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Thule Temple...The Isais Revelations

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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 11:30 PM
I learned this: "God Appointed" or "God Disappointed"
Truly... who is more willing to appoint a goddess over God? Yay me. I love her.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 04:13 AM
Sometimes I see stuff and don't comment but I wanted to with this one and it's been bugging me since I book marked earlier.

Third pic down in your thread, the emblem for the black sun group.
I found this last year after 'visiting' "black board" a fellow and his mates a long way from here.
For some reason I thought black son after the visit but hadn't heard of that before.
Actually there's another one too, in a darker spot, different way of getting there though and not without protection in the form of a group of girls singing 'ring around the rosie'.
I would like to talk to them if you know who they are, or tell him that I found my snitch too, so thanks.

There was a blonde courtesan with his two sisters with a shadow, I think this shadow is chalkboard.
I wonder why he didn't talk to me, was he not allowed to (blondie)?
I would like to know if he has been healed in some miraculous way from this föhn.

Well meaning brothers are very meddlesome.....and loved for it, most of the time.

The black stone has relevence too, but it is a person, not a rock.

In this day and age nothing is classed as fantasy....

the boy next door has something to do with this situation too, I don't care how beautiful his smile is....trouble maker.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by AussieAmandaC

Well this is the 'Black Sun group', the Baphomet Society;

Baphomet Society

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Excellent link thanks, but although I see, and it explains duality far more naturally than I've heard, I don't think it's these
Sun & Moon
Perhaps they are like, in ...heart?... not sure what I mean, sorry.
plenty of reading from your threads to do, so thanks again.


posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

The horns imagine represent a type of maturity within the baffle-me.
Then there is his/her conquest which I imagine is represented by the two coiled serpents... which I label "Fears & Doubts". It is a complicated matter for him/her.
Then there are the breasts... which implicate the essence of nurturing.
How one can suffer so much and still possess a gift to present oneself as a kind and benevolent person.
It reminds me of the willingness to tolerate... although it is horrendous.
Then there is the torch wreathed in flame... shadow calls to it.
It says: I will be the light in dark places when all other lights go out. (LOTR)
It is "Faith". The torch I mean.
Then their are the wings which do not weigh him/her down.
It reminds me of the purity which is seldom found amidst the kingdoms of mortals and men.
The purity to undo oneself... that he/she may see God... one day.
Then there are gestures which implicate the none but allude to that age old saying... "I am that I am".
Hence "BaffleMe" is iether thought of loved or wholeheartedly rebuked.
The moons are aspirations. One lingering about trying to break his/her faith.
The other... white and high above... is the aspiration of baffle me.
He is trying to achieve her. OR... She is trying to achieve the honor... the power... the glory.
The words inscribed thereon are testimony of the lords who await the coming of the one who could scale the mountain to the heights of seer. As in high degrees.
Tis a sad story... filled promise of a great mercy known as vengeance.
The goat head... that is a creature who inspires no beauty.
Thus baffle me... which is spelled baphomet... is the story of all the crusading pilgrims who found the knights templars and their great work. Pilgrim... if you call him/her that is a good start.
These days a baphomet is hard to find. Let the templars rise again.
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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by Pinocchio

Some intriguing insights there, the dualistic entwinement of the male and female i think does have the best historic basis;

Von Hammer-Purgstall associated a series of carved or engraved figures found on a number of supposed 13th century Templar artifacts (such as cups, bowls and coffers) with the Baphometic idol. In all of these images, it portrays the Baphomet to be that of a man's head placed on top of a woman's body.

This messing around with gender roles i looked at here with regards to Shaushka, a Goddess related to Ishtar, from Ain Dara, near to Nineveh;

Texts describe Shaushka as similar to Ishtar, as an ambiguous goddess who supervised married love and harmonious relationships but, unpredictably, could turn love into a dangerous endeavor. According to Hittite texts she was of ambiguous sex also and given to wearing the clothes of both sexes. In addition, she could alter a person's sex. One ritual credited her with the ability to deprive men of "manliness and vitality," to replace their bows and arrows with distaffs and spindles, and to dress them in women's clothes. From women she could take away motherhood and love

Ain Dara

Groups such as the Cathars never took fixed gender roles seriously enough for some...

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

At first - when I couldn't post my answer to your post - I thought for a moment or 2 that "Charlotte" over there at "Causa Nostra" had sent me some "bad Vril"...
But she wouldn't do that - or would she?
What do you think Kantzveldt?

Now what good would it do you at the North-pole if you throw Odin in this X-mess-medley in December. Do you think that he knows the way to Santa's home?
Please don't answer that.

As you might very well know because I take you as a well-versed researcher is that the popular Norse Gods - like Odin for example - are not so verrry old.
The tribes did the same when they encountered the Romans as the Romans did when they learned about the Greeks.
They adopted their Gods and gave them new names spiced with some folk-lore...

If "the art of story telling, w(h)ere face value truth is not always the primary concern" is your approach on historical facts then you certainly have made some good points here in this thread...

Concerning that the title of this (your) thread is...
> Thule Temple...The Isais Revelations

and those "Isais Revelations" are found on the "Thule Temple-Portal" where the only source given for them is - again - Causa Nostra - where by the way most of those other "facts" in your thread stem from...

This doesn't make you one little bit suspicious?
A "revelation" from the 13th century and no one else has looked into it?
Those photoshoped gallery pics on Causa Notra - you fell for them?


This site is full of blatant lies and falsifications and you as I suppose are a German speaker (because I couldn't find an English version) who can very well read between the lines there.
But you choose to tell the good people here at ATS about obvious nonsense in the guise of some "old revelation"?


The "Black Sun" symbol does not go further back than to Heinrich Himmler's SS-Wewelsburg and is by no means a classic esoteric symbol.
It is made up in a similar way as the "Runes" of Guido von List's "Armanen Futhark".
Artificial and containing no "old wisdom" at all - but really neat looking.
As by the way is the "Vril" Rune on Causa Nostra and other white supremacist sites.

> "...the dream was to re-establish contact with this Goddess, who also had archetypal manifestation in Germanic lore...though her gateway was the entrance into the Underworld as it turned out."

you write. I hope that by "Germanic lore" you don't mean that bogus "Isais Revelation"?

Trying to "re-establish contact with this Goddess" by those means would be the same as thinking one could learn "real magic" by playing "World of Warcraft".

I didn't think that you were that naive - but everyone makes mistakes.
Reading now your responses to others in this "thread" - especially the "Baphomet Link" (again to Causa Nostra) - I'm beginning to think you are doing this on purpose.

Maybe you should let your hair grow longer - it might suit you.


posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

The baffle me is/was a beast of burden.
Heretical only inthe sense of not being templars.
Their fanaticism was viewed as significant to praise.
They were looked after by the templars.
Also... the Pentagram was synonymous with/to... baffleme.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 08:28 AM
The legend concerning the jewel that was struck from Lucifer crown by the archangel Gabriels sword was that it was "green". It fell to earth and later the grail was fashioned from it. There is no legend saying it was violet/purple/black other then these modern German legends.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

Calling those Causa Nostra stuff a modern legend seems VERY polite LUXUS.
Of course there is NOTHING you - or anyone - could learn about the Grail or the Templars or Baphomet at Causa Nostra. Not in the literal sense.

But as Kantzveldt stated...
"the art of story telling, w(h)ere face value truth is not always the primary concern" well achieved here.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by Ansar

As i pointed out, the real story is the discovery of Nineveh and the development in the 19th century of Neo-Assyrian mystical speculation, such as a coming of Sargon III, and also i should mention the construction of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and the reconstruction of the Ishtar gate...there lies the inspiration of Thule and the revelations of Isais nearNineveh.

A reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate and Processional Way was built at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin out of material excavated by Robert Koldewey and finished in the 1930s. It includes the inscription plaque. It stands 47 feet high and 100 feet wide (14 meters by 30 meters). The excavation ran from 1902 to 1914, and, during that time, 45 feet of the foundation of the gate was uncovered.

It was a double gate; the part that is shown in the Pergamon Museum today is the smaller, frontal part. The larger, back part was considered too large to fit into the constraints of the structure of the museum; it is in storage.

Thuleists were every bit as incompetent then as they are now, and every bit as prone to fantasy and falsification of tradition, however we all know they were instrumental in providing the occultic background to a world shattering sequence of events.

So has has been stated, when considered at face value their claims are lightweight to say the least, however, powerful archetypes were unleashed, and my interest is in those archetypes, so i presented the claims, and then i considered historic background for such archetypes which had actual basis in antiquity...i didn't make any effort to verify the face value claims.

The moral of the story is that even amateurish dabblers can, as i said, unleash forces beyond their understanding, and that's the reality i'm concerned with.

As to my family name, they dug one of my ancestors up last year, it was on the news, as they found his staff of office; they ran an abbey as a going concern, and took it back at sword point in the 12th century when others made claim, i read the court records...probably a moral in this story also.

The basis for the name is Danish, as in Knut/Kanut

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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

So you were criticizing those Causa Nostra story tellers the whole time and I didn't get it?

My apologies then- must be the language and I was mistaken!

As you made clear in your last post that...

> "The moral of the story is that even amateurish dabblers can, as i said, unleash forces beyond their understanding, and that's the reality i'm concerned with."

So You think THIS is the danger?

I don't think so. I think that the danger lies in purposefully falsified belief systems.
Like in the catholic and evangelical church.
Like in the 3rd Reich. And even modern USA.
And Causa Nostra for example.
Thats a cult structure.
Thats the danger.

No one can verify what the priest - or the politicians - tell him/her unless he/she is told that he/she is a GOOD boy/girl and has done the right thing all along.

I wouldn't be so concerned with those evil forces originating in other realms - they are lurking no doubt - but the wish and techniques to dumb down people and control them is far more threatening to me.
And here Himmler and Goebbels did a far better job than those "long haired mystics" - they only did try to convince gullible people with powerless "magic". And Causa Nostra tries to step into their footsteps.
I didn't think that those footsteps could be too big for anyone - but even here Ralf Ettl (who owns Causa Nostra) proved me wrong.
I'm quite impressed that such a hunk of a real German man could have so tiny feet...

And the avid researcher that you are you should have known that those

> "Baphomet figurines found on a number of supposed 13th century Templar artifacts (such as cups, bowls and coffers) with the Baphometic idol." reviewed by Joseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall

have long been found to be

> "an elaborate pseudohistory constructed to discredit Templarist Masonry and, by extension, Freemasonry itself.

You could have known that if you didn't choose some fringe sites over Wiki. That is not to say that there would not be other sources to prove your Baphomet claims wrong. But you hadn't to search far if your concern would have been some worthy information.

What I don't get is your hint at your family tradition.
The pic seems to show an Angel - maybe Michael - fighting a dragon.
If it is of importance please elaborate.


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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Ansar

Of course i didn't set out to criticize Causa Nostra, i admire the audacity of their attempts, but sadly the Thulean invoking of Ishtar gave rise only to her aspect as the Morning star, which is war.

Her assimilation into Christianity as the Evening star is long since done and dusted, through the cult of Mary Magdalene, the seat of her power is Paris, formerly the cult of Isa, all that remains for her is to occupy this seat, having recieved a purple stone with a name written on it which none knows save she who recieves it...

They copied that aspect from the Anglo-French Sionists, unfortunately the red-blue stone is to be in conjunction with a white stone and that just isn't the flag flown in Germany.

Thus the danger involved was simply getting on the wrong side of Ishtar, questions of truth are neither here nor there for me, reality is the consequential.

Obviously then i have sympathies with their promoting a feminine-masculine mystery aspect to Divine Revelation, and am happy enough to look at their attempts, but as intimated they needn't have bothered, and better for them if they hadn't.

The provenance of the illustrations suggested as relating to the Templars is unknown, so yes perhaps they should be just disregarded as title tattle, however they were fond of the Abraxus symbolism, and there's Dualistic gender aspects involved there, so complaint rejected.

The family thing, you'd looked if my family name was attested in England, it is, but like i said only dating back to court records from the 12th century when they enforced their ownership of Furness abbey, the name stem is Germanic refering to borders, they owned land at the intersection of three counties.

But in looking if this was online i came across this story from last year about one of them being dug up at Furness Abbey, a Cistercian Abbot, personal tittle tattle i guess, but he had a graal stone suitable for a Cistercian.

Digging up Kantzveldt

I found it disconcerting...

European alchemy was to a large extent a chaotic exercise in fantasy, chimerical experiments, and wacky metaphysical speculation. Due to the close link between the Grail Quest and the Great Work, many motifs and symbols from one genre show up in the other. The cauda pavonis or peacock's tail represents the "psychedelic illumination" achieved at the end of the Work. With the epiphany of the Organic Light, all the colors of nature are seen differently. Objects appear to be nothing more than palpable stains in the White Stone, like water colors on plaster or soft chunks of colored glass embedded in alabaster. The cauda pavonis vision recalls Shelley's line from Adonais, "Life, like a dome of many-colored glass / Stains the white radiance of Eternity."

Stone wise
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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
With the epiphany of the Organic Light, all the colors of nature are seen differently.

Contemplative prayer and yoga and other mystical disciplines will achieve the same result. The Organic Light is a cross-cultural phenomenon otherwise known as Kundalini light, and all the colors are the chakra colors. It's also known as the Holy Spirit. I myself have seen the Lights and the 'Black Sun' during kundalini meditation and fasting and prayer. I can see where the terminology comes from.

'Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life,
moving in All.
You are the root of all creatures,
washing away all impurity, scouring guilt, and anointing wounds.
Thus you are luminous and praiseworthy,
life, awakening, and re-awakening all that is.'

~Hildegard Von Bingen

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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by BlueMule

Something similar is about me.
Orange is the color of the central and south American pure breed race.
Red is the color of the north American natives... nearly extinct.
Green is the color of the Hindu pure breeds of the India's.
Yellow is the color of the Asiatics pure breeds. The Chinese.
the breeds have mixed for millinias. Many mutants and half breeds were fathered by them.
O.R.G.Y. is the term.
It is also called spirit holy because it was directly implicating one's true race... the house of their fathers.
The other two were purple of the Africa's and the blue of the Europe's.
To see a pure breed is not hard. They're everywhere in the city.
The half breeds too... and the mutants too.
I'm a half breed, half blue and half purple. Mullatto.
The colors resonate brilliantly when spotted.
The six races of the world. Struggling to seize control here in the states.
am I the only one who sees this?

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Pinocchio

Even if you are the only one, it doesn't make it any less true. I believe that the infinite deity gives us all our own unique way of seeing and saying and knowing. A symphony of ways.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by BlueMule

For me... the "Black Sun" was an altered state visual which yielded both grim and folly whilst casting its light on all the things I thought well enough and/or great.
Its very demeaning and horrid. In a word-"Grim".
I wish no one to suffer it. And still hope all may see it too.
Ignorance is bliss.
I reached that altered state while indulging in recreation drug use.
forgive me fellow ATSians... I was wrong to dabble in the craft of medicinal construct.
Beware of the black sun.
We need it whilst knowing we are better without it.

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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

So again I was wrong Kantzveldt. My bad.

You don't criticize Causa Nostra - you admire their (his - Ralf Ettl's) "audacity".
I will have to let sink that in for a moment. Audacity.
You could call it that I'm sure.

But someone - like you - who "denies ignorance" I thought should have gotten another impression.
And again I'm wrong - obviously and entirely - and again my apologies.
You gave a completely new (to me) meaning to that ATS slogan.

Now that I know you did all this on purpose I know what I wanted to know.
Please carry on - the world is so much more colorful this way.

But you should have another look at your family heirloom so that you don't embarrass your ancients on the other side.

Michael the Archangel is defeating the dragon there - he is NOT feeding him.
Maybe you got that wrong in the first place.


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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Ansar

I didn't create the slogan for this site and would never deny ignorance, how could i when it is so readily apparent...? shouldn't presume to condemn me by guilt through association, or distort my words and intentions,whether it amuses you to do so or otherwise.

But otherwise thank you for your valued contribution.

posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Epiphany... it has put a recurring thought memory to ease and is now at peace.
An experience I had but could not name has been explained because of you.
And the goddess is real. She is every man's desire.
She holds the Don and the key to the harem.

A woman who utters in the dark to him who is worthy the words "Para Deux" is a goddess...
It means "for God". From that comes the notion paradise.
With her hair up which signifies "higher up"...
With her ring which signifies... search all... added to the left ring finger which signifies the word "Me".
Search all is derived from circle... which is pronounced search-all.
Her hand in marriage which is noted to be pronounced mirage...
search all of me..
Higher up. As in degrees high.
The man must utter after paradeux... "in whom I trust"
Then she lets down her hair. But man to worthy must not gaze upon her nakedness. Instead he must stare in into her eyes. Sex is a ritual. Man is a blessing not God's gift to hedonism.
A pure love must be enacted.
I'm on a mobile phone. Touch screen. Frustrating.
I would love to type the full ritual for you so that you can act it out and feel the sense of the angel and the daughter of God. Give me a heads up if ur interested. In the ceremony.
The focus is the woman. Hence God appointed is God[dis]appointed.

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