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Catholic Church Accepts ET Life?

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by jvarga390

For 20-30 years, I've expected the news that Cris Putnam and Tom Horn document exhaustively in Exo-Vaticanna.

I figured that

1. The Vatican was such a huge organization dealing with such a key aspect of social reality


2. the globalists would have to

A) destroy the Vatican and the RCC [highly unlikely]


B) infiltrate it and manipulate it to cheering their deception and global tyranny on . . . complete with "validating" and cheering the fallen angel/ET critters on in their leading of the globalist power-mongering humans on.

Cris Putnam and Tom Horn, to my satisfaction, prove emphatically what choice was made--evidently many decades ago . . . if not centuries ago.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:36 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

aren't going to get the rest of the planet to believe anything they might say.

Evidently you believe that the public descent of the UFO/critters from transitory sightings to daily involvement in the governance of the world as depicted nightly on CNN etc. . . . would not alter the philosophical/religious culture of the planet rather dramatically.

Personally, I think such a fantasy, belief is of the greatest degree of . . . lack of thoughtful perceptiveness.

That's the only strategy I can imagine that will likely cause the world's religions of every stripe abandon their traditions and sign-on to the globalists'/ET's demands to join a one world religion . . . ultimately set-up to worship satan.

Ahhhh well . . . time will tell.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by NavyDoc

Your assertions, imho, are grossly faulty.

Former atheist journalist Lee Strobel in



documents quite solidly the historical and other accuracy of the Bible.

So also did former atheist--very hostilel-to-Christianity Josh McDowell in


The Bible has stood up well against onslaughts to destroy it for many centuries. It will be standing when the globalists are all forgotten dust.

In terms of the OP, the Bible has plenty of hints and stronger as to what the fallen angel critters are up to. . . . further that they were co-mingling Human/fallen angel DNA in the days of Noah; the days of Lot . . .


as Christ warned--[color=CC9966]currently in our era--they are doing the same thing.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by igor_ats

The BOOK OF ENOCH has far more than a verse or 3 about the fallen angels.

The BOOK OF ENOCH is quoted a dozen or 3 times in the Bible. It is overtly mentioned a few times. It's not considered flawless Canon Scripture. However, it clearly has much respected information on the fallen angels and their slated roles in END TIMES events.

They were characterized in Old Testament times as angering God by copulating with human women--mixing DNA as well as giving humans war-making technologies


posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Former atheist journalist Lee Strobel

documents quite emphatically and conclusively via the highest ranked scholars on the topics


the allengations of such as the purported "gospel of Mark"

are utter trumped-up nonsense with no rational, logical historical base in fact.

Strobel documents that all such noises are merely embellished fantasies of folks hostile to the Gospel facts and values.

The authentic Scriptures tell the truth about the fallen angels. Revisionism in the RCC in favor of globalism and one world religion led by fallen angel/ET critters . . .

Revisionist fantasies help lead the lemmings/sheeple down the yellow-brick road to destruction.

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 06:42 AM
Under discussion of ET issue in RCC, other Christian churches and the society as a whole, I understand: some level of representation even if it is only the level of papal astronomers, or secular astroomers, to name and discuss REAL ET RACES with their good and not so good characteristics. Paul Hellyer, ex-defense minister of Canada, already named 5 of them. Let repeat them again: Zeta Reticui, Orion, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Altair. He said there are 20 more, other specialists spoke of 57 or even 200 ET races ALREADY PRESENT ON EARTH.

The pubic debate should be of their nature, characteristics, good/bad/indifferent classification, what do they offer to humankind, will they rescue us in a coming planetary cataclysm that is discussed by itself for years, ....all of that should be inside such an INTELLIGENT AND INFORMED public discussion. The absence of it will make at least myself to decide to follow the FIRST TO COME ET. Why the first ones? Because Jesus said in the Gospel "pray to escape all those things", "two will be on the field, one is taken another left". Jesus does not speak of evil demons who come to take the evil people, while the good people to remain on earth and undergo all terrible things of the end, described by Hiimself. He said the good ones are taken prior of "all these things". And I believe Jesus.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 05:05 AM
It would be good if the theologians tell us meanwhile, in plain language, what exactly the humankind "expiates" for all its lifespan. So much time passed since the original sin.Was it not covered by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross? Then why should every man, woman and child continue to expiate sins never done by themselves and suffer virtually all their lives with few exceptions? Something is terribly wrong in the theory in first place. And in the practice in the second. Why were the first Christians helped by angels, but the second generations christians were left to be eaten by the lions? Just let the theologians stop blinding us with pile up of sins created in books centuries ago. While never told us the books their predecessors burnt for the public. What is the hidden knowledge deep underground? When if not now? When the so called Nibiru incinerate all life on earth? The few survivors off planet would not be very grateful to the current churches, would they?

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 05:33 AM
perhaps the dinosaurs and the pyramids of 13,000y ago should also enter the equation. The entire history of earth should be reviewed, not only the last 6000 years. See for more Ancient Aliens on H channel.
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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 12:10 PM
there is another possibility at least on theory, that I did not discuss here or anywhere in another thread. This is God to provide visible help in the world thru His angels, or good extraterrestrials, here on Earth. Why not, if the Gospel is full of episodes of angelic help in form of humans? They served Jesus in the desert for example. Jesus could call 12 legions of angels in the Garden but He preferred to suffer. Where is said that the Christians and the Christianity as a whole should only suffer, as long as there is time, until the coming of Jesus? He may come after thousands of years! Shouldn't we somehow benefit of the fact we are adopted children of God? The sin of Adam is removed, cleaned for us the baptized people, thru the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Why should we bear the negativity of that sin then? And many other questions that the theologians prefer to circumvent and to concentrate on the personal sins and personal judgment after death.

The Gospels are grossly rewritten in the period 1 - 3 centuries. Just one example: how would Jesus talk of "everyone should carry his cross" if at the time of Jesus the cross was the symbol of the most despised death? Peter tries to persuade Jesus not to go to that death. Only after the resurrection and entering the period of the Church, the Cross became a symbol in christianity. Not at the time of Jesus! There is no point Jesus to use terms coined later in Christianity! The conclusion those words are put in Jesus' mouth by the later church fathers is just obvious! The first christians didn't make the sign of the cross either. How then would Jesus talk of "everyone's cross" in the years before 30 AD? It is absurd. It is added later by the church fathers to justify their theology turned towards only the suffering as the only mean to go thru death to God. Seems they turned their backs on the angelic help so visible in the time of Jesus. What happened between the second generation of christian fathers and the angels, did they find topics to oppose each other? Why not the angels to continue transporting apostles from one place to another as Phillip from Gaza to Azotus? Something happened, that resulted in the early church to lose the angelic-extraterrestrial help. Once they appeared to constantine - the cross in the air, to assure the survival of christianity. Otherwise it could well be dead by now after the persistent persecutions. Many, most of the christians abandoned faith to save life and generations during that time. But the church history keeps record only of the glorious martyrs, not of the multitudes. A thorough re-read of the early christian history, as well as the "canonizing" of only selected parts of the gospels, is more than needed.

I don't know what will follow, and that I make it clear: angelic-ET rescue-rapture from the planet, OR angelic-ET visible and physical assistance here on the planet, in case the End Times from the Revelation are far in the future. I just don't know. Want to see and hear those who come in the name of the Lord, be they in spaceships to take us on another planet, or be they coming to start the kingdom of God that Jesus constantly talks about. Let say it once more: the kingdom of God did not come to earth during the early centuries persecution, during the romanization of the church, neither during the religious wars and inquisition in the middle ages. Those are some of the darkest pages of the church. How is possible with such actions to be connected the followers of Jesus Christ the son of God? Thy kingdom come, we pray everyday in Our Father. It has never come on Earth until now. Perhaps it will come before the final End times. Or perhaps it will come but on another planet for the rescued humanity only. I don't know which way the history will go.
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 07:49 AM
Erich von Daniken, researcher of Bible and other ancient texts, archaeologist, founder of ancient astronaut theory
Believer in God who according to his words prays to God every evening, and who does not want anyone to form a new religion out of his books.

I agree with much of what his theories say, and I have still much to learn about his and others' research. It is surprising that so little attention is paid by the hi-office people to theories that sounded strange 50 years ago, but which are now on History channel translated throughout the world. Available on youtube, full of evidence and reason beyond doubt. May be the times have changed, huh? May be those in office should change themselves too? Anyway, I just don't care anymore. I follow what the sound reason leads me to follow, or call it God's grace.
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posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 06:54 AM
David Wilcock, lcockBlog+%28David+Wilcock+Newsletter%29 makes a prediction for ET Disclosure on /around July 1-2. He says in his latest large article, that UFO/ET news will make the headlines beforehand. Perhaps centered around the ET-humanoid being examined in Sirius film of Dr Greer.

I would point your attention at the date of June 21 summer solstice. In the Ancient Aliens series that I posted about Orion, it is clearly explained how the pyramids are aligned to Orion and to the date of the Summer solstice.

I advise the religious sources who might read here, to make clear they are not desperately outdated of the process that may see the humanity raised to a new level of understanding, if not transported physically to a new planet. I mean sources like Spirit Daily, and why not the papal astronomers. Why I say that? Not to push anyone. Because no one says that. And the time is coming. You were warned.

posted on Jun, 11 2013 @ 11:59 PM
Dr Steven Greer's view on possible disclosure, as positive and negative. I post it for info purpose.
This is may be my last post in this current time period before any other big event happens. I do not serve agendas, if you still haven't realized. Otherwise I would defend those agendas persistently something that is not noticed in my posts that are quite different from one another and quite original from other posters. I am kinda totally dissatisfied of the lack of concern of those who should do so. May be it is better because I didn't take anything from you guys.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 01:06 AM

the Russian alien being some 10 inch tall. This is a drawing of witness who saw him alive for weeks. It is further videotaped as mummified corpse on youtube, with crowds of public as witness.

The Atacama being was documented by Dr Steven Greer's film Sirius.

These are irrefutable proofs. Call them demonic? And why if he didn't do anything evil. The humans did, incl killing some 100 mln people in WW1 and WW2 may be part of them in the name of God.
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posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 06:42 AM
mentioned by Canadian ex-minister Hellyer as one of the 5 ET races who are in contact.
Mentioned in the elaborated testimony of Dan Burisch in Project Camelot library (you have to read it all, I cannot retell it).
Mentioned by Russian documentaries
All speak of human - or humanoid, the difference according to Dan Burisch is the larger eyes, the others do not speak of such difference.
One of the latest episodes of Ancient Aliens is especially for Orion. How the pyramids in Egypt and Mezo America are aligned with them. WHile I do not agree with all their conclusions, it seems Orion civilization has played a big role in the development of the human civilizations on planet Earth, and that role is rather positive. Advised to watch al the above

The other 4 civs mentioned by Hellyer are: Andromedans, Zeta Reticuli, Altair, Pleiadians
For Altai and Pleiadians there is info they are human.
Andromedans are said to be human in 5D (whatever that could mean). I have critics regarding their philosophical viewpoint expressed by one of their envoys Alex Collier. Namely, they do not accept the validity of Bible on many points.
Zeta Reticuli - the Grey, humanoid smaller, or what is known as little green men (not the above picture, Grey are bigger than that). Known to have secret collaboration with leading US labs in the so called Area 51. Known to have met with Eisenhower (as well as the Pleiadians, and one more group, probably the Orions on 3 separate occasions).

Hellyer said of "other" sources who speak of more ET civs. Clifford Stone speaks of 57 races of 4 main groups ET already present on Earth. 3 kinds of them are Grey only. You can find that interview of Stone in the 2001 UFO disclosure press conference DC

In all of that info, I find it very difficult even impossible for any theologian to just reject that reality

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 07:19 AM
The Vatican/Catholic ET approval will most likely coincide with the world secular disclosure. In my view, it will be at the time when the first ET ships appear and start open public contact with the population. Whether it will be a voluntary take off or it will be a warning of imminent catastrophe (solar etc) and call for immediate rescue operation?

The Vatican choice of selected ET group may be what will motivate the billion catholics to choose between ET races. It will not affect however the wider population on Earth. I do not exclude options in which different Earth powers and/or religions would have different, even antagonistic choices between the so presented ET rescue ships of quite different star nations. For now we are presented with 5, 4 of which are human and one or two- humanoid. It is not the real percentage of ET races. Insiders speak of reptilian humanoid, and others. The question of their polarity will remain to be the first question asked when their existence becomes a visible fact. I would not assume automatically that the Vatican will make the best choice among them. (who is good) At least Exo Vaticana book doesn't speak in such terms. I do not agree with Exo Vaticana but urge caution and discernment. The good one is obviously the one who offers rescue and other good things, not vice versus. If there are calls for sacrifice, or to wait for a galactic wave to change the D from 4 to 5, then I advice utmost caution and not to believe such calls (Andromedans seem to prefer that style of work, for now). Everything depends on the momentary action of the ETs that differ between themselves, and the re-action of the earthly groups such as major religions or governments. The personal choice is however free by definition. I would not assume the common people will be deprived of their free will in such a sublime moment. They will have the final say as where to go they and probably their families (don't know about how will be proceeded with divided families). Because we speak of quite different destinations in space, and the possibility the humanity to be separated for eons. In fact the humanity is not one single tribe as we see from documentaries such as Ancient Aliens, rather quite different groups and customs, races. So it is logical there will be separate ways in the future too, with separate, hopefully benevolent, ET races.

It would be good if we have advanced knowoledge of who is who and if Vatican and other churchmen decide to tell us something more about that. Unfortunately the practice shows just the opposite. The best info comes not from those who should be the moral authority, but from those who by chance or otherwise had direct encounter with the space visitors. And in some cases, by scientists who worked with them in secret labs (as Dan Burisch etc - see Project Camelot Library).

it will be definitely a shock for the world religions especially the Western religions. Here I review some aspects of the impact on the common beliefs from Bible that might have not been recorded as precise as believed to be for eons.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 08:00 AM
Could other religions benefit more than Christianity because of misjudgment and misinformation on the side of the Christian leaders? (far not only Vatican). The logical answer is Yes.
other religions, first of all Buddhism, don't have the constraints the Christianity has, to accept space beings. Why the Christianity has them as tradition, with so many angels in the Bible, is enigma for me. Pls review my former thread above where I try to figure out some sides of it, although imperfectly.
In Hinduism books for ex. are largely discussed the Vimana vehicles that fly in space and are battle vehicles. Specialists say they had not only nuclear but also gravitational and time-travel component. It is int he Hindu holy books. Such info is absent from the Bible, that suggests such events didn't take place where the main events in the Bible develop. That doesn't mean such events have never taken place in other parts of the world, like India, or Mezo America.

Islam is regarded as subsequent to Christianity. However Islam has its stories of prophets going straight into heaven on white horses. They are expected to come bac from heaven. Although not a specialist, I would say the 1 .5 bln muslims would probably have little to no concern of the space visitors should several hi-clerics say, these are the expected prophets, or at least their space aides! Such belief is unrealistic to be expected among the Christian multiple churches, even if the pope and patriarchs together say the space visitors are "angels". On contrary, the secular societies in the West, and de facto in the East in Orthodox Russia will accept the extraterrestrials based on secular type of information provided or judging by the actions of the ET themselves when they appear, rather than blind belief ina religious leader who says what is right and what is wrong.

Surprisingly, it may happen the majority of saaved people in event of planetary magnitude to be non-devote and non-Christians. The few devote Christians would have to pass thru internal trials, to determine those space beings are indeed those described as angels in the Bible. It is so because of many historic elements that I tried to investigate in my previous thread (named after Fatima). The Muslims have never had the paradox of the Western fast cultural development backed by outdated religious practices such as inquisition, and the result of secularization of society in 19-20 centuries. The Buddhists and Hinduists - even less. For many of those peoples the Christianity appears ot be a foreign religion imported as a trade product with certain goal. So they do not have the problem to decide whether the angels at the tomb of Jesus were actually extraterrestrials or not. It is not a problem at all for the Eastern religions, and may be a little problem for the Muslims that will be decided by a swift judgment by some leading cleric in favor of the ETs.

How many destinations will be populated and by whom, is another question, that I already touched briefly int he previous post. It is quite possible the Chinese to be given one set of planets, the Muslims, another set, and the Western group of countries, another.

All that assuming that the natural disaster is an impending factor out of our reach. That was developed as theory in the expectation of Dec 2012 and I think all the theories have a piece of truth in it. So many efforts were put in it, that for me seems logical they say the truth, in the way to be understood by the billions. Only the time component was not true.

The Anromedan envoys say 1/1/2014 the galactic wave will reach the earth to "change the earthlings from 3-4D to 5 D". Taking into account the Andromedan theory that is totally anti- Biblical, I would put to utmost doubt such a statement. I do not say the A's are enemies, but that we should discuss those issues with them in a better environment. Until now, their two envoys give only one way reports and exclude the option of a Q/A session. BTW all the other ET also do not provide Q/A. Perhaps they will in the day when they will show up openly in the skies. Don't be deluded, it could be any day from now on, after Dec 2012 and before 1/1/2014

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:52 PM
In a headline article Spiritdaily the popular website for apparitions and religious info, reports words of the pope against the pharisees in the church. Spiritdaily also mentions that Jesus never said a word about the canonical law.

Without entering into details because I am not informed more than that, I just hope this is it, the start of the change for the Catholic church! There isn't any time to lose more, already lost too much. Landmark years as 2000 have passed without anything on the table. Hope the moment is now, for the benefit of all of us! Of course a big change on the top policy would inevitably include changes on a number of questions that I mentioned in my posts.

I am not against anything Catholic! If you read my posts otherwise, you are just wrong! What I criticize are concrete faults of the RCC, many of which are in the past and one can only be sorry about that and take example how the things shouldn't be done. Today is what matters. Let turn the page!

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 01:26 PM
With the Andromedan direct info of galactic central back hole wave hitting us around 1/1/2014 we are in a new position. Why I say direct info. Because unlike many Et civilizations that we know only thru insider scientists who worked with one-two members of them (as it is the case with the Grey), the Andromedans made their visible envoy Alex Collier. He is worthy of being studied in detail. Exactly because the Andromedan agenda is quite different from the Biblical agenda. You need to know the "enemy" better than the friend. I don't consider Andromedans enemires. The main reason for that is because they have as their biggest enemies -the race of Draconians. If you want to learn about Draconians, listen to Alex Collier who has details about their behavior.

I don't agree with much of the Andromedan messages/ actually Alex Collier's. But I respect his intelligent style and his desire to help humanity, and his uneasy role of may be the first official intergalactic ambassador. because the Andromedans are the first to come from another galaxy Andromeda. (1 trillion stars, may have all kinds of ET).

What Alex said in his most recent audio interview this year:
Earth is hit by Nibiru tail of asteroids and debris in Aug - Oct, then by galactic wave from the central black hole, whatever that means. He things that wil "upgrade" humans to 5D beings like Andromedans. I disbelieve it. (will the earth hole up inside that wave as in a black hole, a scenario I already discussed). Whatever it is. Alex says the first ET to come are negative. Having his negative position on many Bible issues, including on Archangel Michael whom he/Andromedans call "evil Orion fleet", I'd say the opposite - the first to come are positive. They are promised by Jesus "two will be in the field, one is taken another left" "to escape all those things". Jesus did't say it the other way around: "the fallen angels will come first to punish the world" Nothing like that. So,....

Nick Pope (family name Pope) the UK government adviser for the UFO, expected UFO manifestation in London olympics. It didn't happen then. 1 year later, may be it is the latest possible time slot to happen at all. If the andromedan announcement is real at all. Once they were mistaken.

But without any ET announcement, I can hardly imagine the world leaders to manage even 1 more year the rioned status quo. That means a big nuclear war. That won't be permitted or there will be saved those chosen ones whose genes must be preserved intact. After all reflection I think WW3 will be permitted, if the asteroid rain doesn't come first.

And so on. Learn the enemy to know the real situation. Start with Alex Collier's lectures when he was younger and more convincing, more into details. His latest lectures are rather philosophical. Remember that is a person who has been Personally on their ships for weeks, medical exams and everything properly done. He does not lie because he cannot have so much diverse info into his head without external influence. The problem is what he says as Andromedan perspective. think we can dialogue with them in their ships including about Bible figures that they have doubts about. Better to lead theological discussion over there and try to convert the first galactic race, than all of us to die down here on Earth.

of course other possibility is the Pleiadians, who according to Alex C. are responsible for destruction of Atlantis (the Flood time). Pleiadians are much nearer, in the same galaxy and visible with naked eye the 7 sisters in the sky. Of course Alfa centauri is even nearer. Ashtar command is another issue that does not fit anyone of the above. Some say he is on Alfa Centauri, but that is not proven.

I don't care. I want real representatives of real ET to give their agenda, and that agenda to be publicly discussed. What they offer to save humanity. And in t he process they may accept Christianity too. Perhaps those more advanced who stil don't show up, have full time records of Jesus' life and do not need education, the opposite - they will teach us in time. But we don't have contacts with them. As far as the Crucifixion, it has been monitored thru Looking glass time device by a number of earhtly insiders scientists and military. I posted Bob Dean and Clifford who speak about that. Search Bob Dean the old guys Camelot

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart
The first pavers to the false god: When the Pope er Vatican says look here is god and savor, and he is ET; do not be fooled for it is to come.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by bekod
reply to post by 2012newstart
The first pavers to the false god: When the Pope er Vatican says look here is god and savor, and he is ET; do not be fooled for it is to come.

pope and no one will say "here is god and savior". Exovaticana suggests so and this book is Wrong.
Rather the pope will search for ways to christianize those willing ET civs. and to make Christianity galactic religion.
Jesus has a lot time to come because the mission of evangelization of the galaxies has never been completed. Think in that way. learn to think from the plane above, not below. Or timeline if you will

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