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the *most* shocking WW III predicting dream I ever know of! *mine*!! dreamed mar 30-13

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posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 08:01 PM
the *most* shocking WW III predicting dream I ever know of! *mine*!!

[print this one out and pin it to the wall and paint a red bull's eye target pattern around it with the sheet of paper at the bulls eye!]

yes, to me at least, this dream is maybe the most "scary WW III dream I have ever seen and probably the most scary end time dream too.

I had it on march 30th of 2013.

the dream begins.....
i am in my car driving across the land from florida to new york.
[this seems to indicate my life from birth to death, just merely my daily journey of life.]

i look out of the car window to see three or four hawks flying within the same sky-space and i see they all are hounded by crows. maybe 20 crows per hawk.
[in real life i see this all of the time. crows Hate hawks and will fly at them and hound them to chase them away. there are many hawks and crows here in tallahassee and two species of crows.]

i stop the car and get out to watch this scene. the crows gang up on the hawks and i see that the hawks retaliate and kill, wound, some of the crows.

the next scene is that i see off in the distance a huge tree and it is filled with crows, maybe 200 to 400 crows, the hawks are gone. i walk closer.
i am now only like 100 foot away and i hear 400 crows cawing. they are all flying around several dying crows.
now.....within this mass of crow sound i begin to hear english words! the words themselves i cannot recall but in the dream i sense the meanings.
I yell to myself, "it is a crow funeral for their killed flock members! how Rare to see this!! it is like a ceremony banned from human observation"! [my own dream words!]
[i saw once on youtube a japanese fairy tale where a boy saw a banned event, the marriage of the foxes. if a human sees this, he is to commit suicide
hari-kari. The foxes are God-spirits, partly human in statue
the boy comes home. the mother steps out of house and hands the boy a sword saying that "the fox messenger has told me of your sin. i do not know you, you saw the forbidden, now go out and kill yourself, i be rid of you; the shame of it all"!]

now i am actually hearing a chorus of a funeral dirge, in english! I also begin to see white robes and other "human" things, amongst these crows!
A crow funeral. Forbidden to watch!
i then suddenly sense that someone has come up beside of me! i turn to see a man who looks to be an "aristocrat"! i can tell he is one of the southern landed gentry, a man who owns the local plantation with its nice mansion home. he too is watching this funeral and he comes up to me.

he tells me, "oh how rare to see this. i had a friend, once, who saw this years and years ago. he witnessed this back about four years before the german nazi troops began to invade countries to begin ww II"
he then tells me that he himself saw such a very similar crow funeral back in 2009!
[2009 + 4 years = 2013]

i then talk a bit ????? and then i turn to walk back to car, now dusk. over in a woods by the field i dimly see a house inside of the woods and then i see a lady walk up to the fence and she yells at me,
in german! german language. i reply to her *in* german!
[i took german in college, failed miserably, but all still in my unconscious.]

there the dream ends. i get up and go to bathroom, the time is now about 3 am, on this march 30th. i go back to sleep and dream yet more.....
[this second dream will be my subconscious "reaction" to the vision. often i have a second dream, when I have a Big Dream. the second dream often gives to me much more personal direction as to what I should do, in now knowing of the Big Dream, as the Big Dream is about all of humanity.]

here i am walking across the campus of Cornell university, there in Ithaca. i grew up 20 miles from this Ivy League university and i lived next to this university for over two years, in the 70s. to me it represents the higher learning and Truth-place.
I am walking with Suanna, my now deceased sister, we walk slowly across the campus, at night.
[she might only be a symbol, a dream-enabled "other" person, in order for dialog to take place, as i do all of the talking, here!]

i walk very slowly as i am now telling HER this dream that i am now typing out!
i tell it from beginning to end, the car, the hawks, the crows, the funeral, etc.....

then i *slowly* says and i say this with some "authority", i say something to her.


at that instant, i wake up with a startle! Dream self, i guess really wanted to burn this sentence into my brain!

So there ye all be. notice the Math. four years before ww II begins, in 1939 friend sees crow funeral. Four years before 2013, "it begins", from the plantation owner. but as ww II took a year or two to become "truly global", it will take a year, 2014, to have this war become truly global.
Then I tell my sister, probably from my High Self vantagepoint, that I will see this in 2014.
I suspect that the Plantation owner's friend, the plantation owner, the german girl, all died, will die, after seeing the crow funeral.

As I witnessed this with my soul-body, out of body, my soul may die in 2014! Tallahassee is a capital city and probably on the nuclear hit list. a direct hit from an atomic bomb, i read, tears apart the very soul. I read that as of late 1970s, the dead victims of Hiroshima and Nakashima, are "beginning to recover"!! I might sleep and heal for 1000 years, if I am taken out in this manner. I will miss the crush-stress of 4 to 6 billion souls all coming up to heaven all at once!! I will be a victim, not a helper. Humbling. I thought, once, that I had a shred of knowledge and will, to help people! No, I will be a Patient in the healing wards, I guess. Be everyone's problem.

the most utter ww III vision, *and* end time vision, that i have ever seen from anytime or anywheres!!

I have read of bird funerals. This One feels "mythological"! I do not know the symbol of crows, in this vision.

the first part is the dream itself, collectively. I see that the second dream is my personal part to play in this event.
to me it looks to read that 2013 will see the beginning of war, like the 1939 invasion of Germans into next door countries. WW II did not begin in earnest, involving the whole world, until a year or two later.
thus here the events begin in 2013 and might become more united states involved in 2014, where I live.

war. maybe we all will merely have small wars. but maybe the full nuclear thing will happen!

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posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 08:07 PM

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 08:09 PM
I had a dream last night that I was a GI Joe (the new movie not the 1st one) and I was the cobra commander and I took over the world and killed everyone that had more then $1bil in the bank, killed all bankers, and killed all lawyers/gov.. Then I told everyone that there are no more Corps allowed and shut down all the grocery stores and told them that they better learn to grow their own food and start doing community gardens, they have 6 months until the food supply runs out.

Then I banned all forms of currency other then barter, I let every homeless person move into one of the millions of empty forclosed homes, I told everyone that where they live now they own and no long will pay rent.

Then aliens came down and said to me... Thank you, and gave us technology beyond believe and EVERYONE in the world was never hungry/cold/unhappy again.

And I banged Emma Stone somewhere in there.

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by dc4lifeskater

And I banged Emma Stone somewhere in there.

You had me believing you could actually pull it off until that last line.

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 09:10 PM
Fascinating dream, OP. Notice how when you dream of those who have passed on, they never speak? They never need to.

I've never dreampt of a crow ever, so I looked it up.

Dreaming of a crow or crows is not that common a dream. Most of us will go a whole lifetime and never have a crow appear in a dream or even a nightmare. Having said that crows do occasionally appear.

Many cultures identify the crow as a harbinger of death. In other words to see one is in indication that someone you know is about to die. The crow is frequently portrayed in movies and on TV in this role. This probably goes back to much earlier times when crows were some of the first animals to arrive at the scene of a big battle and feed on the corpses of the dead.

Although it is possible that your dream may indicate that someone is going to die it is very much more likely that it is nothing more than an indicator of change that will come about. Very often this will be change that you have little or no control over. The crow dream symbol should be thought of very much in the same way as the Tarot card Death. It is all about change and new beginnings.

Here's a little more about dreams involving crows:

Crow Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: The crow may represent the dark part of your psyche that appears at first to be frightening but contains what you need for spiritual enrichment. Crows, like angels, were once believed to be the messengers of the gods. In your dream, they are messengers from your unconscious.

Crow Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: Associated with witchcraft the crow is said to have the gift of prophecy. Some people believe that dreams that include crows foretell future events.

We could very well be devolving into another world war. Whenever things get shaky financially, the scumbags who pull the strings love to start large wars. Things are very shaky financially, this is a fact. That's why we're seeing all these news stories about North Korea and nukes, etc. I think they're getting us ready to accept it. Once they destroy our economy, we won't have a choice.

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by freestonew

There is a story that I heard once when I was young. It was about Ravens.

When someone you are close to dies, the day of their death you will be visited by a raven. The raven is bringing the spirit of the deceased to visit you and say their last good byes.

From then on I had always pay attention to that and looked for the raven when someone close died. Interestingly enough it has held true. At least for me.

But, the most memorable time was 9 years ago.
It was in January and there was allot of snow on the ground and it was snowing like hell with blowing snow like blizzard conditions. My brothers and I went out to the old barn to haul in wood for the fireplace. While we were in the barn we could hear a bird crowing like hell. When the cart was loaded we pulled it out of the barn and while my brothers closed it up, I went around to the side of the barn to see what the crowing was all about.

There was a raven flying in circles in the field next to the barn just crowing up a storm. The snow was blowing so hard that visibility was low. Thinking that it was very odd to see a bird even flying around in those conditions. So, I yelled for my brothers to come and see. When they both came around the corner the raven flew right up to us and landed on a tree stump about 15 feet away. It looked at us and we looked at it for a few seconds. It crowed a few more time and just flew away.

Then shear terror struck. I said " Dear God I think Someone Just Died". So, we pulled the cart up to the house and went inside. The phone was ringing. It was our very dear friend. He was calling to let us know that his mother just passed away.

So I agree that the Crow/Raven is the bearer of Bad News.

posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 05:27 PM
i thank you all for the replies.

there is a difference between a vision and the probable outcome.
not always, though.

I was today wondering about *how* could a ww III begin? First off, i disregarded any one country versus another; the hit list is huge, like Pakistan vs India, Iran vs Israel.

here i will look for the ???? concept, I do not know the word for this, i think there is one in German.

"weiltgeist" or something like this. the concept is that basically every single person in the whole world *wants* *war*!

Geist (German pronunciation: [ˈɡaɪst]) is a German word. Depending on context it can be translated as the English words mind, spirit, or ghost, covering the semantic field of these three English nouns. Some English translators resort to using "spirit/mind" or "spirit (mind)" to help convey the meaning of the term.

Weltgeist, the world spirit concept, designates an idealistic principle of world explanation, which can be found from the beginnings of philosophy up to more recent time.

I was walking along a four lane busy street and I could feel the anger, sense the anger, like a Grey black cloud, rising up from the 482 frustrations of the drivers. One driver is late, another is impatient, another has personal problems. each driver is radiating anger into the air and into the world spirit.

all of us are generating a vast amount of anger into the Plenum just becasue we all live in the Modern Age! how much frustration, thus anger, is generated just by doing a simple thing and finding you have to have 12 meetings, meet 7 political correct agendas, fill out 42 forums and often have to "do" this project six times over as something ruins it before completion!
everything that we do is so filled with Complexities!

Now there comes soon a critical mass point where this anger erupts somewheres, in a not obvious connection. as if that teen age kid, who killed an American soldier, recently, in afgan, was affected by the anger of 1000 drivers from here and there all over the world!
Soon, probably about now, within a few years; the anger erupts and then suddenly "everyone", all over the world, wants war! 30 countries begin to grapple at each other, the violence escalates.
[is there another reason why so many people take out their anger in schools, these days? They might be just picking up this collective anger!]

there is no escape. you cannot run away. the entire human race is of "one mind" in many ways and this Mind is getting ever the more angry and for Very Good Reasons!
[read a few of the threads here on ATS!!]

only now many of the countries have Big Guns!
radiation and nuclear winter will finish off the rest of us.

is there a way to defuse or to channel this anger? even if one could, this does not solve the problem of what creates this anger in the first place!

I "fear" what might stop it is to have the entire human race change what it means to be human about 1,000,000 percent! small towns of 100 people surrounded by farms with hand farm labor and the ladies cook and clean and stay home and the way your great-grandfather lives is exactly the way your great-grandson will live!
everyone work in harmony with everything else. in what civilization there is, 60% of the energy goes into the children and education and 20% goes into making a good life for the old people!

other wise....and I think it is too too late...war might break out.


posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by freestonew

I will miss the crush-stress of 4 to 6 billion souls all coming up to heaven all at once!! I will be a victim, not a helper.

Please enlighten me as to why there would be quesues going to heaven. I must admit I am new to researching souls return to Source, but I dont think there would be a crush stress.

Further on you state that the dead of Japans WWII Nuclear genocide recover; what leads you to state that nuclear fallout afffects the Souls ability to reincarnate?

Any insights would be helpful, thanks,

I Pray nuclear war doesnt come to pass

posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 06:58 PM
I am under the distinct impression that events that began with the gulf war and oil, and there they shall end.

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war".

I was warned in certain dreams about exactly this. I am hoping this rings true with at least one other, I was told I should not divulge what I saw.

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