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Need someone to look at a photo for me.

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by mysteryskeptic

Just because you asked for a star I won't give you one....

OP, looks like a CAT....I would move anyways!!

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by Chrisfishenstein
reply to post by mysteryskeptic

Just because you asked for a star I won't give you one....

OP, looks like a CAT....I would move anyways!!

Ok then I will take my picture down and my basketball and go home! LOL

and all joking aside I didn't ask you are anyone else for a star, I asked the OP that means the person who started the thread, it is his job to do what I did. I'm the guy that debunks it! LOL

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 03:22 PM
I see a shadow on your knee or a outline of something not sure if its paranormal..Id burn some sage in the house and say a few prayers don't let what ever is bothering you run you from your home stay strong..peace,sugarcookie1

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by mysteryskeptic

Ya i thought the image was interesting, same here on a laptop,gives ya a different
perspective, i'm sure its just seeing something in nothing, but i thought it was
interesting as heck.

Hemp oil? thats a new one, i will have to talk to the doc and see if i can, they are so
picky when it comes to transplant, they do a hair test, if anything shows up, drugs/booz
you are off the list until you go through a class, shoot i know one guy where its legal where
he lives, and they still would not allow him on the list, took him 6 extra months.
I remember Piper from years ago, always liked him, shoot i was young and just watched
that stuff because i'd root for whoever mom didnt pick. He was one tough dude, would not
want to tick him off. Sure he did a lot of acting, but their were a few fights where you knew
for sure he was going to get his butt kicked, and he went into street fight mode and won.

ThinkingCap, the picture was more of a entertainment thing than support for the case, i just
thought it was unusual i found that many diffrent things as i changed the brightness.
it would take forever to adjust and save each time it looked like it was something else.
If i get some extra time i'll see what i do.

UberL33t, naaa i missed it the first time, just saw it today, not sure if i want to put that much into
a picture, its been one rough week, that cold my daughter gave me has kicked my butt.
So nice of the rugrats to share. *lol*

DarknStormy Any more every darn time i go to bed, something happens, its starting to get
on my nerves. It decided about a week ago, to wait until i am almost asleep and then snap its
'fingers' loud enough to make me jump. Its getting old fast, i orderd a digital recorder so hopefully
i can find out what the heck it wants before long. (should be here12th or so according to ebay)

Nightaudit,, the 'ghost' and what is happening i take seriously, the photo, i just thought it was unusual,
not your standard where you only see one thing besides the normal photo.

Hefficide, no, that so far is the only time i have had marks, and i hope the last time, i get touched,
mainly on feet and legs all the time, but i am not a fan of the marks being left, or my knee hurting
for a day.

sugarcookie1, thanks, actually i have been thinking sage, something has to work, it seems to get
just a little more each day. the past couple of days have been quite bizarre.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 11:48 AM

So yesterday during the day i was feeling like crap and went to lay down for
a little bit.. ended up being about a hour. Broad day light, bathroom window
off the bedroom open and sun coming through, i got comfe and was trying to
get my body to quit hurting, and the finger snapping began again, normally its
once, then a few min. pass and snaps again, Loud to, but i just ignored it and
told it to go away and rolled over, the blankets were wrapped under my feet
from rolling over, but i just left them there, before to long i felt the blankets
being pulled out from under my feet, very slowly, but a steady pull, then a pause
and a pull again.

I said out loud "Damn it stop it", and layed still to see if mabey
it would listen, Nope, they started moving again, so this time i just kept still and
waited to see what would happen. In about 5 min, the blankets were no longer
under my foot, so i lifted my foot and tucked the blanket back under my foot
just to see if it would do it again, sure enough, it did it again, all total it took about
5 min again, but my feet were no longer on the blankets.

So i just layed still to see
what or why , in a few seconds, the blankets were being pulled out from under my
other foot, took about 5 min again, then they started being pushed up twords my
upper calf, then i felt a finger on the side of my foot going back and forth.
which was a bit to much for me, i kicked at the air, tucked the blankets back under
me, and told it to stop it again, sure enough a min or two later, i could feel the blankets
being pulled out from under my feet again. So finally i just got up.

I have this old, now when say old, i dont think that quite covers it...old camcorder,
its a panasonic , it works if you plug it into the wall, but all the batteries are dead for
it, it takes tapes. This morning, i got the wife off to work around 4am and thought
i would set that up, try to catch something, its very hard to see, even though i left the
bathroom light on, still a crappy recording, i'm about a half hour into it so far (ghost
woke me up at 9 this morning. tickling my feet again.)
I have yet to see anything visual on it, and may not because its so bad of a recording,
but i did get audio where it snapped its fingers 2x so far, to try to wake me up, but i was
exhausted and didnt respond. So i have proof that its not all in my head, which is good,
because i was starting to wonder.

I tryed to capture the section of it snapping its fingers, but this old camcorder wont hook
up to my laptop, i got the drivers and tryed to install them, but it uses a com port,and my
laptop is not communicating with it. I wish i had a decent Sony w/nightshot.
If i get any video evidence, i will have to borrow one from someone, not sure who i know
that has one, but at least its half way decent quality, this poor old thing sucks. The drivers
were for win98 no other options to pick a different OS platform.

Sadly i cant share the finger snapping, but at least i do have it on tape, and now know
without a doubt that i am not looney, it is really what it seems. I hope to see some
kind of video evidence, but am not counting on it, everything is so dark and grainy.
Which is why i jumped on Ebay and ordered the digital recorder, i can use it to capture
the finger snapping and hopefully a voice or two.

All i do know for sure, is this thing, what ever it is, is going to give me bags under my
eyes if it dosent let me get some decent sleep.

Ok off to watch more of the video and try to make anything out. just though i would

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 04:09 PM
is there any general topic in this section, that can post anybody ghost pictures? I have few, but I dont want to post them in a new topic... I dont bother that much, just to share them and people see them... I do lots of photography and it happened a couple of times, thats all... (I dont do paranormal research lol )

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posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 03:30 AM
you definitely have something going on. Pretty weird how it will pull on the sheets. Did you try to look and see what it maybe or was it like I better not look, don't want to be spooked, just want some rest?
is it only meddling with you? It hasn't affected your kids or anything like that?

Is this recent, seems it started after your diagnosis?

I don't know, not sure how you are coping since I believe you have way more to think about.
And for hemp oil TCH is one of those secrets the FDA wants to keep low. It can help fight cancer but your end stage maybe do to something TCH can't help. Check with your doc, search google. I just think that there is way more important things you are dealing with other than the sheets being pulled but maybe this entity can help. Heck ask. WTF do you have to loose?

posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by mysteryskeptic

Oh ya, i tryed several times to see if i could spot it, no luck,
even had my phone handy and turned the camera on and eased it where
i had a view of where the sheets were being pulled and still no luck,
snapped a pic anyway, but got nothing, its odd i am getting no visual at all
from it.

Yup, started about a month after my diagnosis, so about a year and a half now,
its slowly been getting more frequent and obvious.

I have to agree, a lot more going on to pay atention to, now i have this that wont leave
me a lone. I have seen a lot of good things about THC and sickness, its so strict here
doubt my doc would be open to it, i know the transplant team wont, which is sad.

Last night, i went to bed early, and had it out with what ever it is, told it to stop several times,
finally it left me alone for a while, but the unusual part is, it got mad and was kicking the wall
of the bedroom in anger, kind of reminds me of a kid, but at least i did get some sleep, it didnt
bug me all night that i know of until this morning just before the alarm went off, i felt the sheets
being pulled again. Its a weird feeling to be laying their watching the blankets on your bed
slowly slide off the side of the bed, gota tell ya, a weird experience, goes against everything
you think and have learned.

Sadly as much as i would love to just move past this and concentrate on other things that
need my time, i dont think i'm going to be that lucky, i dont think its going to allow me
to. Lack of sleep is not good for my health at all. I wish i could get some sort of video
or picture, at least to get a visual of what i'm dealing with. Honestly i'd rather not be
dealing with it at all, but seems that choice is not mine. For some reason it wants to bug
Hopefully when the digital recorder gets here, i can get it to talk and figure out why the heck
i am being kept up at night and what it wants.

posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Thanks for the updates, please keep 'em coming.

And for god's sake... Get a damn video camera!

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

sadly a decent video camera will be a while, being on disability is such
a tight budget, if i was still working, would pick one up without thinking
twice. What little the dear govt expects one to live on is a joke, let
alone any extra things throughout the year. But i am asking friends
to see if i can borrow one for a lil while, so far no one i have talked to
has one. But i'm not giving up that quick.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 07:09 AM
P.S. got touched again last night, i have to say its a odd
feeling to feel the skin of a hand you cant see touch you,
with no warmth, no cold, just the feeling of skin.
But i was exhausted and didnt pay much attention to it, simply
moved my foot and went to sleep.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 03:16 PM
Have you had a talk with this thing yet? I wouldn't worry about video,
I would make sure this thing is not there to take one once of your energy!
If so you will need to firmly tell it to go! look up or ask what you need to keep this thing away, like burn sage or something.
It seems to come when you are sick, or when you are very tired?

Hopefully it is there to help you or care for you, have you lost anyone close to you? Even pets?
but you said it felt like a hand so maybe a pet is out.

You said this thing may have influenced your wife when she slept, what about your kids? Have they had any experiences with this? Is it confined to your bedroom only?

anyways keep up the posts let us know if anything happens.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 01:58 PM
If you feel that something is touching u, or even something is moving into ur bed, but when u try to watch it, stops... It can be 2-3 things..

You have a very stressful life and u need to relax a bit... its mostly neurologic (not psychological)...

You need to make a vitamins test..

You must always sleep up to 8 hours per day, minimum. but no more than 9-10.

and a lst thing, if you also experience other things combined with that... paranormal.

And or a last thing I may say, leave ur self into it, let it touch u and try to think of it, give it energy with ur thoughts, ask it in ur conciseness to give u signs about events, or feelings.. If u get specific signs, combined with ur internal feelings... and u are able to translate it, into events (u need decoding abilities)... it could be a short of, precognition. A gift, ur energy.. Energy is like veil and u may feel that. If its strong enough, u may have to find ur own gifts. But lets start from the first line (make some checkups of ur health). It doesnt sound like a spirit...

But there are some reports about sexual spirits (love to touch and make sex).. but normally they are rough. I think USA have a very popular story about a sexual spirit, with a lady and also a university visited her house to monitor that and they are not good spirits...
I tried to search about that kind of spirits, who love to "touch"... I am surprised, google gives me million of reports. The one I speak about, I think it happened 1974 and the movie entity is based on that event (but I am not 100% sure).
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