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Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons'

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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 03:42 PM
I've experienced this a handful of times. Once I noticed it came on as if I was drugged. I also know a woman who experienced the hag. She got angry and yelled at it to get out. She knew what it was, a demon, and she wasn't scared of it. I've prayed and others I know have prayed, and shared their stories. They are demons. You don't need to be soo scared of them as to be in denial about their existence, because Jesus is real, it is very much true that he saves. People aren't meant to be scared of demons, there is so much truth out there that people turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to out of fear, that's sad. Don't embrace these attacks, pretending to be a vegetable during an attack is not the best form of self-preservation, and convincing yourself that your mind is given to malfunction just to fit in with the pharmacutical company's ideologies is almost saddening.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 06:03 PM
I've been experiencing this for a couple of years now, maybe once every 2-3 months. The strange thing is that i "wake up" paralyzed, but I don't see any demonic figure. Last time I experienced this it was incredibly weird and hard to explain, but i'll try my best.

All I remember is going to bed and laying down (on my side) thinking about life and general things, and then before I knew it I was in a dream (but I knew i was dreaming.)

In the dream I was walking down an empty street at night with my girlfriend and I specifically thought to myself "why am I dreaming about this?" Suddenly she got spooked as if she heard someone behind us, so I told her not to worry because there was no one there, but she didn't listen and ran off without me. I shouted for her to come back and then tried to chase after her but the road kept getting longer and longer until suddenly everything went red and time had stopped (including myself.) I could only move my eyes and I looked around as everything came crashing down around me. Then I remember hearing a loud -almost deafening- buzzing sound before a deep and very creepy voice echoed "don't fall asleep -asleep-asleep-asleep" and the voice kept getting deeper and more distorted until suddenly my eyes opened and I was in bed but I still couldn't move. I kept telling myself "don't worry it's just sleep paralysis" and tried my hardest to move my right hand. It felt like i was trying to move for about 30 seconds before my hand finally flew up as if it had been unhinged from the bed.

If this is a scientific or spiritual phenomenon, I don't know...what I do know is that its creepy as hell.
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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by sk0rpi0n

I am a sleep paralysis suffer... well, not really any suffering now...

When I first experience SP, it scared me very bad. I had no idea what was happening and really thought I was dying. I was very young, I am 34 now.

The next few times I experienced SP I became more comfortable with it and accepted it as something that is just a fact of life. It wasn't until a few years later that I discovered not everyone experiences 'Waking SP'. Although SP occurs in each and every single healthy person alive, only a fraction of us are conscious during any part of sleep paralysis. This is because a proper sleep process will awaken you only once the SP has been dis-engaged/

It's unfortunate that everyone doesn't experience SP, this would eliminate all those people who believe it is not real, the experiencer is being deceitful, or the experience is just plain WaCk-O.

One specific event occurred several years ago. During a particularly intense SP episode, I found myself completely immobilized, with the exception of my eyes.

I had an overwhelming feeling of a presence nearby. I scanned the room as I fought to break the SP's grip. As I looked toward the foot of my bed, I saw a short, hairy creature. It had completely black, beady eye, some sort of cloak or hooded jerkin.

The most terrifying feature of this creature was it's teeth. They were incredibly menacing and there were 2 rows of them.

It stood at the end of my bed and stared directly at me the entire time I was trying to break the SP's grip. As before mentioned, this was a particularly intense episode, so it lasted longer than usually - about 45 seconds +/-.

The paralysis faded and I began to regain movement, first in my hands & then gradually on to the rest of my body. As in conjunction with the fading SP, the entity dissolved at the same rate, until it had vanished entirely.

Many SP episodes are incredibly frightening for the experiencer, especially first time experiencers. Sometimes it is the fear itself that helps break the grio of SP.

I have always had peculiar sleep related experiences, including lucid dreaming and OBE (Out of Body Experience). However, it wasn't until a few years ago that I realized they are not separate episodes but are all related.

Once I discovered this, I was able to practice the different stages of sleep and eventually developed a personal process that allows me to enter OBE pretty much whenever I want (I don't mean to say I can achieve OBE while standing in line at Taco-Bell, the environment must be established before OBE is attempted).

The 2 most difficult aspects of achieving OBE are;

1. Remaining completely Lucid while tricking your brain to believe you are asleep and initiating SP.*

2. 'Getting Out' of my body when SP has been established.**

* You must remain absolutely motionless and extremely relaxed. As SP begins, you can feel it start at your toes as it begins creeping up your body. Every place where SP is taking hold feels like a heavy lead blanket is being laid over you. It's hard to remain calm, motionless, and extremely relaxed as this unusual sensation encapsulates your entire body.

** Once SP is achieved, the next step is leaving your body. You must remain calm, as it can be exciting and frightening at the same time. I get out of my body by simply standing up (or attempting to stand up).

You can imagine the struggle to separate from the physical body as feeling like 2 magnets stuck together and you are trying to pull them apart.

Once out of the body, you will find everything is 99% identical to the room you fell asleep in. You may see a window exactly like your bedroom window, but it may have different drapes, etc.

Sorry for the long post, I'll stop it here and if you'd like to learn more about SP or OBE, let me know and I can go into a little more detail for you.

It is truly amazing, floating, flying, walking through walls, and the ability to, sometimes, ask questions and, sometimes, get a reply. I wish everyone could have a true OBE just 1 time. It has potential to be a life-changer for some people.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by sk0rpi0n

So many sleep paralysis threads. I've had this since I was a kid.
I have a similarly weird experience each time i always sense there is someone at the door or just out of my peripherals. When I sense someone at the door there is always a fear that they are about to burst in but it never happens. It's like they are perpetually turning the knob.

I focus on making a small movement like a finger or arm and it usually snaps me out of it. The other day though I had a bad instance where I couldn't do it. It's definitely freaky.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 07:17 PM
OK. I have had this for about 30 years. Actually, I quite enjoy it. It is far better than the illegal stuff the mods do not want mentioned on ATS....

There is a method which can bring it about, not always, but quite frequently. If there are enough interested people here, I will describe it to you.

There is also one single reliable method of getting out of it, if you think it is unpleasant or if you simply want to get up (and are unable to), described in the books of Carlos Castaneda - I tested it out many many times over the years.

But there are gateways in SP and OBE (which are essentially related phenomena).
The first gateway is learning to breathe. (If you are reading this, you passed it already. I almost died the first time in 1979).
The second gateway is those "demons." Or all-knowing ghosts with five eyes etc. I passed this in 1983.

Read some Jung and/or Buddhism. I was plagued by fear of SP for about a year because I heard steps and I saw the door handle opening - and could not move.

The simple most powerful thought which can help you is that you are it already, whatever fearful being is lurking out there is simply the same in essence as yourself.

One day I decided to confront the ghost or demon or whatever that was lurking in the apartment.
He or she or it simply burst in through the door as soon as I had that thought.
For an instant I beheld a brilliant sphere of light, kind of egg-shaped.

Within a split second I had this "Buddhist" thought that he and I have the same source, we are essentially not different. I had no choice. I had wanted to confront it. Here it was, my arch-enemy, telepathic and all-powerful.

In an instant, the being burst into my own body and we were united.
We had really been one - I was right. It gave me very positive, healing energy.

Ever since I have seen nothing scary or parasitical or alien in SP or OBE.

I passed the second gateway: the Keeper of the Gate.

There are absolutely no demons or whatever you should protect against... If you are still at that stage, and want "protection", you have not confronted some deeper part of yourself.

Actually, there are many entities out there, but as long as you are still afraid (and as long as they can still reach your dreaming body), you are simply occupied with projections of yourself - your OWN alienated power, and you cannot really perceive all those other entities that are out there.

That comes later.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:19 PM
i have had several experiences,

first was i fell asleep, i had a dream of a demon-alien like looking entity and all black darkness arround, except this demon infront of me. it was trying to make me give into something, and i kept fighting it, saying no, and saying this isn't real, you are not real, this is a dream, it then told me its not a dream, to open my eyes so i did and was unable to move, i felt so much fear, i was only able to look arround moving my eyes only. i closed my eyes and was back infront of this entity and it felt like i was fighting for my life refusing to do or say something.

then several weeks later, i was driving my car with a friend, then i looked up in the sky and the clouds where shapped like this demon face i seen in my dream, i told my friend and he looked up and was freaked out, it stayed in the demon shape for atleast 20 mins as i was driving down the road until i was in a different angle or view of the cloud. i had told him my dream and he thought that was freaky because he was totally shocked and amazed at detail of the demon cloud face.

several months later, i had woke up arround 10 am and felt like electricity was flowing through my body, i woke my girlfriend up to tell her how i was feeling, and she didnt seem to care, so i closed my eyes to try to fall back asleep with this electricity feeling, kinda enjoying it as i never felt like this before. then all of a sudden i find myself lying alone in the bed, the door shuts by itself. seemed so real, but then i thought to myself im in a lucid dream because the door doesnt close on its own. then, a voice starts saying, dont be afraid... but unable to see anyone, i ask who it is, still saying dont be afraid, i felt a lot of fear, and woke myself up, again i awake feeling this electricity through my whole body and forehead tingling.. i wake up my girlfriend to tell her what just happened, and she seemed to beleive me somewhat, i tell her im closing my eyes because i know i\ll be back in the same dream, sure enought as i closed my eyes, i was back in the bed alone, in the same room, and this voice says, dont be afraid, and this alien-grey-looking being appears telling me over and over do not be scared, i freaked out and kept telling myself wake up now wake up now and quickly i awoke to tell wake up my gf again to explain what just happened and asked if i was moving arround or if she noticed anything which she didnt notice anything strange.

theres a couple more similar expeirences.. as a child i remember seeing angels and demons very often.. there have been summers i remember pulling the covers over my head in fear of seeing them, and hearing scratching noises under the bed, hot summer nights with my a/c sweating buckets in fear.

recent expeirences like having all my daughters toys that have lights or music all turned on one time, hearing footsteps in the house, feeling something brushed against me as if someone walked by me while i was sleeping on the couch, pet dog starring into nothing barking like crazy as if it where something there.

a few years ago, my mnother would see demons coming into my room, then goto my daughters room and hear my daughter crying.. she would get up in the middle of the night and spray holy water on us. one time she said she was being choked by a demon and my father thought she was nuts telling a bad dream.

i havn;t experienced anything for months now, so i think its gone away.. last time was in january i tried this meditation video to talk to my spirit guides, then i felt a presence and felt fear so i thought of love as the video said and came out of my trance state..

when i tell others about these experiences, i get told its from the drugs of done in the past..

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:21 PM
after typing this and reading above post i felt my whole body flow with this electricity feeling and entire head tingling like i was sticking my finger into an electrical socket. and feeling scared.. i hate this feeling

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by gr9g9997

Make an effort to unite with your enemies.
You will succeed in an instant and you will recognize them as parts of yourself.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by Kokatsi

i will try the method you describe. what comes next?

i sometimes close my eyes and think about good beings, god, jesus, the one and only source, connecting with somne sort of high knowledge, and nothing happens when i want it to.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:52 PM
Oh, they are real enough. Everyone has their personal story about them.

But its just a dream.

But it seemed so real.

Naw, just a dream.

But it seemed so Real.

Perfect cover.

If I was a ghost or demon and I wanted to expend as little energy as possible and influence as many people as possible, I would do it thru dreams. Little, tiny electrochemical charges.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by gr9g9997

when i tell others about these experiences, i get told its from the drugs of done in the past..

No, I know exactly how you feel. But consider this if you will. Were you harmed at any time? Actually harmed in any way, or just very afraid? Understanding that goes a long way to realizing that the fear is the only hold it has over you. It knows this. Like a school yard bully. It gets a rise out of tormenting you. We are vulnerable. As "five sense" beings in the "real" world, it is completely out of our experience to suddenly be confronted with something or someone that you can't see. Thats the chills part up and down the spine. Adrenaline does that. Its a fight or flight moment.

The dreams are part of what sounds like a wider phenomenon associated with where you live. I have had experiences with places that don't occur unless I am there. My brothers old house was like this. The dog barking at nothing, rapping sounds on the windows, silent alarms going off, strange breezes, lights flickering. The list is endless. This place was weird. I slept there housesitting for 5 nights once while they were away and every day and night stuff happened. Eventually they sold and moved. They still won't admit why, I don't pursue the matter.

It is spooky to those who have not experienced these things before, to me they're a kick (by now). So, what are you afraid of? We are all ghosts. It can only spook you. You have the power to confront it and make the bully go away.

Or at least leave you alone. I can go more into it, just testing the water first.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:14 PM
I've had sleep paralysis about 10 times in my life. One day I was thinking that the next time it happens I'm going to get out of it by moving one finger, then two, then 3, eventually my hand, then arm...

The next episode happened that very night. I remembered my idea, however I couldn't move any fingers, not even a little.

The thing that always made this scary is that I couldn't do anything except stare straight up at the ceiling, and I felt positive that there was someone in the room but couldn't look. This time though, it was even more scary because the floor was creaking as though someone was walking around my bed.

As far as it being a "disorder", that's what I've always believed. Maybe not so much a disorder as a brain malfunction while waking from a dream.
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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by intrptr

yes, do tell more.. i am very interested in what others experience and their beleifs or solutions or reasoning.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by darkbake
This is really interesting, I have a few friends who see "demons" and such during the day, apparently this is not schizophrenia, which is only voices, but is probably related to blood-sugar levels as both people are diabetic.

just for the record, schizophrenia isn't just voices. it is a hallucination of any of the senses. but that's only one symptom, you have to have other symptoms to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, and declined functioning for a period of time (6 months in australia/US, less in the UK).

it's hard to distinguish whether some paranormal activity is real or a product of mental illness/sleep disorders... but if the 'hallucinations' occur without other symptoms, you could say they may be real.

sorry this is a bit off topic, just highlighting that it's important to stick to strict diagnostic criteria when pondering if your experiences are real or imaginary

(in saying that, sometimes i don't know whether mental illness is 'real' or made up to put people in boxes... anyway...)

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 10:50 PM
If you never had sleep paralysis, you won't understand how a person could get to a point where they see shadows.

I used to get sleep paralysis all the time (4 x per week) with shadowy figures at least once a week. At that time, I didn't know what caused the paralysis or shadowy figures, but I finally did.

What worked for me was to overcome my primordial fear of the dark. This fear of the unknown was needed in our past history, but not so much now. The sleep paralysis and shadowy figures have never returned. It also turns out that I had this thing where I couldn't sleep unless I was covered...that was 'cured' at the same time.

Hope y'all that still get the sleep paralysis can overcome it easily as I have.


[Edit]: I also practiced lucid dreaming in the past. That seemed to change the way I think about falling asleep. I have way more control of my imaginative state as I fall asleep.
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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 11:03 PM
I've had sleep paralysis for years and have heard childrens voices. Old lady voices. Evil laughter. Seen sillohuetes of witches on my wall. Also some kind of black veiled bride in my room as well as a demonic shadow person.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 11:56 PM
Oh, I have gone through this 'sleep disorder' throughout my entire life.

In my opinion, the 'demons' are extraterrestrial visitation.

a. awoke but then feel heavily sedated, drug induced
b. feel a presence come into my room
c. being pinned and weighed down
d. can only move my eyes
e. cannot make any screams or do any talking

These characteristics mirror details given by people that claim to have been visited/ probed by aliens.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by gr9g9997

Trouble with the site. Keep getting timed out. Try again tomorrow...

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 01:29 AM
These stories are very old, some of thousands of years, since the moon came into an orbit with earth.
I think, not a certain thing, that relates also with the hybrid humans, the soulless... They feed from human energy (souls) and their desire for 1, even creates shadow forms that attack us... I cant remember the english definition of it.

" Shadow thinking forms" dark thoughts against a person, that this energy takes form and a short of conciseness, against a specific victim.. Something like that.

In my country we call them " MORA, or Braxna, or Shadow people " and there is a theory beyond what I already wrote, that people shouldn't experiment the with " out of body experiences " dimensional travels and craps like that. You know... u didnt came into life, just leave ur vessel and arround arround in things you cant remember.

The rebels and their witches, promoting these things as a good thing, but unfortunately, you just feed them, each time u do that. They also promote the crystal cleansing... That is extremely dangerous (granite crystals inside ur houses).

Its more like you make a food table for all dark energy in your area and you invite them in ur house. The thing they tell you, is to use these crystals and you cleanse ur house from bad things, makes nice mood, etc...
But in the reality they feed from ur crystals and they remain in ur house.

We live in a bubble (matrix) you should all know that and there is ways to avoid it, even after ur phisical body dies. Since the moon came into an orbit, they produced a kind of shell arround the earth, in the second density. We live in the first and when we die we transfer in the 2nd. Thats why people when they have near to death experiences, see tunels, or cities in the clounds, sucking u up... Its a machine that sucks u up and drain ur energy... Thats how they survive.

So an advice that we have in our country. When we die, we have to remain calm, deny any contact with entities will come near to us and talk us.. avoid them. (probably soul collectors) they even take many forms of beloved people we lost in the past... And we think that its life after death and we are going to heaven... Or a different name is " soul traps ". They have beautiful colors and they look amazing outside. More like the flies moving into the light and burn... lol

Involve with ur new environment, learn ur new powers but dont get over comfident... And then u have 2 options.
1st option, remain there and protect ur self from any upcoming visits u may have, till they get destroyed, because after all they are very weak and their end is near.
2nd move to the north, avoid some ilectromagnetic traps they have place near to the north entranse pole.. The good guys are there. If something tries to stop u in ur way to the north, there is something u can do (provoke them with a bond that threats their existanse), make it run away, or even make it aggressive against u. But it wont be able to take u over the soul traps. The best thing is to avoid them totally. And never forget to fly very low, always (never try alone to reach the stars).

From the north, u will be able to move along, in the universe. Because thats the point they created this shell arround the earth, not allow u to move out and on, progress, involve... We are star beings thats the truth.
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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by ButterCookie

on the contrary, i think its likely that a majority of supposed visitation are nothing more than sleep paralysis.

When speaking to people living in different countries and cultural backgrounds, the symptoms of paralysis are the same but the accompanying demons differ. For example speaking to somebody in Eastern Europe, he would experience it lying on his chest and his reason for the paralysis was a demon or warlock sitting on his chest. The culture of that area is still steeped in witches, warlocks, demons and vampires.

When i experienced sleep paralysis the presence would be anything from feeling there was a demon in the room, a dead spirit lingering, somebody breaking in through my window or an extraterrestrial visitor present. It all depended on what i had been reading/watching in the recent past as to what the mind manifested. I experienced this for many years, from childhood through to adulthood. After one particularly terrifying experience (where i actually "felt" a "demon" grab me by the ankles...the mind is a powerful thing and the experience so real i did not sleep a wink afterwards!) i decided to figure out what was happening.

Once i knew what sleep paralysis was i virtually stopped having those experiences immediately. It went from being at least a weekly occurrence to maybe once or twice a year. For what its worth it would usually happen to me sleeping on my side or stomach; i rarely sleep on my back.

It certainly seems to me to be entirely of the mind and nothing to do with anything spiritual or extraterrestrial.
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