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An Open Letter to America's "Spiritual Leaders" about the New World Order

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posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 10:21 AM
TO: Neale Donald Walsch
Marianne Williamson
Deepak Chopra
Paul Coelho
Oprah Winfrey
Dan Millman
Louise Hay
Ekhart Tolle
Caroline Myss
Gary Zukav
Shirley Maclaine

As a spiritual seeker and a past consumer of your books, tapes, retreats and lectures, I am writing to express my dismay about your silence in what has become one of the most pertinent issues of our modern times. The spiritual community has turned the other cheek as American liberties, freedoms and our way of life are slowly ebbing away in the face of insurmountable evidence.

I have followed closely your ideas about creating my own reality, focusing on what is positive to spring forth my energy and life's work. I have learned to be true to myself, to be good to others, and to create the change I want to see in the world. But spiritual principles are no excuse for ignorance. In good conscience, I can no longer stand idly by as the post 9/11 government reaction to terrorism erodes the principles that this country holds so dear, and as millions of my fellow countrymen become enslaved to a system that no longer holds their best interest at heart. As you have all so aptly said in the past, "We are all one." It is time to put that belief into action.

As of this writing, our Constitutional rights have been dismantled by the Patriot Act. The authorization of total surveillance has been enacted through use of drones, the newly built Utah Cyber Spy Center, and the wide spread use of cameras. Jay Rockefeller's Cyber-Security Act seeks to take control of the Internet and Americans themselves are under threat from such acts as the NDAA--which authorizes the detention or murder of Americans on American soil. The new government agency called the Department of Homeland Security (along with the Department of Social Security) has recently bought up huge caches of bullets.

The above mentioned events are just a few in a long list of tyrannical acts against the American people. No longer "conspiracy theories" but provable and undeniable events that at the very least demand your attention and your long awaited comments. You claim that all of life is spiritual, including governance. By your own admission, then, this country--indeed this world--is facing a spiritual crisis of an unforeseen magnitude.

This country was founded on spiritual principles (in fact, some of you claim to be reincarnated from the American revolutionary era) and as such, you are hereby emboldened to the cause of American freedom, and for freedom across the world. You cannot claim to be spiritualists while standing idly by while the freedoms entitled to all Americans through our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution become ashes of the bold and ingenious era that was our country's founding.

Freedom is endowed to us by our creator, and yet, you, the voices of spiritual enlightenment have remained silent on what you claim is God's most precious gift to us. You have set forth to connect the people of the world directly to their God source, and yet you remain silent when our government seeks to intervene between its countrymen and their spiritual essence. You, who have made countless dollars on delivering to us a more inclusive and loving god, have done nothing to quiet the march that seeks to take away our country's ideal of "In God We Trust."

I tell you that your silence is deafening. As the divisions between us become greater, the poor, the unemployed and the fearful in this country need to hear your words.

As the government strives to assert its power over the people in the name of terrorism, we need your strength.

As those who strive to find the truth are belittled and embarrassed, you must speak out in the name of God.

As those who seek domination and control continue their sturdy march, you must assert the words of a loving God to quell their footsteps.

You cannot claim ignorance: The evidence is now a mountain, and your perceptive natures---indeed--your astute and unique abilities have woken you up to the truth by now. It is not enough to pretend these claims are the fodder of conspiracy theorists. This reality is whispered at water coolers and dining room tables across America. To say that those who are standing up to ponder and question these events are simply living in "fear" is to ask the people of this good country to turn their backs on the truth. You must inspire our countrymen to find peaceful ways to bring our governance in alignment with the spiritual truths that are our birthright.

If not you, then who? If the spiritual health of our country does not matter to our most vocal spiritual warriors, then who else will care?

God weeps for us all. You are emboldened to stand up and dry his tears for the sake of humanity. You can do this by speaking out against those who wish to hide humanity from God's good grace.

And by telling the truth as you see it.



posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 11:55 AM
I am sympathetic to your position and applaud your well written letter. I would ask you to consider, however, if any of the things we are going through as a nation has any bearing on souls ability to advance. Worldly events certainly contribute to the challenges we face as individuals, but as soul our inner experiences will continue unaffected by political climate or physical hardships. An attitude of love and gratitude will conquer all.

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