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Immigration in the UK - The Reality?

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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 05:13 AM
reply to post by Anusuia

Australia has been flooded by refugees since the 50's. Wave after wave from many different lands. After a settling in period most begin to fit in, others stay in their ethnic groups. The fact is Australia is a melting pot and a very young country. I live in Melbourne and we have more varieties of ethnicity than you can shake a stick at, but I think that's what makes Melbourne great, there is such a great variety of different cuisine and entertainment.
Where I live we have Somalians, Vietnamese, Indians, Phillipinos, Chinese all in my street. And a nicer group of people you wouldn't meet, we are all the same under the skin.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 05:13 AM
I personally have nothing against immigrants, although there should be some rules that they must accept, as they live in another country

1) Language. I do not care what is your home language. When you live and work here, I do not have to learn your language or talk in English, you have to learn local language.

2) Culture. Respect for local culture. In some countries there might be even problem that the local culture is dieing out. You can believe in what you want. Practice your religion. Although do not try to change the local culture to yours. It is not your country.

3) Respect the law. You may have different laws at your home, but here is different thing.

4) You adjust to local people not local people have to adjust to you. There are so many situations where people from somewhere else do not respect the local people and culture, although they demand that they were respected.

I respect many hard-working immigrants, although often a problem tends to come up. Usually immigrants do not have strong education, which means they often do not get good jobs. That can lead to financial problems, which eventually often leads to crime. Also often they tend to stick together with their own group and that can lead to gangs and things like that. For example, here majority of crime is committed by people who are not originally from here and that is sad...

I am perfectly with hard-working honest people, who come to my country, whatever their race or religion, as long as they respect the local culture and do try to change it e.g. in France the immigrants started raging because a white person was chosen as the local miss. They thought that by choosing original French people, the multidiversity of the country was not respected.... whatever, truly disturbing.
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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by ToneDeaf

Originally posted by JasonT
My parents are of Pakistani origin
. . . existing population given incentives to go back.

? So would you be willing to go back ?

. . . then DON'T point fingers if you are not going
to walk the talk but make excuses.

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If you read his post again you will see that he is British.

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