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A Request for those WILLing. Thanks in advance.

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 10:31 PM
The Elite have been given a final warning.
The Humanity has been given a due date to 2014 - 2015 of the War Breaking out.
Will Humanity Rise and Reclaim what is rightfully theirs ? or Will they cower and go willingly to the slaughter house?

Make your choice Humanity also this is the last cycle, you were given enough time to progress, grow, learn and understand. So pack your stuff we going home !

I can finally catch a break from all the recording of the wacky stuff you kids been doing on Terra. Many of you hear her cry and suffer from the pains that you ignored to stop. She deserves to progress and you do to, but you must make the choice to wake up

This may seem like tough love but in all honesty 9 restarts is already enough and it is time for progression.

It's time for freedom and finally relaxing too much work has been done here.
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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by PsiOpSky

Trees/Seeds, and possibly watching over. No one knows what a child saying a name like that as their father means, right? I presume the human race is seeds to the Trees and that considering so many great Light Angels watch over we should really jolt up to the attention, for we need to reach up to the hand reaching down and start to grow up more. The names are very interesting and yet no need for role playing, but we should wake up and stop goofing off I agree.

This thread is about taking a step up and starting to use soul skills, work out the negative programming and envision the positive and prayers/meditations, faith even.

I am very concerned that the plight of those in N Korea, are going to be ignored in all this. They are being held hostage by the most ruthless gangster ET type hybrid rulers, and if you want to see how the SS and Rockefellers would treat people if they could get away with it, the orphans and those who have anyone in their family owning money, going into concentration camps, raped, impregnated and tortured, being murdered horrendously. We must not sacrifice the vicitms of this country to the plans of TPTB

And we have so much to start to practice, first envisioning and then hopefully doing.

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 11:08 PM
My own envisioning techniques involve imaging, at different times during the day, sometimes in meditation, sometimes doing dishes, sometimes in the bath. Water is a good connection. Sometimes, lightly, not very involved, sometimes strongly involve, pretending, seeing it as if its very vivid and real. Try to see, feel, touch, smell, taste, experience joy over the news.

And have gratitude, thankfulness, to Family. Seek for the will or purpose of the day and to do the right thing each day and take time to improve how you relate to those around you, quickly forgiving all and blaming self, not others. Love them, those in your life. There are some difficulties that may be necessary to protect self from others, but for the most part, be a good friend. Lightness of heart is important too, but don't quit trying to peddle the bike.

So, I picture; People waking up, and realizing that those in various countries such as N Korea are in need of peace and love and intervention. Refusing to react to any fear based news, instead, they begin to pray, and ask for yearn for peace and love for N Korea, not out of personal safety but out of concern for the children and citizens there suffering so horribly already.

That they write in and speak up, and that you are reading in the paper, that the people of N Korea have heard that there are many groups asking for them to be released from this hellzone, and they stand up together and ask for help, and that everyone expects their elected employee representatives to work together and more and more people speak up for N Korea and send prayers and positive energy, not only there but in their own communities, we all begin to feel that we are a family and give love, help, concern, aid, opportunities to others.

See people waking up and doing things, to help. And that they discover there are no coincidences, that miracles of coming in, leaders capitulating, military standing with the people, peace growing, love growing, sharing with one another.

That we flood aid into the people, not the armies there, and that the UN presence ensures proper aid reaches the people and UN polices that country for human rights violation.

See all the lion laying down with the lamb, the people rising strong in love and many white hats amongst the top joining with them.

See intervention on every nuke, no technology that would harm working at all.

Imagine reading about the good news in the paper, picking the phone and talking to freinds and family, and how finally this is changing for the good of everyone, and having positive technologies to clean up the radiation and toxins coming through, being revealed, cures for cancer, inexpensive, no need for big pharma, they all step down, with tears of sorrow for their roles as wolves and its over at last, for a new world and upgraded planet has emerged.

Do this with joy, feel strong happiness, hope, see kids hugging each ohter, see your kids talking to N Korean kids on the computer, connections occuring online and foreign exchange students coming to their schools. See the people hugging each other, and propserity growing there, homes, school, equality, many businesses, clean ethical ones, see teleporters pop out, and this world become a wonderful garden. See Non Gmo food for all, eco farms and kids emerging from their homes, boys and girls equal in every way,wearing blue jeans and eager for their very good advanced schooling, completely loved. Its safe for each one to be who they are and learn as they are meant to, loved, and in joy. The world a family, the world equal.

See no technology working to harm anyone on earth.

Give thanks for all miracles and intervention, for even being in a position to pray this prayer to picture this, to hope big, to not give up. For all over the world many cannot lift their heads above the hunger, suffering, weakness, torture, and they need us. Very much so. And they need miracles from on high.
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posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

That's the spirit.

Keeping the positive mindset and that will inspire actions for more positivity, too.

You also make such positive thoughts easier to be thought by others now.


On the news we always see the bad side of North Korea with how poor they are or the military but we never see the beauty of the North Korean people...

A picture of North Koreans dancing with a background of the sun and mountains (Link)

North Koreans doing traditional dancing (Link)

These are people too that can see beauty and creativity. They are humans that can also feel pain.

My Hope is that humanity in general will be able to understand the freedom and happiness that comes from inner peace. A peace where one is following their heart as an individual. The freedom from stress and control of others. A inner peace which allows honesty and acceptance with other individuals, where conflicts can be resolved through wisdom and care rather than violence and war. From the open-mindedness of peace people will be able to find creativity and joy.

[color=limegreen]The good thing is as more people around the world connect more to positivity, peace, and joy; more will be able to do so with greater ease. Such a mindset will be in the collective mind of humanity. When a person is unhealthy, we do not hate them, instead we have compassion for their struggle. What greater sickness is there than a person who loses inner peace and become angry and violent towards the world? Pray that these people can feel better, that they can have inner peace and attain happiness and in doing so, the anger and violence toward the world will end.

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by arpgme

I think they'e very beautiful. My ex husband is Bella Coola native, I had a vision when young that I would marry what I thought of as a Chinese man, he looked identical to my Bella Coola, Lyra husband. And, have a fondness for South Korean and Japanese art, manga's, music even. Watched the documentary on the orphans in N Korea made possible by a beautiful young man in glasses, I simply cannot believe that such people are being held hostage by this negative faction of et demiurge group.

With this work, envisioning, which to me is a spirit skills, its choosing consciousness, what we think of. For our thoughts are very programmed and even if we say, its not just programming, or negative influence, but something from our own spirit journey and faults in us, we still need to work on them. To choose what we're thinking, to choose how to respond, to choose how to feel about something, to replace, cancel cancel, all negative or even all automatic body suit responses. To stand still, and remove oneself from the negative judgments, fear or anger or emotions in our head, to opt out and examine what just happened, and then rewrite the script.

Its all about choosing our consciousness. I see it as a prayer as well, for as we reach into positive good thoughts and seeking/yearning for positive solutions and also reporting for duty to our own souls and Family/God/Goodness, we are entering into Divine Plan, wanting to do the work we came to do, wanting to not Let Love and Goodness down, so its not willful, and it is being more like the angels on high, the light beings if you will or very progressed higher level ET/Angels. Growing up.

And when we do this, we should never see this change to eutopia, never see the positive world emerging as hard work, why do that. See it as effortless, natural, light as feather and with Divine Help/Divine Mercy/Teamwork like a Good Family is. And have gratitude.

I believe that as we envision and see, we ourselves will be nudged given opportunities to act on some of this, to get involved in doing some of the work, but if we can't this is the work too, and just by doing this we are outflowing solutions and problem solving into the NET and this affects everyone, more solutions will come to everyone, that frequency has been added.

Peace and Love!

edit to add: It comes to me listening once again to the song by era, which I believe was given to me, for something occurred while doing dishes and cooking pancakes for 9 people, I just walked into this place, it was like a castle or a temple or something old and formal with men, elders in robes, like a council, a woman was there too, and I realized they oversaw history, earth, events, and were in their minds doing as they felt was right, they had belief in what they were doing, and I knew them, had great respect for them, didn't agree with everything. But it was remarkable, just opened up. And then afterwards, after eating, through a searh on youtube was drawn to this song and it all just opened up, the understanding, as if given.

Now, the idea that its a long shot, an unlikely success, completely wrong. Envisioning positive outcomes and actions is just as correct and possible in all scenarios, no matter what the odds look like, time is not even real to begin with, and time can be stretched even, or manipulated, so I think if we really start to do this as we can, in faith with prayer for religious, or meditation for spiritually oriented people, there is No Such Thing As The Long Shot, for Thought Is Real And Creates.
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posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 10:09 PM
Bump, still a very important thread! Also, had an experience with less than good co-creational thought creates activity. Both my mother and I said something extremely negative about when we move in the next while and our health, which I don't intend to repeat what was said, but I suddenly had my heart race and weakness, couldn't move, I've had 2 mild heart attacks in the past when my thryoid meds were at the right levels and they had to lower the dosage.

Now between pink and white heart shaped clouds filling the sky and then this negative experience, all I can say is we've been lied to by this elite cabal, and they've kept this info to themselves. Our words and thoughts create and we need to safeguard them, and start to use them to encourage positive.

And as an example this statement, "we've been lied to by the cabal" this is very hard to express, how instead to relate to what has been going on, without entrenching the negative but instead bringing forth the light/love/seedling of positive in the situation? How should that have been reworded?

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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 04:31 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Maybe a positive way to say it is "we have been tested by the cabal".

Just like a teacher gives out the tests and it suggests wrong answers to see if we know the "right" one, the cabal has done the same to us.

The cabal is a reflection of humanity. The cabal represents "greed, control" and this is what humanity has ALLOWED themselves to have as leaders which means that deep down inside, these negative qualities must be in the majority of humans as well.

Since they are a reflection, that means that if the majority of humans see them with "fear", then they see humanity back with "fear".

Humanity sees the cabal with "fear" that they have too much control and greed...

The cabal looks at humanity with "fear" that they may not have enough control and greed to keep things in "order" (as they would say)....

Humanity is looking for someone to "lead" instead of looking within... (and not being fake)

The cabal is looking for someone to "follow" instead of looking within... (and not being hypocritical)

A perfect reflection...

When the majority change their ways, the the leaders will have to reflect that too...

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 12:21 AM
With so many negative threads on right now, if we only understood that our thoughts are holding this in, and reacting to anything, instead of choosing, is giving into the BEAST. The biblical Beast is giving into the programming here and the body suit anger, reactions, violence, greed, and not trying to push past our boundaries. How quickly we would grow up if we started with the simplest things, turning around negative thoughts, seeing positive, forcing it, pushing past the envelope and envisioning the "Long Shot" as a given its real, its all around us, with infinite aid if we begin to choose. Choose to be Love, and not react. Don't give into their tapes and staged things, or even if people geniuneley snap under the trauma of earth, have compassion on everyone, all involved.

We can do this, its in us, Love is our true Spirit Nature.

We all need healing, lets work for that.

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