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Bat fight, game of honor and diplomacy. It’s a bat fight, come on down and see.

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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 02:29 AM
I think Will Ferrell is hilarious, this is from 2009 but I just stumbled across it.

Hot dusty day,
Nothing’s going down,
Wanna get out of this sleepy old town.

Somethin’s in the air,
You’re feeling uptight,
It’s the right mood,
For a bat fight.


Bat fight,
It’s anyone’s game,
Bat fight,
A test of will,
Bat fight,
Who’s gonna win,
Bat fight,
You never know who.

Looking for a sign of weakness.
Totally even,
Anyone could win,
athletic prowess
Let’s begin.


Bat fight,
A gentleman’s game,
Bat fight,
You know the name,
It’s a bat fight,
Tensions are high,
Bat fight,
Eye for eye.
Bat fight,
Feeling so good,
Bat fight,
two men connecting with their w-o-o--d.

Circling and circling and circling and circling,
You circle then you circle some more.
you circle keep on circling and circling and circling
circling and circling
checking out your opponent

bat fight
taking a chance
bat fight
a game of skill
bat fight
it’s easy to do
bat fight
it’s done around the world

generally good natured
you’ll have a good time
only rare occasions does it get out of hand

bat fight
a game of honor and diplomacy
it’s a bat fight
come on down an’ see
bat fight all the chil’ren in the world
holding hands and hands

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