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Really Alternative Cancer Cures

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posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 08:41 AM
Shakaymuni Buddha`s mantra on curing cancer is:

`Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha.`

Reciting mantra leaves no room for erroneous thoughts.
Every sound of chanting thus flows from within the heart.
Purifying all the way,
The rootless cancerous tumor shall disperse naturally.

At that time, the Buddha spoke to Ananda, “Listen to this Cancer-Healing Sutra. Read it, memorize it, recite it and propagate it far and wide. There will be a healing of cancers, including those caused by wind, heat, and yin elements, combinations of these three elements, and healing of cancers found in blood, abdomen, nose, teeth, tongue, eyes, ears, head, limbs, spine, rectum, and joints. All these cancers will dry up, fall off, and be eradicated. Healing will occur undoubtedly. Thus, read and uphold this spiritual mantra. This is the mantra:


Now for a muscle-related cancer view


And two more mantras

The Mantra for Pacifying Tumors


The Mantra for Fully Pacifying All Sickness



Now, those of you looking to re-affirm your Western Materialism view, there's no need for that here.

It's being constantly affirmed in every news item across the world, in every chemical laden food you eat, and every disastrous political decision made every day.

So leave some room for those suffering to perhaps walk a new path, and with some concentration and compassion, maybe dodge the cancer bullet.

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 08:49 AM

Steve Jobs Died Early as His Buddhist Beliefs Shunned Conventional Cancer Treament

Dr. Ramzi Amri, a researcher at Harvard Medical School, claims that Steve Jobs had a mild form of cancer that is rarely fatal and that his choice of treatment ignored all conventional methods of treating it.

During a 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs revealed that his doctors told him his type of cancer was incurable and gave him 3 to 6 months to live.

According to a 2008 CNN Money article, Jobs decided to employ alternative methods to treat his pancreatic cancer, hoping to avoid the operation through a special diet.

These alternate methods were said to be an influence of Jobs' Buddhist beliefs.

The researcher said the former Apple's CEO's death last week at age 56 was "unnecessarily early."

Certainly Buddhism has plenty to offer but employing religion of any faith over conventional scientific treatment is foolhardy at best. If God has it in your plan to die you will, but I believe he also wants humans to do what they can for themselves, without on relying on his help all the time. Although their is no definitive God in Buddhism the same theory applies.

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 09:02 AM
That story is a little confused.

Was his cancer curable or incurable. Was he led to believe that it was incurable, as per his statement?

Either way, doesn't matter.

His "alternative treatment" was diet based, which is very different from mantra.

But the two are not incompatible. They aren't incompatible with chemo either, or with training your body in other to increase its resilience.

I believe chemo to be destructive of the body's regeneration ability, and success through chemo to be dependent on having a very strong body pre-treatment.

There are plenty of documented cases of natural treatments, from diet to high dose herbs to other means - curing cancer. Mantra practice is not meant to replace them, it's an inner practice that is compatible with ANYTHING else you are doing for curing cancer.

So what is your point?

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by Fevrier

You do realize there is no need to make duplicate threads in two different forums? Three minutes apart from one another ...

And also,

The Mantra for Pacifying Tumors

Am I the only one who finds this a bit silly? Cancer would be cured through proper nutrition and diet, if anything, not these "mantras". Perhaps I'm just not very convinced by your thread(s)
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posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 10:10 AM
But that's the deal, brother, you don't have to be convinced.

Why would I have any need to interact with your belief system and convince you of anything.

The universe at large, with its consciousness and energy flows/structures, which we - by necessity of interacting with the elements and space-time, are a part of, does not RELY on YOUR belief system.

So if you know that cancer can be cured through food therapy and exercise, then GOOD, you're all settled.

But for those who are ready and capable of implementing a mental/spiritual practice, the very hard karmic burden of cancer can be helped tremendously by mantra practice.

You don't believe in mantras?

That's ok, the universe at large does not require your belief in order to function. And keep in mind, when I say universe, this is not some fuzzy-wuzzy newage conception, but rather the universe as-is. Buddhist Mantra is not fuzzy-wuzzy.

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