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Charles Krauthammer: ObamaCare is Arbitrary - Also 79 Senators Repeal Tax on Medical Devices

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posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 05:14 PM

Originally posted by Hopechest
Even the democrats realize that tax on medical devices is going to up the cost for everyone who needs it so I don't imagine it will stay long.

However, that is a major portion of funding that Obama is going to lose so he either has to add to the debt (surprise) or raise your taxes.

Either way, we are all getting the shaft from Obamacare which wasn't supposed to cost us anything.

The repeal of the Medical Device Tax is nothing more than a money grab by the Medical Device Industry and it's lobbyists.

See Obamacare actually increases sales of Medical Devices...More people covered, more people getting pacemakers and the like.

So the Medical Device manufacturers are all for Obamacare!...except for the pesky tax...they get rid of that and they will be rolling in money.

As it stands every prediction and forecast still says that the boost to Medical Device sales by Obamacare will be greater than the aditional tax.

They are just greedy at this point. But what the hell...they can buy Senators and they have. They will likely get it repealed.

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