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Jim Carrey's anti-gun spoof on Funny Or Die draws fire, Carrey reacts to critics on Twitter

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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 03:55 PM
Yes Jim Carrey has armed security as does Michael Moore, Rosie O Donnell, Russel Simmons and many more celebrities who have spoken out for banning guns.

posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 02:07 PM
LOL i love how people keep commenting on how he isn't relevant anymore, protip for those saying that: if his opinion wasn't relevant, why do you care what he thinks?
i liked the video, it was funny, and he got what he wanted, he wound up a bunch of overly gun-obsessed rightwingers.

mission accomplished jim! good job!

it's hilarious how people can claim not to care but get outraged over a video on the internet that really doesn't affect them.

then again it might just come down to the media machine, and this is just an attempt to drum up controversy to distract us again.

i'd like to think it's the first but i really think it's the second.

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posted on Apr, 10 2013 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by SheopleNation

Quite the contrary my friend, most people who support the 2nd Amendment like me will not pay money to watch any of his films, nor will they allow their children to either. I call that career suicide. It would have been much more wiser had he just kept his mouth shut about such a touchy political issue.

that doesn't make any sense, and really gives support to the satire he was doing. what you are suggesting is the kind of stuff he is making fun of, this black and white, shoot anything that disagrees with me mentality.
yeah he did imply that male gun owners are compensating for something, but heck that joke is old, right up there with buying a big flashy car for the same reason.
honestly, what does his views on gun control have to do with his movies? don't you think you are, pardon the pun "jumping the gun"? can't people have opinions that disagree with yours? what happened to freedom of speech? or does it go out the window when it comes to the right to bear arms?

So do I, Liar Liar was a great movie. I can remember first watching him on In living color, he was great. Of course it is your right to not mix politics with entertainment. I do the same when it comes to music, so I understand that. ~$heopleNation
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there is nothing wrong with mixing entertainment with politics, you just need to be smart about how you react to it.

just remember this one thing: with freedom comes the stipulation that people will do things you don't like.
if people let that sink in, i bet 99% percent of this outrage about everything would stop.

after all, if everyone agreed on everything we wouldn't need the first amendment, no one would need protection from being silenced.

just to point this out, i support the second amendment, and gun ownership. i also support his right to say what he thinks, even if i disagree, because that is the price for freedom.

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