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VICE: How to prepare for a North Korean invasion

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posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 01:29 AM
1.2 million troops need to be fed and resourced. Unless the south surrendered in 24 hours, all those hidden bases and unwieldy numbers are nothing but dead weight. The NK army are already living off of near wartime rations. There can be no victory here for the crazy Kims, only carnage can ensue on both sides. Keep in mind, there would be no Iraq style coverage of the goings on in NK if conflict were to erupt, thus giving carte blanche to the Yan'kee to go ape droppings- something they've surely been hankering to do after the 'restrained' wars in the Middle-East.

It's all sabre rattling. The more information that's freely available, that NK people can become privy to, the more clamorous the Kim cult gets in order to try drown out the truth from its people (I refer to those closer to Pyongyang; not the cannibals in the country sides, who are dead people walk, anyway).

War would only take place if a) someone did something really stupid at the DMZ or off the coast of the Koreas, or b) civil unrest looked to be a real threat there. Sanctions alone won't do it, no matter how strident.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 09:55 AM

So play a scenario! If NK fires a few salvos you can kiss most of SK goodbye. Those long range artillery pieces will devastate SK. If you doubt this, look into your history and discover how close NK actually came to winning in the first few days of the Korean War (sorry Police Action).

History isn't a true indicator, as the situation now is completely different. They'd have as much time to fire as it takes for cruise missiles and return fire to destroy them...they it'd be followed up with the surviving SK artillery, and more cruise missiles. NK's missiles would be largely negated, which, although I'd rather not see fighting, seeing this would be pretty damn cool...and would likely put Un in a panic.

Looking from China's perspective, If NK attacks, SK is sent back to the stone age for a while, the US military in SK is just about wiped out in the first hours after barrage after barrage decimate the basses. NK would get a good few missile barrages off at Japan (the Chinese people cheer).

Wiped out in hours? From what, artillery? Seriously? Missiles at Japan? Yeah, that wouldn't be effective. Same PAC 3 and Aegis defenses there, sorry.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 10:45 AM

A Terrifying Look Inside the Nightmarish World Of North Korea’s Prison Camps

As reports of torture and unspeakable inhumanities continue to leak out of the Hermit Kingdom, a portrait of murder and suppression has slowly emerged — one that has the United Nations Human Rights Council considering an inquiry into possible crimes against humanity.

Good luck with the inquiry, what ya gonna do call them a name or add another sanction??...whooooo

Humans are capable of the most inhumane acts against each other even if they speak the same language; surprised we have made it as far as we have or one tribe hasn't taken over the world?.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by penninja

Originally posted by SpaDe_
Right, you just keep telling yourself that is how it will play out.

I don't need to I know, i'm not living in some delusional world view that hasn't existed since the 80's at best

You sure about that? Reading through your idea of how the US, China, and Russia are all good friends is about as delusional as it gets. There is an end game that will eventually play out, and I can guarantee that these three will not be friends when it does.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by CALGARIAN

why would i need to go to NK to discern the opinions of an ROK soldier about a hypothetical NK attack ?

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