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Translucency of Self

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posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 03:38 PM
Peace to you, what you are about to read has a part I wrote in another thread.

BUT, it holds an idea which can foster sound interior contemplation of infinity.

We have to go in an order of privations before we reach the living reality.

Right now, our main block is our “selves”. The self must be overcome first, so that we may lose any incorrect judgement or perspectives.

Then, once we have made our senses void and stopped our desires, we become more aware of the reality of life where answers are not important and we are not looking for an end of anything.

But we sense that everything is beginning, becoming, and giving.
Everything is perfect because everything is in the process of becoming more perfect.

Our consciousness is like a section of a body of water that has become cloudy. We must remain still very patiently so that all of the mud can settle at the bottom.

Once clear each fragment of our being may be able to see the light clearly and increase it within each member, as water magnifies light.


I felt that there was no forum closer to mysticism than philosophy.

I strongly think that Mysticism deserves its own forum and I think that many would agree.

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