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Catholic Church Accepts ET Life?

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:30 AM

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:36 AM
Extra-terrestrials are de facto all angels mentioned in Bible. They are not born on Earth. They have pretty physical functions at the time (Raphael with Tobias).
We can say the same for the devils' nature, although with negativity. We have been told they had been created good with "angelic nature".
That means we are talking of beings created by God different from humans on Earth, who exist physically (and spiritually), and whose difference is their polarity towards God (and men). This is the minimum that we should be able to conclude by simply reading the Bible. Ezekiel 1 is not a fairy tale.

Let alone the fact the first humans on Earth are created quite late in the creation history. The Earth alone has some 4 bln years history, if we listen to the scientists. The Universe is dated at 13 bilion years age. Those are a Lot of years to be contemplated by human limited lifespan. The world created by God does not start by the humans as the only intelligent creatures. That we know from religion in first place, because we are told clearly that the angels/demons and the stars are created before the humans on earth. I don't know why should I detail it so much.

The next step is what mgr Balducci already did (see youtube). He assumed that between the humans and the angels there are variety of other beings in the cosmos.
He did not elaborate whether they are good or bad. But it is logical to assume there are al kinds of them. As there are all kinds of humans. As there was Hitler and his followers on this Earth in the heart of the European Christian civilization in 20th century. Are those humans created in God's image too? Their choices have been obviously contrary to God and to the human mercy, or what we call today "humanitarian law" or "rights". We may cal them devils in human form. Similarly could be for all those ETs. Some are good, some are bad, some are in the middle. As most of us.

I do not accept the demonization in the End times, embraced currently by mainly protestant pastors, as the only explanation of the flying saucers and the inevitable encounter with extraterrestrials (according to many scientists as the above article, that encounter already occurred). Read John Leary who is also an End Times "prophet", who speaks of lights (of angels) to be followed to the refuges. I don't know if we are in the End times, in first place. But if we are, there are quite different interpretations of those end times. I would be vary cautious before giving credence to any End times interpretation. It may lead in the opposite direction.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 01:04 AM
As Dr Michael Salla (above link) and others explain from purely scientific and impartial viewpoint the phenomenon of ET, having a great dose of respect towards the Christian belief and towards the Churches, including Catholic Church. You should listen more of people like Drs Steven Greer and S. Bassett. Salla had a special review of the relations Church - Disclosure. Let also remember the Vatican hosted a conference on the life in the universe sometime in 2008-9 (forgot exact date).

In the view of recent developments, such as the Citizens' hearing in Washington DC national pressclub, the Disclosure is rather late, postponed quite many times already. If that trend continues, the world risks quite many problems including wars for resources. The world is not the same as during the Cold War or Vatican 2. Today we have not 2 but a dozen of nuclear countries whose demands on geopolitical arena only increase. If there is a way to avoid the worst case scenario, it should be used while still there is a time left. May be as little as few months or less.

Andromedans already gave something like "ultimatum" for 1/1/2014. You can read their point of view on "Andromedan council" webpage. I don't think those are the most Christian-friendly ETs. Perhaps others are. Pleiadians accept Jesus Christ, so do the Grey to some extend. Obviously all of them are Extra-T and we cannot expect full agreement on everything. To call all that demonic is not correct. Who are the archangels, perhaps they haven't come on the scene yet. You should read Salla's view on the archangels' place in that new classification of God's creatures. I think he posted it in Biblioteca pleiades. Sorry but I am not able to retell everything, and this is not my job anyway. I write what I deem as necessary at the moment, depending on variety of circumstances, including personal. The world is on the brink of destruction, that is N1. N2 is the unknowns surrounding our own star and solar system. The ET disclosure is not only necessary for survival, it is long overdue. God has given us free will, and the world could choose its own death, even if it is not the End times.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 01:44 AM
It cannot be said with 100% certainty we are in the "End times" (unless we say the humanity has been in the End times since the Resurrection/Ascension of Jesus).
But it can be said with certainty today, that the humanity has been in a constant ET encounter, called under the labels of angels vs demons throughout its history. Here come some very good studies and books of researchers, that I cannot quote now. Alexander the Great won a battle and lost a battle thanks to 2 interventions of "flying shields".There are stories about the Black plague in Europe connected again to flying objects, Columbus voyage to the Americas, accompanied with flying lights etc. Let alone the Vikings' legends, as well as the stories of other non-European peoples that became quite popular some of them in 2012.

Today we have two types of contact according to Dr Salla's classification. The first one is with those ET races who collaborate to the military industrial complex of USA (or may be also other countries). There he puts the Grey and others. The second group are ET races who choose not to collaborate with earthly governments, but to contact individuals. Here he puts the Pleiadians, as well as many individual star systems with human-ET populations (Sirius A, Tau Ceti, Alfa Centauri, etc). His classification of 2003 (found on his website and in Biblioteca pleiades) seems to be the best one we have at our disposal at that moment. The Archangels do not find place there, they are called "celestials" above any of those ET races. Perhaps the same could be said about higher celestial hierarchies that we know from the Bible. However, Salla assumes that the Archangels could intervene at one moment of history, as they did at the time of Enoch - Noah, to punish any wrongdoing of lower level extraterrestrials on Earth.

Many researchers and contactees speak of Et councils composed of 12 or more ET races. You can find that in the Andromedan site too, although I do not quote it for purpose other than informative.

The real point is when those (benevolent) ET will have any visible involvement on Earth. (We can say the internet is one of these involvements). Is there a planetary disaster fast approaching, at which the ET races will make the first public contact over the planet and offer their way out of the certain demise of earth civilization? For example "upgrade" the survivors "to 5D" whatever it could mean. Some of the ET agendas sound to me frightening. But to be able to make any discernment, me, you, anybody, any organization, they should see the multiple variances of agendas that are not earthly in nature. Otherwise we are talking of medieval approach that is proven false historically. In this case it may well lead to the end of the history on this planet for a long time, let say thousands may be millions years, without that to be necessarily the End times of the Bible. Simply the survivors on other planets will continue humanity and eventually will repopulate the Earth. There is nowhere in the Bible dating of the final End times when Jesus will come back. If Jesus Himself doesn't know, how do the End times prophets know.

This is all I have to say for now. It is convenient for preachers like Hal Lindsey to say the ET are the demons and who the beast is in terms of political configurations. But they are simply wrong. They were wrong for 1900 years when they named Nero as the candidate of that role. Nero was evil, Roman empire fell, but centuries later we find ourselves again in expectation of the very same the early christians did. Arab Caliphate was another convenient candidate for the beast. We simply don't know. We should accept the possibility it is not in our times at all. What we have now at the table are dozens or more Et races many of whom human. We know the life is not unique on planet Earth. there are microbes found on Mars, as the mainstream science say. If so, what gives us the right to prejudice that those are either non-existent or devils incarnate? Such arbitrary judgment doesn't fit, neither the Bible stories, nor historical records, nor the sane reason. Another approach is needed in 21st century if we are talking of survival of human race, of billions. If not, only the enthusiasts and young ones will be saved and they may count only some millions. Because what you read, is not read by all those billions who will not be able to discern or act properly without adequate advise.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 02:24 AM
I will write that more for clarification.
There isn't any existing catholic teaching on the extraterrestrial life other than that of the angels who are considered spirits. There isn't any orthodox teaching as well. One may speculate how much the spiritual angels are also physical beings and thus included in the general frame of the church fathers. I don't know. Let someone say it. What mgr Balducci, Funes, others say, is good but is not any obligatory teaching.

On that base to speculate the extraterrestrias are simply demons, to declare them as evil from any "catholic viewpoint" is lack of knowledge in first place. One may talk of his own viewpoint but not of catholic or orthodox viewpoint because such does not exist officially on the matter.

One may talk a lot of the Nephilim too, how bad they were, therefore all ET should be very evil. But the Nephilim or Watchers (Book of Enoch, Genesis) are not the Only extraterrestrials in the trillion-stars Universe.

What today's protestant and other pastors do, is their own intake on that. They see the devil in everything that flies, and that is what they see and nothing more than that.

There are catholic self-proclaimed prophets who think alike. For ex. the so called Third Eagle on youtube is very close to the idea to demonize the ET altogether.

Other catholic "prophets" or messengers of unapproved apparitions, do not speak explicitly of ETs. They rather speak of antichrist and end times. Example is John Leary Under the term "angels" and recenty "flying lights" he however might envision beings other than humans who would come to aid the faithful in whatever cataclysm comes. Not necessarily the final end times.

And if the final End times indeed approach, then we should see many more "angels" and "archangels" that the Revelation and the Gospels speak about quite often when they speak of the End times. Many more Raphael - Tobias stories on planetary scale. Many more Ezekiel's wheels and Elijah's chariots. Perhaps they will appear, if it is indeed End times. But let allow God to decide that, let not pre-preemptive any potential action of God, because "we know it already". No, we don't! I don't know it and I am not shy to tell it.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 02:47 AM
Not only there isn't any Catholic teaching to call the potential ET life "demons". But also recent words of papal astronomers the late mgr Balducci and the current one fr Funes, show the opposite approach. I'd like to hear more of the sort, of course. But the entire idea of a demonization as the only means to include the ET life in "Bible terms" is doomed to fail. You cannot demonize the life on trillions of stars (or more) and still speak of the good Creator. Something in that model is basicaly flawed. And I think the respected catholic posters in this forum are well aware of that. But they do not say it because they are still afraid of something. If there are demons they well may be within human bodies. And that the 20th century history of planet Earth shows it clearly. We still cannot go out of the terrible heritage of those decades. So please, Don't search the devil where he is not.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 03:08 AM
Today's world development is very rapid. Internet shows it, that was known only to scientists 20 years ago. Today we have the luxury to comment such issues, and the rich database that other smarter people than me brought available online. Tomorrow we may not have that luxury of time and opportunities. The delay is already a fact. I will not go back to Fatima issue, there are 3 threads for that. But many people won't have the necessary time to learn the truth. Any delay from now on could be critical. It is not only for this forum, for this or that organization on planet Earth, that are late in their actions or words. I don't know how many more years we have for that. What I know from insiders on Project Camelot is that the initial schedule was 1997 - 2000 then changed to 2012. They change schedule/sequence of events or timelines if you will. How? I don't know exactly what that means although I have the general idea. In broadest terms it means the delay is permitted (by God ultimately) but not cancelled the cataclysm. It will befall the humanity at the day and hour unknown. From now on any delay is dangerous, more dangerous than to say something wrong (and nobody is perfect). And that is valid not only for Christian but also for non-Christian groups. China already built its stargate, called ring of life. Will the Chinese reach the kingdom of heaven earlier than the Christians?
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:20 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707

Obviously, a Christian that believes (or knows) they are living during the end-times would be wise to consider such revelations by aliens, an end-times deception intended to undermine Christianity, Jesus Christ, and Salvation.

I don't think such a conclusion comes from the information about aliens that we have at our disposal as of today. They may change tomorrow, and if so I will be among the first ones to reevaluate them. Indeed, some of them have pretty odd agenda, such as Andromedans. But that is why it needs our research, and I think I have what to bring in that new field of religious - ET research never done (publicly) before.

I'd like to say again that I do not consider any of my posts as "anti-catholic". If there were some critics of the past history, those were things that devote educated catholics would probably criticize too, if they have to speak on those issues.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:12 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
Are the aliens really going to come to this planet and say the opposite of expected. Would they really say: "We wish for you to convert us to the ways of your God and Jesus Christ" ? REALLY? Is that truly realistic to expect?!?

At least one source, Dr Valery Uvarov of Peterburg, said that in Russia there were such encounters with aliens whose primary goal was to "search for God" on planet Earth.

ther sources, such as Zeta Reticuli (unproven) channel, quote prophecy of Bible, Fatima and catholic saints in a presentation about the end of the era. They believe Nibiru will make a disastrous pole shift and want to help humanity. I say "private source" and will not elaborate because this source has a lot of critics and doubts. However, the Grey as alien races are well known from credible sources such as Dan Burisch who worked in Area 51, as well as many others. They do not talk of religion of the Grey though. But they do not talk of the Grey as someone who wants to take.change our religion either. Dan Burisch is a pretty religious man himself. Michael Salla - too. You know, you have contactees, insiders, and researchers (who present the story online in interviews). And those people are some of them religious, may be some of them are catholics. Hoagland is catholic, he said it. Steven Greer didn't say what church he considers himself member of, but it is evident it is someone believer who speaks of God in his interviews.

It would be strange if the ETs that are very different between themselves would like from Day 1 to be baptized en masse. If that happens it would rather raise brows. Remember how the missionaries on earth did they work, step by step. Perhaps first it will be only few ET races who some of them, some individuals, will want to be baptized. As a beginning it is not little at all. One of the reasons why I write here, is that those ET who are already on earth most likely read what is written about them. Especially in such highly important topic as religion - ET. I could be more precise, but I will not do it online. There should be real contacts, and as Bob Dean speaks in his latest interview, there were contacts with clergy although not direct ones.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
I doubt that President's Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama would even care about the negative impact of the arrival of aliens on Christianity and religion.

I doubt that any of them would do the ET Disclosure. According to Dr Steven Greer, who talked to various hi profile US politicians and insiders, the ET Disclosure is postponed so far exactly because the politicians feared a negative impact on religion. Or better say on religious people who are nowhere educated on the topic and will assume automatically something negative or even demonic. Exactly as some protestant/evangelicals do right now, when that info is available online.

What we have as ongoing development, some ET are setting near dates to do it themselves- to show up and declare who they are, why they are here, if cataclysm comes, and so on. I talked already about that in length. If that happens on a Day N it would be pretty hard to swallow for many people seeing all ships in the air. I don't know if it will happen in one single Day or if it will take another way to do. Obviously it is connected to the nearby future events (Nibiru, solar flares, WW3) and that's why it is postponed so long. That doesn't excuse us not to care about. If we want the Christianity to survive at all beyond earth.

Since I wrote again a number of posts, not only as a response but to present new data, I take some time for rest, expectation something to happen or new info to appear. I think those in the know waste their time and that of the common people like me. They will not have that time given again. Even if there are time machines (that enters into a new large topic). Some of those who read here, although not post, will be sorry they spent those months and years in that way. Andromedans fix it to ....without details,... they say 1/1/2014. And those might not be the ones you'd like to see to take over. But that enters into exopolitics, and I don't think my job is to do that online.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 02:49 PM
Tau Ceti, the seat of Galactic federation (humans)
Where it is
current potential habitable panets
compare earth with tau ceti 2 habitable planets
solar and tau ceti systems
sunset on Gliese 667c
3 habitable planets on Gliece 667C
Earth - Kepler
More exoplanets
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 09:32 PM
I wanted to give your thread a bit of action, one last time, before I move away from ATS.

You have the freedom to post what you wish at ATS, That was never in doubt, the issue was something else entirely.

Thank you for all your replies to my latest questions

and Hope you all the best, 2012newstart.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you all the best.

I'm sorry if I caused you any anguish in the Fatima threads, 2012newstart.

Personally, I think we represent two very different viewpoints when it comes to possible future events, how they will happen, and what they mean. In fact, I am far from certain that the apocalyptic events are near (very far). And if they were near, I can only believe in the Fatima based scenario of the prophetic OR the purely scripture based scenario of the prophetically foretold events. In the first scenario I can accept, humanity would hear God's message before the nuclear war arrives. For me, the remedy can only be spiritual. For you, the remedy are the aliens. The topic of aliens within these scenarios of chastisement has nothing to do with my area of expertise.

God Bless you.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:19 PM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
If pope Francis bless the ET upon their first pubic contact (an event not happened yet despite multiple private sightings and private contacts), he will open the door to evangelization and baptism of those ET who do not have the Revelation of God yet.

I assume some of them do have it since the beginning of ages, and served God as "angels" described in the Old testament. But not all of them, they are quite many (estimate the above equation how many different civilizations could possibly be out there). The earth christians may soon find themselves in the role of missionaries in the galaxies. Those of us who want of course. I vote yes and will enlist in the first mission.

Just wait one second. Baptise them? Well, there are different types of ets and levels, i suppose.....those who would subjegate themselves to pryamids and morduk/baal/saturn might play a game with earth religions.

But basically, any ET bearing religion is a dark hat and one to run from. Its against the prime directive to enslave or lie to anyone. The prime directive is to free this planet.

The part about the bible, the literal translation, ET, Cigar Shaped Crafts, UFO's, Mount Sinai, there is a lot in the bible, including El/annanuki.

And in Ruach itself, being a sumar term.

And defined by the Vatican already.

This goes into Ruach, and highly recommend the book mentioned.

Real ETs, the Family of Love and Goodness, would not be baptised in a fundamental way, ie, someones name here. For they know better and they don't want us to be so clueless, we ignore the clues around us and our own heart and love that tells us, the two witnesses so to speak we're born with, Love and Wisdom, "yeah tho I walk through the dark valley (very low frequency hijacked earth school near hellzone level), I do not fear, for your Rod and Staff comfort me. We have an inner connection back home if we love and if we are prudent and paying attention to the programming around us, and not accepting anything that Love and Wisdom/common sense at that, does not OK. There is alot in the bible if taken concrete in an outer way, not inner, for its really all inner, that would set that warning signal off.

Baptism means the water of meditation.

Man of Peace (parting the red sea), be still and know God.

Genesis 32 30, the city where you meet God is your pineal.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:30 PM
But, angels may technically be ETs. It appears that these beings of light were not originally beings of this world. I could just see the church trying to convert an angel.
I'm sure they would try though. They'd even try to convert God if he came here

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 01:40 AM
thanks for the intake in the topic from more people here!

Phantomfire, Thanks for boosting my thread! I think it has nothing personal between me and you, I write on topics that should concern the worldwide auditory that might read here. If today they are not that many people, tomorrow they will be concerned at the time of contact. I see a strange delay in the society and the church, months after 2012 and a decade after 2000, delay that is not justified taking into account the capabilities we have today for spreading info, and the info already available. Practically every person from most parts of the planet has some kind of access to internet files Or to History channel Ancient Aliens. Certainly the Indians and Chinese do. Perhaps someone in Africa don't. The further delay complicates the things enormously, but I already discussed that in other threads. One cannot expect always the good chance will prevail in the risky world affairs. And the horrific predictions from "heavenly sources" will never materialize. It wasn't that long the crisis in Georgua when nuclear armed ships crossed the seas in all directions.

Well it might be tricky to determine who ET should be beptized and who would actually want to. When we speak of sacraments we speak of individual who want to take them, and also who has readiness for that. An adult human should go thru prep course to know what is he doing in first place, even after he expressed his desire to be baptized.

It might be only a dozen of Grey, two dozen of Pleiadians or so, to express desire to be baptized, while the rest may not have any intention to do so for years, centuries. As the history with the earthly nations shows. Most of the Chinese are not baptized, still there are those 1-2% who are baptized for generations. Surely I am not the person to determine that. First of all, the ET need to land openly and establish the public contact. That didn't happen yet. (I wonder, when they finally do so, how many of the humans on Earth will be still alive)

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
But basically, any ET bearing religion is a dark hat and one to run from. Its against the prime directive to enslave or lie to anyone. The prime directive is to free this planet.

The part about the bible, the literal translation, ET, Cigar Shaped Crafts, UFO's, Mount Sinai, there is a lot in the bible, including El/annanuki.

while thanking you for your post, I do not get why should any ET bearing religion to be accepted as evil. As far as I have knowledge of ET most of them if not all of them have some sort of their religious beliefs. Even the andromedans. I don't know about the draconians.

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 02:37 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707

And if they were near, I can only believe in the Fatima based scenario of the prophetic OR the purely scripture based scenario of the prophetically foretold events. In the first scenario I can accept, humanity would hear God's message before the nuclear war arrives. For me, the remedy can only be spiritual. For you, the remedy are the aliens.
God Bless you.

Fatima also says oceans will turn to steam, before the end of the 20th century. We just don't get the benefits of Fatima as of today 2013 July. We may speculate endlessly as we did in several other threads.
The remedy is spiritual. And it will eventually include the good extraterrestrials. Not all of them. I don't understand why they are still waiting. Well, Andromedans gave a deadline, but I don't think this is the best solution or solution at all. Sorry I will not enter into details because I am not here to make propaganda of any particular ET but to discuss about the ET in a broader view. It is sad so little attention is being given in the broader society, when for ex. the Canadian minister speaks of 5 five ET races. I guess the first encounter will be disastrous in many ways, mostly spiritual for unprepared people. May be amounting to a Great Warning event. It is inevitable, although we cannot set a date for it.

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 03:08 AM
Canadian minister Hellyer speaks of ET races

One of them, the Andromedans, have two self-proclaimed envoys, Alex Collier and Tolek. I will give their sites not to make propaganda but to show how far the things have reached. You and I may not believe what they say, and frankly I don't believe much of it from my perspective. I get it as "Andromedan perspective"as information from the other side. We'd be rather unwise not to take it into account. Michael Salla accepted Collier's credibility as contactee. We may not agree but we cannot pretend that thing doesn't exist in the public space. It is already published online. The biggest mistake some powerful organization/state could do now, is to ignore it exists. To think the life will go on in 2013 as it were in 2012 without nothing happened, again. Wrong!!! I don't want to be a prophet. But seems the things expected in 2012 are expected this year at least by one ET race - Andromedans. You know the Pleiadians and others do not have such clearly distinguished envoys who appear online. The discernment is yours. Radio Interview with Jay Perron – 20th February 2013 - See more at:

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 05:48 AM
Composing all of the above, incl the "Andromedan perspective" as info only, I expect someone different from Andromedans to come in the period of remaining 5 months, and before the planetary cataclysm predicted by them and others, or WW3. That someone else (ET) according to my research is a good one. However it won't be accepted unequivocally due to the lack of knowledge, understanding, and support. Few will be saved, many will remain at the mercy of the following events/ et
When I started doing all that, I never imagined that in the 13th year of 21st century there will be so little understanding and desire. I guess it was greater in 1970s with Ashtar's plan earth evacuation movement.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:03 AM
With the release of new movies like Pacific Rim that discuss creatures like Transformers and biological monsters that come from sea-gates, the chances for the society to come out clean with the present day human-oid ET on Earth diminish by the day, as we speak. Don't know if the reader realizes what would mean a creature like those in the triler to appear on the streets. It would mean literal fulfillment of Revelation 13. It is not the first time we are told by entertainment industry of such type of metallic or other giants/monsters. And still there are people who are wiling to demonize the human Pleiadians or the humanoid Grey. And to present the rescue mission of good ET -angels ordered ultimately by God, as alien abduction, satan's rapture, or whatever nonsense. Let they think of the real situation as it may turn to be any other day, with real monsters to be afraid of who fulfill old prophecies quite literal. Good luck! I will not wait to see what is coming next, rather will take my chance with the first rescue.

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