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British bet record sum on US election!

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posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 04:26 PM
It seems that aside from the geopolitical implications, in Britan, wagering on the U.S. election has become quite a pastime. So far at least 8 million pounds have been wagered on the election. It seems its twice as much as the last election. From who will win, to individual states, to electoral vote counts. Wonder if its to late to get down a bet?

LONDON (AFP) - British punters have bet eight million pounds (12 million euros/15 million dollars) on the outcome of the US presidential election, an absolute record surpassing all predictions, bookmakers said.

"There will be up to eight million pounds gambled on the outcome with British bookmakers, which is double what was bet at the last US election," said a spokesman for one of the biggest companies, William Hill: "This has been the biggest betting foreign election we have ever known".

Last week the bookies estimated that the total bets placed would surpass the five million mark, but the number of bets placed as the campaign drew to a close exceeded expectations.

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