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Natural humans a.k.a "empty shells" and "occupied" humans a.k.a soul..know the difference

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by k1k1to
reply to post by InhaleExhale

the only reason i use the technologies provided by people is because this society has been manipulated and controlled enough to the point where as it is almost a necessity to survive, in this concrete jungle..

and not being born into an indigenous family or an "off the land" family i am forced to co exist with what body i have come to occupy.

and another reason i use the internet and come to sites like this is, somewhat to quench a never ending thirst to study human behavior, it fascinates me, however it can be distracting at times.

and what makes you think that your species is the only technologically aware species?

and wouldn't it be an ego bruiser for you, if you were to know that the ones in control aren't even from your own species? ironic, the human what a perfect slave, so easy to fool.

anyone who tries to help you banish

"your species" What might that be? What are you?

Can you point out where I have asked for help?

Helping someone without them asking for help can also be looked at sticking your nose into where it does not belong.

We got an Alien on our hands Ladies and gentlemen,

Doesn't know human customs very well, I could understand if I was carrying a heavy load down the street and you see me struggling and offer a hand, but how is a random post on the net going to help anything other furthering your own agenda or stroking your own ego.

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by k1k1to
reply to post by smyleegrl

such fear, and misguided anger.

i find it amusing how you all want so badly to be the same, and then ostracize those who are completely different than the rest of you.

thats why this species isnt deserving of any higher grace or peace, this species will continue on its destructive path all the way up to oblivion. truly intellectual savages...what irony.

you all claim to be "unique" and "different" but at a core level most of you dress the same and act the same, and buy the same objects, and perform the same social gatherings etc..etc...and when you get to the root of it all, deep down you dont know why you do, what you do.... however in reality you are just imitating what you see others almost EVERY single root of this society you are all just imitating each other...

but when a truly unique and different individual steps up to the podium, he is heckled and booed off stage...maybe i expose a deep embedded fear of how similar you are all to each other, and how bland and gray you that you want to take a unique being and try to stoop him down to your level? such a sad and scared race of individuals so quick to shun and exile those who dont "blend" in with the herd....

incredibly most of those people in this thread are just a mirror of society, banishing those who dont fit what you have been told to be "normal"

Just to clarify. I'm not angry at you, baffled, but not angry.

I do, however, fear you. Or more specifically....I fear your thinking process.

Can you not see how dangerous it is? Its the same argument people have used for thousands of years to justify atrocities of all kinds.




All share this same thinking at their core. "Some are better than others."

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by smyleegrl
Just to clarify. I'm not angry at you, baffled, but not angry.
actually you come across more as protective, IMO.

I do, however, fear you. Or more specifically....I fear your thinking process.

Can you not see how dangerous it is? Its the same argument people have used for thousands of years to justify atrocities of all kinds.
I would suggest that the fact that a certain view can be used for ill (justifying atrocities), does not mean that the ill use is all that the view can be used for. Do you see the logical fallacy in that? It's like hating baseball bats because of all the times that someone has been bludgeoned to death with a wooden club.




All share this same thinking at their core. "Some are better than others."
I respectfully disagree. I think Slavery and War are much more profit-motivated. However, the idea of profit has the taint of narcissism, so in a secondhand way you are right about it. Hatred of others causes Genocide, but the root of other-hate is self-hate. A Hutu might lie to himself and say that he hates Tutsis because they are less in value than himself, but a truly healthy self-acceptance removes the narcissistic need for any other-hate, especially of someone honestly (mistakenly) seen as "lower people". It would be like hating a cow or a dog. Really, really not worth the effort.

I think that self-hate is the real problem, not thinking you're better. That "I'm better" nonsense is a lie told by the ego, and it becomes so transparent when one approaches death that you would be well-advised to slay that dragon well in advance of your decease. Because having lived a life believing that lie causes the most bitter kind of remorse you can imagine when for all appearances your life is over. My NDEs firmly convinced me of that.

That said, there's no ethical or moral red-flag thrown up in me by the idea that some people may be simple script-bots in the collective experience. That fact does not make them less important to the cohesive illusion of this experience. They are necessary, just as the spleen is necessary. The mind that rushes to what *could* be justified by invoking that idea is just the kind of mind that is in most danger of doing the justification. Don't take that the wrong way; your culture (presuming you are American or of one of the Commonwealth countries) programs you to think that way. You are, every day in school, offered the fallacy of false alternatives. It is force-fed to every schoolchild in many insidious forms, the multiple-choice test being only the most obvious of its manifestations. I also think that the social planners are quite aware of this mental and moral conditioning through limiting of possibilities, and work very hard to maintain programmed obedience in their graduates.

Now ask yourself the question: "If someone is just a script-bot, does that mean they WILL or MUST be treated or thought of as lower forms of life?" That's a four-way matrix question, make sure you examine all four. Then add this: "What if the highly-evolved were the only people capable of discovering the programmed and uninhabited nature of some humans? Would that make a difference?"

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posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 04:29 AM
i have only read page 1,2,in 20 i didnt read comments in all the comment i read was funny cuz im said thay are proveing the point there vilent angry in empty runing to god for help in stumbling over there corpseis from war asking for forgivenees how wote this i have your anser why we are here every thing you wote is now all ways with us We know we are new lights but our proble is we feel no pain we are so mix we are half in half our home is loses ing poup i was put in to a dead corps that was program to be an empty shell that die in creason that made me mix in made me stronger we like to call it blacking out it a rage with no limit of strent only time ect get a hold of me 31 3 13 i saw that thay didnt.


posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by k1k1to
I cant seem to find the writings of the professor who first introduced this theory..for some reason no one else has heard of these two theories..I guess im the last known keeper of the knowledge? If any of you happen to come across what im talking about please let me before this information is completely gone i figured i might as well put it out there in its own thread ....anyways here it goes

the natural human also known as empty shell: they are soulless drones.. they are what i call "natural" humans, and believe it or not their behavior is actually "natural"

and then there are the other types of humans, ... who are occupied by something else..what some of you might call a "soul" you can actually see the difference between a "natural" human and an "occupied" human..

my explanation

*natural human: as the name states, they were born without the "spark" of light a.k.a "soul" their primary goal in life is to reproduce, and thrive no matter what the cause. they usually form packs and are easy to manipulate and control. they do not question or even ponder their existence. almost ALL psychopaths and murderers are considered natural humans or "empty shells" as well as roughly 97% of the population on earth. a natural human will do what ever it takes to climb the social hierarchy. when a soul moves on and no longer reincarnates..a natural human is born..basically a baby with no soul..a.k.a "empty shell" they are strictly molded by society and their upbringing. when an empty shell dies, nothing happens..same as if a jellyfish or ant dying..nothing happens.

*occupied human: an occupied human is simply a "natural human" that is occupied by a higher being or "soul" they are here on earth to find their purpose, they question everything, they see the broader spectrum of things, they think outside the box, they help others with no expected reward, they are humble, and seeking knowledge and truth takes priority over money and power, we are natural leaders and could easily manipulate the "empty ones" yet we chose not to, we choose to stay in the shadows. we are higher beings occupying a natural human with natural urges and desires a.k.a "ego" and sometimes we find ourselves waging an internal war against the natural humans instincts. but we manage to overcome. we have existed for thousands and millions of years, we have been in other worlds/dimensions/realities...and yet somehow at one point we decided to occupy a human body on this planet. my mission is to discover why?...why did i chose to reside within this foul weak flesh? sadly i have not come to a conclusion.

there are very few of us "occupied" humans.. some reside here on this website and they feel it deep down that they are completely different than the rest of the empty shells..i have felt it as long as i can remember since i was around 3 years old.

ask me anything
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all humans are born natural, and do contain a spiritual consciousness imprint within them. it is their identity. some are born with higher inclinations and sensitivity towards spiritual matters. but all can aspire to become awake and be filled with the Holy Spirit. this provides one their permanent existence in the form of the spirit.

very far from lost. this teaching is part of all religious and ancient teachings told in different ways to suit that particular culture. many refrain from telling or increasingly encode the telling about the negative part of not earning ur vessels filling. they focus on telling u how to attain eternal life. but the bad news.. which i have also refrained from telling for a long time is that if one does not attain eternal life before death, then they will be judged by the source of universal consciousness and decided whether the identity will be allowed to carry on by lighting the lamp of the spirit. one can live good and earn this before death. it is to die and be born again in the flesh.. to see the face of God and live. etc etc

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 02:25 PM
Although it's tempting to say psychopaths don't have souls, it's a little simplistic.

What would we make of their consciousness? Isn't "consciousness" itself the soul metaphysics speaks of?

They're clearly missing "something", but I'm not sure we can say that it's a soul. What we do know from neuroscience is that psychopath:

  • Can access the temporopariatal junction, the part of the brain that 'reasons' along moral lines. This is what so called "successful" psychopaths are able to do.

  • But psychopaths do not feel what can be understood by the reasoning mind. Left on their own, psychopaths would essentially act psychopathically; they need societies constant badgering of them to stay in line.

    The "mirror neuron" phenomenon also hasn't been seen in the brains of psychopaths, implying that they have trouble imagining the feelings other people feel. The most they can appreciate is the external image that pain elicits; but not how pain felt by that person would feel like.

  • Also interestingly, psychopaths have much slower heart rates, score lower on skin conductance tests, and are less likely to heed signs of danger. This implies that psychopaths have severely under-stimulated nervous systems.

    Now, the argument of this the implies an ontological precursor; somewhere "up there" is an energy that causes the brain to be under-stimulated, to be less responsive to external signs of threat; to be unaware of other peoples emotions.

    If you insist on a spiritual explanation for this phenomena, it does appear that they lack something spiritual in them that would allow them to transcend their ego and become absorbed into a larger collective or social consciousness. However, not all psychopaths are made the same. They exist along a gradient; some are actually more able to abide by societies rules - even though they don't actually experience love or compassion for others. What makes them so obedient? So unprompted by the dark side?
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  • posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 12:33 PM
    So what higher being are you or you think you are exactly?

    posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 11:47 AM
    Couldn't put it in better words. I see life not as a simple routine as everybody else does. I'm not fooled by materialistic items that takes whatever makes us human away. My whole life I've always looked up at the sky and constantly asked questions from the time I was very young. I think completely different from all my friends but of course have a front on because if I did speak of how I think they would just not understand and not even come close to comprehending what I'm saying. As I look around the world I see ignorance and stupidity. We are not on this damn earth to live a damn routine everyday! all society thinks about is routine what I mean by this is instead of pondering the truth most of society is simply ok with thinking that life is a routine for example, if I asked a normal person what is life they would say "you grow up listening to your parents, go to school and graduate, either join the work force or pursue further education, get a job or career, work, have kids, or not, retire and watch your kids do the same thing" to me it's a circle and if you run in a circle your gonna see the same thing over and over. us as humans need not to go in this life circle but actually understand the cosmos, different dimensions, 3rd dimensional beings and other theories and TRUTHS out there. Now this is the easiest way for people not like myself to understand. Put 100 babies on a planet what do they know at the moment... absolutely nothing but what's in there head of course they grow up but still only knowing what's in there head. Eventually there imagination takes over and they learn they can spit in dirt and stick there finger in it and draw thus literally pulling out there imagination on to the physical world and over thousands and thousands of years that simple act of pulling out there imagination has created a world like ours!! what I'm saying is, we know only what we KNOW!!! we basically are living in a world of OUR imagination because that's what everything came from. In sense nothing is right at all! like I said humans only know what humans know. They grow up believing seeing is believing thus making the world a very human place! not open for anything else thus again making humans very very dumb. Start thinking outside of the box instead of living in one. Thank you for reading.

    posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 01:34 PM

    originally posted by: k1k1to

    *natural human: as the name states, they were born without the "spark" of light a.k.a "soul" their primary goal in life is to reproduce, and thrive no matter what the cause. they usually form packs and are easy to manipulate and control. they do not question or even ponder their existence. almost ALL psychopaths and murderers are considered natural humans or "empty shells" as well as roughly 97% of the population on earth. a natural human will do what ever it takes to climb the social hierarchy. when a soul moves on and no longer reincarnates..a natural human is born..basically a baby with no soul..a.k.a "empty shell" they are strictly molded by society and their upbringing. when an empty shell dies, nothing happens..same as if a jellyfish or ant dying..nothing happens.

    I agree with you about some things, and not about other things.

    I do agree that most humans are easily manipulated, controlled, and used as pawns by someone else for their own benefit. This is plainly evident.

    However I do not agree with the idea that they are lacking "a soul", which I will assume to mean a consciousness that is eternal.

    From a certain perspective, especially if you have incarnated on this world for a very long time and have gained a certain wisdom, it is easy to start tinkering with the idea that others who have not lived as many lives are less than you in a fundamental way. In fact I think one has to explore that avenue of thought to "advance" beyond it.

    But when you start differentiating beings on a fundamental level, such as one has consciousness and one does not, it becomes an expression of the deadliest "sin", Pride with a capital P, and can stall your "evolution" if you become stagnant in that particular mental framework that places you above others in a fundamental way.

    Sure, it can be rationalized by saying "well its all OK, we all have our place (except my place is infinitely better, obviously)", or something similar, but its still an exercise in Pride.

    Everything has eternal consciousness, or "soul", like you and I. All animals, all plants, all minerals. Just because they express that consciousness in a dissimilar way from you and I, does not mean they do not have consciousness at all.

    Even those "empty shells" have eternal consciousness. Their expression of their consciousness is simply not as "refined", so to speak, as someone whose had perhaps thousands of functional years to develop and fine-tune that expression in a way that they find most pleasing.

    I like to use the analogy of this being a gigantic game on a server called "The Universe" (one server of many). The "empty shells" are the noobs in this massive game. They recently joined the server, and dont really know what to do, or even what they WANT to do. But every lifeform has a basic template for a consciousness to follow, as sort of a guide for basic behavior. Some templates are more rigid (mineral), others are more malleable (animals) and allow for more character customization, basically.

    But when you first join a new server running a new game youve never played before, and theres definitely no tutorial nor manual, theres little else for one to do but follow the basic character template of the life form you are assuming, and go from there. Many choose to play only a little bit; some of the more "hardcore" gamers choose to play for very, very long periods of time, life after life after life, and in that time, refine their technique and behavior to levels that the noobs cannot even imagine attaining themselves.

    It can also result in great frustration for the long-time players when having to deal with the noobs, because there is such a massive disparity between their levels of practical experience with the game, that their behaviors, actions, thoughts, expectations, etc, are completely different, and if they happen to be the same at some point, they are the same but for reasons that differ.

    "Occupied humans", are those hardcore players who have been playing this game a very long time. Their perspectives on things are more often than not highly refined through massive amounts of practical in-game experience.

    "Empty shells" are those players who just started playing, or havnt been around that long. Their perspectives are simple and lack depth due to a dearth of practical experience.

    there are very few of us "occupied" humans.. some reside here on this website and they feel it deep down that they are completely different than the rest of the empty shells..i have felt it as long as i can remember since i was around 3 years old.

    I do agree with this statement, with the meanings of "occupied" and "empty shell" modified to simply mean those with long-term practical experience, and those without. And certainly you will know, if you are a long-term player, who else is a long-term player, and who just joined the server, so to speak.

    And they really are quite few and far between. Just like very few are motivated to put 1,000s of hours into an earthly video game, few are motivated to put 1,000s of years in this "real" game, at least in the same form. Those who have though, have the experience to see the fine and subtle aspects of the game, and their depth of understanding of that game to its core is virtually unfathomable to those who have less experience.

    But think about this: what if your time here is almost up? What if you are bored of this game, tired of its core mechanics, and weary of its now all too familiar character options? What if you find yourself just repeating themes over and over again, and want something new? You could always find another game to play.

    But then, to the entity who has been playing that (to you) new game for an eon already, all of a sudden you are the "empty shell" without a soul, looked upon with subtle scorn.

    There are always the pride-filled douche bags in every game, who think they are intrinsically better than others because they have been playing the game longer. That is simply, as far as I can tell, completely unavoidable.

    But the thing that is avoidable, is becoming one yourself.

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    posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 10:30 PM
    Is one soul equal in worth to another soul?

    posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 11:34 PM
    All souls are EQUAL, held that way by Higher Ups, for their Infinity. Infinity is endless and everyone's true Infinite Endless Growth and Existence already is, there is No Time. We're walking a perceptional past step as infants, prenatal infants at that. But, one infinity is = to all others, both inner and outer infinities. The potential infinity within a grain of sand, endless and without measure is the same unending infinity as that without the grain of sand in a superstar, and without it.

    You can't measure it, and there is no up/down, backward/forward except as we choose to measure. Its all at once.

    But there are lesson, this is like the clip that holds our infinite film roll in when we finally work through the flaws and are BORN.

    True Love and Good Progressing Family Forever within the Infinite Tao of Consciousness Source, is The Equality and Abundance forever once we stop playing hell games.
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    posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 11:40 PM
    a reply to: Cleegcleeg
    So what options are there? You know that the world turns because people work, right? We need food and water because our body isn't born able to make them. Our body isn't an effective shelter so we need to make one. Our body can't always heal on its own, so we need doctors. We're not born with all the knowledge we need, so we need teachers. We can't do a lot of things effectively on our own, so we create families and communities. The list goes on...

    All of this takes time! 'Routine', as you call it, is people doing everything they can to meet these needs. We've learned from lots of practice that doing too many new things at once just kills us or hurts us at best, so we try to stay in familiar territory half the time or more. Viewed over a short period of time, it's very repetitive the way we live. Viewed over longer periods of time, things change on a variety of levels, but still many of our needs are the same, so things rhyme. People will overcome old hills and blaze new trails, but always we will find new hills. We wear different clothes and use different words and travel different ways and in different worlds, but it all rhymes.

    What do you expect? Life is demanding. Having kids is demanding. Bring them up in the world is demanding. It's just hard. Surviving in a world like our own has patterns just like other things do.

    We just started to launch people off-planet about 50 years ago. Just think: For several million years our ancient relations have been stuck here, trying to survive. Finally we might leave and blaze a new trail. That was a looooong time, but we didn't have the chance to get bored. How can you get bored when a lion is chasing you or when your baby needs you? How can you get bored when you don't even know Earth is a planet; so small it quickly would become invisible to hte naked eye were we able to fly ourselves into interstellar space, and Carl Sagan noted, the place where all our wars have been fought and all our struggles and everything we know takes place.
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    posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 12:07 AM
    a reply to: CaticusMaximus
    Except that the old players would have mastered the game. They'd be doing good at the game, not bad. If you take someone from this life who is supposedly "occupied" and is penniless yet wise and selfless, I don't think they're good at the game, do you? Unless htey can suddenly fly up into the heavens as jesus did, they're bound by the same rules and if they cannot create bounty then they're a failed player. They're not a master of the game by any stretch. So rather than saying the wise peniless Jesus Christ wannabees are the masters, I'd rather say they're noobs.

    The "empty shells" are the old players. The "occupied" are the new ones.

    And no I don't believe any of that. I have no reason to believe in a god or a spiritual reality. I've wondered abou reincarnation and about the after-life, but that's where it ends. There's just no good evidence. I've heard stories of NDE and reincarnation, but they just don't hold enough water. And this is my own experience, so don't blame me if I'm wrong.

    We can speculate. We can have faith. That's about it, imho.
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    posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 02:44 AM
    a reply to: k1k1to

    In my belief, even a soul can die, because, they are forms, all forms are illusions, the body, the spirit, the soul - don't get me wrong, i would want to keep my soul in-tact, however, what a sentience truly is, is impossible to describe as we are all different.

    What you are referring to in my opinion, is empathy, we can simply understand others through thier perspective, whereas those whom have lost their empathy - through selfish acts, have destroyed thier fledgeling souls.

    When we look at animals, we do not judge them, because, it is in thier nature, and thus, those that commit primitive acts are simply at an instinctually-based level in thier development.

    If anything, we have sufficient self-control to realise the consequences of primitive acts and also when we were victims of such acts, holding true to a principle of right and wrong.
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    posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 03:03 AM
    a reply to: k1k1to

    Could it be that souls are being harvested from bodies, leaving behind "replacements" or "drones" instead?

    If I am occupied, then would I simply wake up in the morning to find myself as a "soul" and outside of my body, my body now a "natural"?

    If so, then I don't want this to happen, I rather like being in a body.

    posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 01:05 PM
    I like the comparison of those asleep and those awake better. It implies they both have that spark or soul only one can react to only their own while those awake can interact with many in different ways. One has a image of reality which is more or less hypnotized, passed down from one generation to the next and can look alike within societies. Everything in this image of reality is 'natural' or it has some cause in the physical world. The person is usually not aware of it's own psyche (mainly because (s)he cannot see other psyches) and takes that for granted, almost never gives it a second thought save except for life changing events (like when just avoided an accident for example).

    While the other has an image which is made up by a different perception and can be influenced by interaction with many societies, some otherworldly, events without a physical cause. Such a person can perceive others' realities and psyches just like it's own, even in the Beyond. Usually they have some wisdom not found in those who don't ponder such things or don't have a lot in their reality, but other than that they are not so much 'higher' just rare.
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    posted on Sep, 2 2014 @ 01:46 AM
    a reply to: k1k1to

    I've been thinking about what you have been saying, perhaps I can explain your perspective in my terms with an example:

    There is an innate ability to control instincts that some possess, it allows them to pre-empt thier own actions, and, make choices, being able to think about thier actions before they occur, thus, one individual whom has such ability can sense that he wants to steal something, and, he can subvert this instinct because he has the awareness to know that it is wrong, and the knowledge that allows him to believe that there will be unfavourable consequences for such act. The other individual would steal, and would do so compulsivley because he is unable to control his actions.

    So, if I lost this innate ability, I could be doing many things that I would deem "unfavourable" in my current state.

    Perhaps this is called "losing ones soul" or the difference between the two individuals in my example being a "soul".

    posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 04:29 AM
    All my life, I'd always felt I'd been protected by a guardian angel.

    One new-years evening, my brother fired a shot from his pellet gun into the air. The following morning, it appeared snugly in my pillow beside my infant head. There was a hole in the ceiling, but thankfully I was fine.

    One stupid afternoon, I tried to stick a metal utensil into the electric socket. But nothing happened - the power died right at that moment. (Some people tell me that there should have been residual power left in the socket to shock me... but nothing happened. Or at least I don't remember anything shocking me. That's just how the story goes, so I can't really argue past this.)

    At one point, I'd choked on something; my mother hadn't realized it for awhile and when she found me, my face had turned purple and I couldn't breathe.
    I stayed this way until we reached the hospital several minutes later; and in spite of bad oxygen deprivation, the doctors reported absolutely no damage on me.

    My mother had thought me impaired, though, when she realized by the age of 1year 6 months I hadn't yet learned to chew. And as she was beginning to freak out thinking she'd have to spoon-feed me soup food for the rest of my years, one late night, she'd heard a whisper telling her not to worry, and that I'd chew at the age of 2. She freaked out thinking there was a robber, and woke my dad, but found nobody.

    On the morning of my 2nd birthday, she awoke to the phone-call of her friend, the grandmother of my best friend at the time, who delightedly exclaimed that I'd begun to chew. She ran across the street in her nightgown to my best friend's house, where she did witness me chewing my first bites on little pieces of diced apple.

    When I was around the age of 5 (or less, I can't tell exactly how old anymore) I was throwing those little airplanes (whose propellers are made to spin by a rubber band) with my father in a nearby evening park. The airplane got stuck in a nearby set of trees. As he went to recover it, I laid down on the grass and gazed at the stars, when suddenly the palest of lights filled the evening sky. It was as if someone had clicked a light on. At first I thought I was imagining things, but I realized I could see the dark silhouette of a factory spout a fair distance away... a factory spout I, on regular afternoons, enjoyed looking at for the red lines swirling around it, as though it were made of candy. I assumed the weird pale-as-lightning was something new I had no idea about, and expected my father to know the answer simply because he knew the answers to all my questions those days. But when I asked, he replied, "What light?"

    Of course I kept on insisting there was a weird light and described it as best as I could, but he still maintains that he saw no such thing. I guess he was too busy trying to recover the toy plane from the tree?

    I swear that whenever I truly need something, no matter how trivial or material it is - an extra day to study, a little more money, a shallow victory in an unimportant game or competition - I get it. It's as if things around me adjust to make room for my own personal desires.

    I irresponsibly didn't study for a test that I desperately need to pass? Professor gets injured (accident in the stairway) and test gets postponed. I still fail to study for the postponed test? A storm appears out of nowhere and floods the school for a week. I see a PSP and wish I could play one in spite of having the cash to get one? A friend shows up the following day, tells me he's leaving for the states, and has decided to leave his PSP in my possession. A friend goes over to my house, uses my bed and bathroom for sex with his girlfriend and (incredibly rudely) slaps my hand with a blood-and-fluid covered hand? I curse him in the anger of the moment, and he gets hospitalized from an incredibly bad case of dengue fever; and while the slut girlfriend had enough ex boyfriends that they'd started a club, she never had one again after that day.

    Nobody will ever believe me and I can never prove it, but this has happened enough for me to become aware of it, and even use it to my advantage, and even become scared of it.

    But I've always loved people, to a stupid extent, and it's like this warm fuzzy feeling I wished I could share with others sometimes. There's just a certain beauty in how everything chains together to make things happen the way they do; and every time I appreciate this I find myself in truest peace.

    Maybe this supposed professor's theory will shed some light on my extremely weird predicament? This is really the only place I can share this sort of thing... even my best friend shakes his head at me like a weirdo when I try to explain these stories to him (he was even present at some!), though he can't deny how lucky I can be.
    edit on 16-10-2014 by twospike because: some grammar errors I can't ignore and missing lines that I forgot to fill in

    posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 03:44 PM
    a reply to: twospike

    I believe you and it is a gift and a curse. You can alter some things but other things are concrete and you'll never be able to know the difference.

    You have the innate ability to affect your Universe with your thoughts and emotions. Things click into place just when they need to? Seeing the lines that connect all of humanity and nature? The innate love of people and order of things?

    There are others like you. Don't be afraid when things get dark in the near future.

    These others will band together to use this ability to pull ourselves from the darkness and into the light. It's a prophecy that has been in the making for thousands of years. The powers that be know of this prophecy and have been doing their best for the last 300 or so years to smother this ability and to make us think we're crazy. It's only a matter of time before thier last ditch effort comes to light and attempts to throw us all into chaos and poverty.

    But it won't work because these others were made aware of the plan and work around the clock to stop it.

    I like ATS. It attracts similar minds that ignore those who speak in lies or half truths

    posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 05:54 AM
    a reply to: k1k1to

    I don't know if this is the professor you are referring to but I have read the work of the Italian professor Corrado Malanga,
    he is a Researcher and Teacher of Organic Chemistry at the University of Pisa and has been studying the UFO phenomema for the last 40 years. He uses hypnosis to study abductions and during the hypnotic sessions he has gathered information from alien parasites inside the abductees. According to these records, aliens believe that only an overall 20% of people have a soul in their body.
    I hope this might help you gathering more data.

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