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Parravicini and North Korea

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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 03:00 PM
I’m reading on breaking news that North Korea has approved a nuclear strike on the US.

To most, this is just another empty threat and more of the same we’ve had on the last few years, but… is there any prophecy that predicted this and the events that follow?

I’ve been reading some not so known prophecies from an Argentinean called Benjamin Solari Parravicini on an eBook I bought some weeks ago. He is known to have predicted the TV, the Nazis, the flights to the moon, the atom bomb, and the attack on 911, even dance and electronic music!

His prophecies are called psychographics, because he drew them with a small text beneath it.

I found a text that reads:

“Virajes del mundo hacia el 2002 -llega la atómica sin solución y estallara al fin. No es verdad la actual actitud de las naciones al decir y hablar de paz. Ellos comercian con la guerra organizada. Ellas atemorizaran con el hongo azul creyendo que jamás se llegará a las manos, pero el recio amarillo dirá: !Va! y en ofuscación, ¡Irá! Después final de finales. Principio de Principios. Luz.(1960)”

Which means:

"Changes in the world by 2002 - Comes the unresolved atomic and finally will explode. The current attitude of the nations to say and talk about peace is not true. They trade with organized warfare. They terrify with the blue mushroom believing it will never reach a fight, but the sturdy yellow will say! Go(to war/launch)! and in obfuscation/blindness, It will! After, the end of the end. Principle of Principles. Light. (1960)"

My concern is that this is the first prophecy that I ready “Recio amarillo”, or sturdy/loud/tough/fierce yellow, which my first thought is Kim or Kim’s family. No one will believe NK if they say “war”, but could they could launch a missile in “obfuscation”?

What do you think?


posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 04:18 PM
Majorly interesting.....i do hope youll return and fill us in when youve finished the read.....
any more tidbits or hints would be of interest.
Ed Dames killshot prediction follows a NK launch of a satelite as is the sun who shoots us with a CME.....any words n that vien?

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by stirling

I have not found any mention of an EMP or CME, but he talks about "Cibernetics":

"Hermanos: La cibernetica - forma tecnológica de poder será asesina del hombre en el llegar.... ¡ Del llanto !" (año 1971)

Which means...

"Brothers: Cybernetics - technological form of power will be the murderer of man in the arrival... Of crying! "(1971)

I will make a new post once I finish this interesting read!


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