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FAKE Buddhist MONKS and FAKE Muslim CLERICS causing strife?

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posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 11:22 AM
It is bewildering to see followers of Buddhism - a peaceful way of life and Islam - a religion of peace, hating, fighting and killing one another. Is there more to it than just mere 'clash of civilisations'?

Since 911, true muslims and world humanity realized that it had been radical militants whom had attempted to revive that centuries old hatred in their lust for power and gain under the guise of Islamic Revival, twisting and using one fellow human to kill another fellow brother.

And true muslims had been awakened to protect Islam, by rejecting those violence and taken steps to teach muslims the true path as prophet Muhammad had laid down and intended - community progress and peace.

However, right now in Thailand, Burma and Sri-Lanka, long adopted Buddha's message of peaceful co-existance and tolerance, and had seen peace for centuries, suddenly saw an eruption of hate between Buddhism and Islam.

Is someone stirring the pot to self-made-forced -fulfill some insane 'doomsday Mahdi prediction'?

According to the reports in Burma, many leaders from both religions had personally visited those sites to pacify the people, as they too believe in religions' message of peace, and found out that there were 'others' whom were not of the religion and yet claimed to be and had been instigating those chaos.

It is simple enough to put on Buddhist robes, mouthed a few chosen pilthy lines to gain acceptance within isolated communities. Religion does not need any MBA certs to prove one's knowledge. As such, anyone can fake it and create tensions and death.

In Sri Lanka, the situation is different, as there were actual 'monks' who called for militancy in the face of Islam's attempt to convert others in that nation.

However, 'militancy' is NOT a word found in a buddhist's dictionary. During the 17th century, the famous shaolin monks went against its teachings by mounting an assualt with its monks upon the brutual Qing dynasty. It failed and the monastry was burnt to the ground by the Qings.

That was the price and Karma proved, of what happened when religious teachings are abused. Who won in the end?

Fortunately, other monks survived and kept faith to the teachings, with patience and tolerance. The Qings, for all their hold on to power, ended and become dust in the pages of history. Devil Mao - the hater of all religions, too died. BUT, Buddhism, as it was taught, remained standing even today.

Therefore, those who are preaching religious militancy CANNOT be true teachers of religion, but are only monsters in disguise, and must be rooted out and rehabilitated, before they cause further hurt and harm to others.

And most critical of all - is to find the 'one' who had meddling and interfering in other nations' affairs in our world, hidden away quietly and insidiously. It had been a shock to find his minions - his funded hizbollahs, caught red handed in Bangkok, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, etc, in many nations around our world
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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 08:43 AM
Buddhist 'monks' attacks Muslim clothing store.

Such incidents in colombo are in the rise, as along in Burma and Thailand.

It is comprehensible for the buddhists there to feel insecure with regards to Islam. Back in the west, after 911, Islam too faced the same issues, but over time, through sharing, discussings and finding truths and solutions, co-existance was possible and peace returned in those communities, with those whom preached or conducted hate were thrown into jails to cool off.

Radicalisation, militancy, facism, supremacy, killings of innocents, successionism, terrorism,dogmatic and false interpretations of the Koran was in the rage back then, BUT they were only preached and conducted by the few radicals, and did NOT have the support of majority muslims.

Most muslims are more concerned with bread and butter issues, than to join in some stupid egoistical violent spree dressed up as Jihad against their neighbours. Those militants only manage to recruit the unemployed, the discriminated and the insane to their ranks. to cause mayhem, but have NO support from the majority of muslims.

Many of the Jihadists have been successfully decimated by the West, and now needs more recuits. So too does the persian apostate infidel leader Khameni needs the Sunnis distracted from further agression upon the Shias.

What the Buddhist 'monk' had done is to stupidly fall into that trap laid out by them. With the sympathy card used, the terrorists and apostate Khameni knows that the views of mainstream muslims around the world will be one of enragement, insecurity and will change to support the jihadist cause with manpower and 'donations to children' scams, bring more militants, supporting staff and weapons.

Buddha was one of the few intelligent men that had ever walked on our planet and left civilisational uplifting teachings to his followers. Unfortunately, those monks that preach hate, insecurity and violence had not only no intelligence, they tored Buddha's teachings to shreds.

It is high time that UN steps in now BEFORE more harm is done, into Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand, with its Inter-Faith organisations and teams, whom are made up of dedicated honest humans and bright religious scholars, whom can lead better counselling efforts for peaceful co-existance, challenge radicalism and help eradicated extermism amongst the more simple minded folks.

Bullets alone will not destroy idealogy. Only truths and honest idealogies can kill those falsehoods.

As for the 'preachers' of hate - regardless if they are politicians, religious muslim or buddhist figures, hot blooded insane young men - they MUST be stopped, arrested and thrown in prison to cool off. A maximum term of hard labour for 15 days and then release them. Each time they incite violence, they get thrown inside again.

The disruptions in their lives will mess with their lives, along with the hard labour, and criminal record for inciting violence as a warning to others to avoid these demagogues, and also that 15 days in prison will not let them become the marytrs they dream of, or jam up prisons.

As for the issue of the Islamic dominance in Buddhist majority lands, it is only a fantasy. When muslims are the minority, they only seek to live in peace and have the freedom to practice their religion in their homes and a central location for gatherings and weddings.

There is no way they can ever dominate the legislative as they are only the minority, no matter how many children they attempt to give birth. Economic conditions alone will determine the choice parents make to the issue of having children, along with govt subsidies, if any, are given to offset racial ratios.

However, they must be given human rights for they are citizens, obeyed the laws of the land, and should not be discriminated in any way. Peaceful co-existance teachings are the only way to prevent racial and religious violence, through the finding of common grounds that all mankind aspires for, no matter our differences - peace, justice, equality, shared prosperity, responsible freedom and progress.

Alone, we are incapable of anything, but when you and I combine, together with our families, relatives and friends around the world which makes up our world we all share, to discuss peacefullly, rationalised issues instead of being manipulated and divided, to find solutions to progress and evolve, - WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 10:03 AM
Buddahist monks are people too and when they see their temple and fellow monks killed, beaten and tourchered by someone claiming to be a muslim then the "turn the other cheek thingy" gets put on the back burner and survival kicks in. I have just returned from Northern Thailand where in Febuary there were 19 Muslims who had planned to bomb a province police station in the South.

Muslim insurgents murdered a local politician in a mosque and a defense volunteer outside a tea shop in Pattani province. An insurgent was wounded and captured after resisting arrest in Narathiwat province. Five Muslim insurgents were given life sentences for burning a monk and two boys in a temple in Pattani.

Thailand's new government is considering self rule for the insurgency-racked Muslim South. A local politician and his son were killed in a drive-by shooting in Narathiwat province. The government has received warnings of a possible bomb threat in Hat Yai in Songkhla province.

This is the one where 19 were captured before they placed their bombs..

Seven soldiers were wounded after Muslim insurgents ambushed a bus carrying 30 soldiers in Pattani province. Insurgents detonated an IED and followed up with small-arms fire. Muslim insurgents murdered a teacher in Pattani.

So I suppose before we cast the first stone at the Buddhist and accuse them of being false monks we might want to call on God to drop a whole load of boulders on the people of any faith that carries out the bombings and mayhem on the local population. Muslim apologist and their P.R. is so transparent to make a thinking person throw up. Saudi and Burma/Myanmar are the biggest exporters of this brand of faithful IMO.

Now for Burma/Myanmar

Occasional isolated violence involving majority Buddhists and minority Muslims has occurred for decades, even under the authoritarian military governments that ruled the country from 1962 to 2011. But tensions have heightened since last year when hundreds of people were killed and more than 100,000 made homeless in violence in western Burma between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya.

The violence in Meikhtila was sparked by a dispute between a Muslim gold shop owner and his Buddhist customers, and escalated after reports spread of a Buddhist monk being killed by a Muslim mob.

The Buddhist have a long history of being tolerant and understanding with a non-interference clause in their beliefs; but if you want to burn, pillage or plunder then even the old skinny monk will rise to his feet and try to smack some sense into your silly head. Burma is another wanna be Muslim state so factor that in during any thoughts on what is going on there.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by 727Sky

I agree with you that no human can stand watching another being bullied, regardless of ANY religion or even those without religion.

Having said that, the insignificant nobody me would like to ask you this - What is the rule of law for?

Why, of ALL people - buddhist monks, long tutored that violence gains nothing - would led others into violent acts?

Had the rule of law broken down in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, that justice is no longer served, and those society reverted to the LAWS of THE JUNGLE? Why did they not sought for lawfull and peaceful means to end those murders, and behaved like the long known islamic mobs in lawless Pakistan?

Even during the tyranny of Burma under the military junta, the real monks had NOT lead anyone to their deaths, but only to self immolate themselves, to bring better awareness to the people of the tyranny.

Yet today, those 'monks' went on a violent rampage. Who are they?

No. there is no blame game of muslims or buddhists in my posts. What had happened, had happened and we cannot turn back the clock. But we can still change the future, and that is to not allow such violence to continue by anyone through EFFECTIVE polices and means to achieve stability, regardless of which side is at fault.

Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma are not lawless or ineffective rule of law countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan, BUT it will become like them if nothing constructive is done, such as playing blame games between the 2 communities. Once peace and stability is achieved, then a deeper investigation is needed to weed out WHO the instigators are and bring them to justice.

Saudi Arabia does not export terrorism. It only send funds to build schools and help muslim communities around the world, and recently, gave millions to the pitiful Rohingyas refugees in Burma. Saudi Arabia have as much hate for terrorist as any other fellow nation, for its own Mecca was almost destroyed by islamic militants during the siege of Mecca in 1979.

Vying for power in the muslim world lays not on just on Saudi Arabia. There is another that hides in Persia, whom had publicaly admitted to funding terrorists to kill innocent people around our world, seeking for nukes for his grand ambition and deluded 'Mahdi' dream, and had interfered and meddled in many nations affairs for decades, long acknowledged by Middle Eastern countries for what he and his precedessor had insidiously and cunningly had done.

Do not be fooled. There is more than meets the eye.
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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Rule of law works on a homogeneous educated/brain washed population with the same basic underlying principles of civilization. Different religions, colors/race etc etc no problem as long as each respect the right to life. Bombs, murder, and having some Preacher, Monk, or Mullah tell you you are special and all other faiths are less that doggy poop and should be destroyed is where the problems start.

The biggest exporter of "kill the unbelievers" throughout the lands you stated are Muslim not Buddhist in my humble opinion. Not a gut feeling on my part but an actual seeing in some of the countries I have traveled. Am I bias? Maybe I am, I certainly respect many of the beliefs and teachings of the Buddhist even though I am not someone I would consider a follower of any religion. I got my own a long time ago and it has served me well. Having lived in a land of Sharia law for a year I don't have much good to say about child brides and kids hands or arms broken/cut off for stealing a loaf of bread from the market. But hey, to each his own; who am I to judge... just don't bring that stuff around me and expect me to smile and think your laws and customs are for me or mine..

I live in Thailand part of the year and we have a farm there. Down south, which is absolutely beautiful, there is not a month that goes by where there are not people killed by some misguided true believers of Allah. What is the answer?? I do not know and neither do the countries you mentioned if the violence is any indicator.

Islamic expert Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., told WND that Carroll’s declaration of Islamic supremacy was consistent with Muslim teaching.
Is from another thread at ATS.

40 years in Thailand trying to get along and listen to the Muslims in the South has gotten them no where except as the Muslim population has grown so have the killings and now the demand for a separate state with their own laws....Sound familiar?? That play book was written long long ago and is being used in places all over the world if the headlines are any indication.... so either fight, or get your prayer mat out; it is always a choice....

I personally hope the Buddhist fight until the problem is resolved once and for all..Sorry but talk is cheap and lies are plentiful on both sides; this is a war of beliefs that has been going on for hundreds of years and until the mothership lands I don't see it stopping.

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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 11:32 AM

Saudi Arabia does not export terrorism. It only send funds to build schools and help muslim communities around the world, and recently, gave millions to the pitiful Rohingyas refugees in Burma. Saudi Arabia have as much hate for terrorist as any other fellow nation, for its own Mecca was almost destroyed by islamic militants during the siege of Mecca in 1979.

I probably agree with you that Saudi does not do the state sponsored Terrorism thing as a governmental policy but the fire brand Mullahs who reside there and get untold fortunes from the Royals might be a different matter. Sending funds to build schools and help Muslim communities around the world....exactly. 9/11 how many Saudis were in that bunch of true believers? Where did they get their money from?? Etc etc

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by 727Sky

I had been in those southern Thailand towns you mentioned, and truly a nice peaceful place, cheap stuff and hospitable warm folks. There was poverty as well, but they do have their own farms and livestock, pretty agarian culture with simple folks, little emphasis on education, and as usual, general exploitation by the wealthy and the greedy in the township centres.

I was personally as shocked as anyone else in the world whom is concerned about humanity, of what happened there.

However, there is no such thing as no solution. There will be and is if we dare to try. As mentioned, those killings were conducted upon false idealogies mixed with truths to be palatable to the ignorant masses for support. For years, the thai authorities, like the moron Bush, believed that bullets can stop such idealogies, or in the words of darth vader Cheny - catch them by their balls and they will follow.

It will not. It only creates more mayrtrs for the ignorants to follow and be misled.

The solution lays in reaching out, spreading the truth and honest ideology, from the source, and not flawed man interpretations, of the Buddhist scriptures and Islam, from those scholars or certified religious figures whom had spent years cross studying them and had the experiences in life to COMPREHEND, not just read, their meanings.

At the same time, apprehending every vile and inciter of hatred, give them a fair and quick trial, then throw them into prison for a short spell with hard labour, to cool them off. Rinse and repeat till they get the message.

Ultimately, every society has a set form of governance - tyranny or democracy, to legislate laws for the peace-ful co-existance of heterogenous humans living in the land, for no man thinks alike BUt they do share common aspirations of all humanity.

It is and will be the Rule of Law in a democratic society, that will ensure justice, equality and the other aims of humans within that society, to resolve even deep rooted problems, for no one is above the law and none can complain once judgement is given, as it applies to all - rich or poor, theist or atheist, male or female, etc.

So, do not lose hope. We mankind will stumble, but we will pick ourselve up again after each time we fall, to find out why we fall, so as not to make the same mistakes again so that we may progress and evolve, as long as the will is there. May those nations mentioned have such will.

As for the issue of self governance, secession or autonomy, it by itself is already a crime to the constitution of the land - Treason, The punishment is often either death or exile. None can ever use the excuse of history to justify the current ownership of the land.

Simply because prior to the formation of UN, the law of our world is that you only own what you can defend. Southern Thailand had long been belong to Thailand, for centuries, even before Islam arrived there during the est 10th century. It changed hand to victors, and currently, Thailand administered to that part of the land and had provided social expenditure shared by all Thais for centuries, for the southern thailand people.

Thus, to ask for sucession or self autonomy is to slap the generous thai people of their hospitalibility, something no religion teaches its followers to do, and worse, to kill them as well. Those who do so must be held accountable and brought to justice.

However, the muslims can ask for better protection and rights, protection from the Contitution, to live in peaceful co-existant without discrimination. It will not come overnight, but then look at the black americans - they took 200 years to end discrimination, with patience, not by slaughter or successions.

We truly do not need to kill one another to get what we, or our future generations, want, within stabilized democratic nations. One only does that in tyrannical regimes. Thailand is not a tyranny, but a constitutional democracy, with a much loved and revered mortal king who listens and cared for ALL thais - regadless of religion or ethnic group, for decades since his rule began.

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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 03:25 AM
Reuters, 22/04 07:40 CET

"The HRW report said more than 70 Rohingyas were killed in Mrauk-U Township’s Yan Thei village in October, among them 28 children and infants who were hacked to death."

Reuters - Burma, Myanma NOW

The above quote is taken from an article on Reuters today, 22/4/2013. Why does this subject not appear as one of the highest rating subjects on this website?
I have just joined but have been a reader for a while now. It really was the lack of interest in this current, happening now, horror that compelled me to join so that I could bring this subject again into the conversation.
Apart from all the alternate theorists on ATS, I have found many intelligent and informative articles, and hence my disbelief at the deafening silence surrounding these atrocities.

I am not one faith or another, I am not one race or another, nor do I take sides in the original argument, BUT there are certain things that no matter what your religion, your race or your politics, some things are an aberration, and as a human being I find it difficult to accept that in this 'civilised' world that we can AGAIN turn our faces away, as we have done so many times before, and not try to speak up.

I do not yet know how to add a link to this so I will add the web address of the Reuters page -

When are we going to remember that if there is a God how can humans shame themselves in the slaughter of their brothers and sisters, or turn away and allow it to happen.

Your religions fight for supremecy but do you not see that the only supremecy is that of a united humanity?

This is not humanity, this is base, animal, depraved - your God is ashamed of you.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by hope2020

One problem I have with the HRW report is the TIMING.

One the same day the report came out, BBC news claimed that it received video pics of the buddhist rampage that happened last month.

And on this same day, EU is considering lifting all sanctions upon Burma.

It made me wonder if these were coincidental or intentional, but when the BBC news interviewed a HRW official and probably an activist, who insisted that the sanctions remained, I knew then that it was intentional, to serve the devil riddled HRW organisation's agenda to create even more problems for the new Burma.

It is not wrong of HRW to publish its beliefs and report.

But how much facts and evidences were there in that village's massacre report? Had anyone been charged for the HRW to insinuate that it was the work of the Burmese authorities?

2ndly, the video of the rampage incident was a month ago, and since then, had actions been taken? It had, and yet the HRW activists IGNORED what had been done and achieved, and continued on to blast the Burmese authorities to be sanctioned.

Truth is that the Burmese authorities at the top sent officials and investigators to the scene later, and impose the Rule of Law onto that area and other areas in Burma as well.

The religious authorities, from both religious beliefs - Buddhism and Islam, went out, reach out and sought for calm, tolerance and find common grounds.

A culprit instigator well known for his fiery speeches, was apprehended by the authorities and made to publically recant.

Since then, peace had returned, and will take time to further calm down for trust to be build up.

But the HRW report and the surface of this video tape during EU's deliberation on sanctions lifting is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to destroy the peace and trust Burma is trying to rebuild up, which the secular and religious authorities including the much world wide revered Suu Kyi, are attempting to do in Burma.

If HRW is truly impartial and care about the Rohyingas plight than to destablise Burma, then it best go to the ROOT of the problem - the Rohyingas. They are not burmese and not welcome in any way by the illiterate burmese rural folks. The Rohyingas are asylum seekers from neighbouring Blangadesh.

It is better the HRW take Blangadeshi authorities to task for causing the humanitarian horror upon the Rohyingas that they had to flee from their own homeland.

As to the massacre incident, its report can be submitted to the burmese authorities to investigate, and HRW should NOT allude or insinuate that it was the work of the authorities that are guilty. With such incompetent and inept officials within HRW that had allowed the truly guilty go free such as Kim Jong Un and Khameni's treatment of their masses, radical militants torturing of innocents, etc but instead to bash those whom are trying to resolve matters, it is no wonder many are disgusted with HR organisations.
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posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 02:29 PM
Fresh religious violence in Burma's Oakkan townFresh religious violence in Burma's Oakkan town

Another day of religious sensitive anger in Burma that had quieten down considerably much over weeks. This time in a town near the Capital city Rangoon filled with educated people, and not some outlaying illiterate countryside.

There is no need for the Burmese authorities to stare bewildered at the big picture of mobs defying policemen while continued on with their bloodless rampage upon property this time. All it needs to do is to FOCUS on the ROOT issue instead of trying bring everyone in the mob to jail.

The cause was reported being that a buddhist monk was knocked down by muslim cyclist by accident, is normal and happens everywhere else in our world without any incident. Was it an accident or a deliberate attempt to set up a confrontation? Such incidents, if stoked up, do polarized the masses - an innocent muslim child and a societal majority revered monk institution.

To conspiracy theory minds, it only smacks of deliberate attempts, more so in a literate capital city made up mostly of middle classes whom prefers economic stability than to rock the boat with religious idealogy.

But fortunately for Burma, all the investigators need to do is to focus on the ROOTS - the background checks of both protaganists and the incident itself, as well as the first responders, who they are and their backgrounds, if any links to any preacher or just plain insanity but capable of rousing the masses into destructive actions.

The Rule of Law must take place after investigations, for it is the Rule of Law that citizens can have and build confidence from - with facts, evidences and logic. Simple folks have no great and lofty ambitions, but only to survive to find food and see the next sunrise. Only those whom are well fed will attempt to manipulate events to ensure their own gravy train remains forever.

May the culprits be found and justice served, to show to the rest that they can have faith in the govt to settle issues fairly and need not resort to vigilante action, or if so, be prepared to face the consequences in a land ruled by law, equal to all.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 10:32 AM
Another day of rampage and killings upon each other.

Burma communual clashes

Someone is hell bent on stirring communual violence around our world at this time.

Regardless, the Rule of Law is only that which is left to protect humanity now.

The monks and clerics new seems to conspicously absent in the latest acts of violence. No more were they seem to be leading as before, but are now led by armed youths, evident that those fake monks and clerics are hiding behind the scenes now brainwashing the impressionable young minds to commit atrocities upon each other on both sides.

Followers are easy to create. It is only a matter of rousing up emotions and placing a few like-minded in the crowds to chant and stir, and everyone will be caught up with fervour, to be manipulated as canon fodder enmass to commit atrocities.

One way to stop this is to ensure the authorites make a stand each time a mob arises. Most of the mob rhetoric is only possible because the mob is misled to believe that the rule of law does not exists or no longer works, and thus the need for the mob to take the law into their own hands.

Secondly, the authorities MUST work with the communities, to assure them the rule of law where all are equal, seek their help to root out malcontents hiding amongst them, and bringing them to justice.

Thirdly, the rule of law must be EQUAL - offenders from BOTH sides must be apprehended and dealt with, and not just from one side.

If only one side is guilty of crime, such as murder while the other side is not or yet to be solved, then the authorities and the media MUST MAKE IT CLEAR TO ALL THE FACTS, to deny the rabble rousers the twisting of facts to make it shown as if the authorities are taking sides on issues, and only serving justice to one side and not the other.

Burmese must decide now if they want a democratic state RULED by law, or a mob tyranny ruled state. Aparthied had CONCLUSIVELY and VIOLENTLY proven that it had not and will not work in our world shared by many humans across the globe and inter-dependent on each other for progress and evolution.

And every human does share common aspirations in life for themselves and their next generations despite the many differences. At heart, we are all one race - human. High time the VOICE of BURMA speaks UP NOW, and not the minority few hogging the limelight, on how its gonna be - democracy or aparthied, so that the rest of the world would know what to do, as it did to North Korea and the past White South Africa, our world to help or to abandon.

posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 04:45 AM

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