and maybe a diffusing writing style, I just wrote it in flow and added those afterwards)

posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 08:07 PM
I never have end-of-humanity dreams...

But I've dreams of humanity in severe survival mode - as a definite future that changes us drastically - in needing to seek underground caverns for survival.

Which changes the way we look dramatically. In being underground, we become diminutive to our original stature. Pale. Our eye get huge and our brains swell, as there is no room to be athletic, but plenty of room to develop our mind to adapt to underground life.

I dream our only recourse to change our future is to go back in time, and try to warn... but we are flawed in our efforts...

And we cannot stop what will eventually be, even in breaking the time-barrier to try and warn ourselves the road we are going.


posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by freestonew

Not only the dreams 'vivid' but I seem to be experiencing the past in my present day; as if things are combining, not just a random thing, but an object will trigger a past rememberance for a few seconds I am there re-experiencing every emotion, sound smell and I lose the present until Im snapped out of it. It is disconcerting but Im getting used to it. This started in earnest after Dec 21. I can only think time is compressing frequencies are raising and at some point a tipping will occurre, we phase out or into another dimension (no caste systems not going to be an unspeakable in India).

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