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An idea worth censoring: 'The Science Delusion'

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posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 09:28 PM
All things considered it could be implied that while there are Pedophile Priests there are also Scientist with Sociopathic tendencies.

Any thoughts?

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Kashai

Did you post this is the right thread?

My thoughts are that you've eaten too much forbidden fruit.

After consideration, I think the TED group do not want to involve God and spirituality because their conference attendants(the people who pay 3-6k usd to attend) are likely forsaken and do not wish to partake in spirituality.

TED is basically a paid banquet kind of thing. The smart people pitch profitable/charitable ideas to the rich audience members, so the rich will have something "meaningful" to partake in, and so the smart people will feel their work is meaningful. TED is basically there to take advantage of both parties - that's all.

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 11:36 PM

Originally posted by Bedlam
reply to post by Tajlakz

After he ETSs, though, he is sort of surprised into using it as a civilian and it happens with witnesses and video. Then it goes nuts.

The nightmare of goats everywhere

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 01:04 AM

Originally posted by Tajlakz

Originally posted by Bedlam
reply to post by Tajlakz

After he ETSs, though, he is sort of surprised into using it as a civilian and it happens with witnesses and video. Then it goes nuts.

The nightmare of goats everywhere

Yeah, but consider - if Echanis and Wheaton passed on their technique to someone who refined it and passed it on to whatever operators could learn it, then this guy practiced it up over 15 years of field work becoming the knife man for a top tier DA team. Only the reason he's so good at bushwhacking people one on one is that he's actually killing them just before.

Now the guy retires. The captain that arranged his training is gone, the new one doesn't know how he's pulling it off but doesn't care. All the guys that knew about it have retired and now he's out and a civilian with no real direction of what to do with this talent, so he decides it's better not to use it at all.

Until he does. Now, if you had some agency types that watch the recording and realize what the guy did, then from their point of view, you've got a seriously dangerous wild card on the loose - an SF operator who *might* be out of control and who has a weapon in his head as dangerous as a nuke to politicians. This guy could wax any senator, congressman, cop, judge or the president from a distance, and they're not sure exactly how far or under what conditions. So of course, they react accordingly. They have to assume he's going to use it, and of course, the only way to make sure he doesn't is to whack him. He isn't expecting that, at least at first. It starts escalating. You can play it off a lot of ways.

There was more to Jedi than goats, too, the protagonist isn't as good at the other stuff until they start making him have to use it, then it's real erratic and you never know if he'll be able to pull it off. Can't let the character be too powerful.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 01:09 AM

Originally posted by Kashai

The methodology you profess as valid is any way shape or form as it does not account for this qualia. Your point in this regard is mute as it was tested upon a population. In the 50's and 60's practically every government run psychiatric facility on the planet provided psychiatric care based upon the materialist models.

Today there effectively are none; so therefore as much was you want to belief in the efficacy of your belief system, when it comes to consciousness you have no foundation whatsoever.

Aaaand, back to the psychatric facility thing again, which, again, has no bearing on this topic or what we were discussing.

Tell me, Kashai - did you have a personal bad experience with psychiatric care? Is that why you've got such a jones about this? Because it doesn't seem to have squat to do with much of anything here, but you keep dragging it back up.

Most sociopaths could likely be found in psychiatric facilities. I'm sure they're getting the sort of care you'd come to expect from our government.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by Bedlam

The only science delusions of mine are related to daydreaming about inertial control systems and trying to convince myself that this time I have it figured out. Delusions of grandeur abound.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 10:20 PM
TED at it again pulls funding for the TEDxHollywood event, however it looks like the event is still going to happen independently.

Russel Targ is going to be one of the speakers, this is what he had to say.

"In cancelling the TEDx event in West Hollywood, it appears that I was accused of ‘using the guise of science’ to further spooky claims (or some such),” said physicist Dr. Russell Targ.

“People on the TED Conversations blog have asked what I was going to talk about . That’s easily answered. I was co-founder of a 23-year research program investigating psychic abilities at Stanford Research Institute. We were doing research and applications for the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, Air Force and Army Intelligence, NASA, and others.

“In this $25 million program we used ‘remote viewing’ to find a downed Russian bomber in North Africa, for which President Carter commended us. We found a kidnapped U.S. general in Italy, and the kidnap car that snatched Patricia Hearst. We looked in on the US hostages in Iran, and predicted the immanent release of Richard Queen, who was soon sent to Germany. We described a Russian weapons factory in Siberia, leading to a U.S. congressional investigation about weakness in U.S/ security, etc.

“We published our scientific findings in Nature, Proc. IEEE, Proc. AAAS, and Proc. American Institute of Physics. I thought a TED audience would find this recently declassified material interesting. And no physics would be harmed in my presentation.”

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posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 04:53 PM
This website is full of 'delusionists'. I notice that pretty much all of the arguments coming from that group of people are based on these exact assumptions that Sheldrake points out. But if you tell them that it's not necessarily true, all you get back is you being a retard, stupid, ignorant, a creationist and whatnot. It actually hurts me that people's minds are so damaged... And they don't even know it...

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 11:46 PM
I note that the full picture was not presented as to neural transmission.

Neurons are not linear. And a more electrical than chemical aspect was neglected.

Voltage-gated ion channels, that are directly triggered by potential changes and not chemicals as in ligand-gated was not mentioned.

Also, ChaoticOrder posted a link to MIT about SQUID method.

A new medical technique evolved from SQUID, and is called Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Magnetic fields generated by the very INDUCTION from Action Potentials pass through the skull, skin.

Magnetic fields are found whenever there is a current flow, whether in a wire or a neuronal element, as illustrated in the upper left panel of Figure 3.

The magnetic field passes unaffected through brain tissue and the skull, so it can be recorded outside the head (upper middle). The magnetic field is extremely small, but can be detected by sophisticated sensors that are based on superconductivity (upper right).

Figure 3. Electrical activity in neurons produces magnetic fields that can be recorded outside the skull and used to calculate the locations of the activity within the brain.

Some OLD publications on Science about SQUID.

Science 31 October 1975:
Vol. 190 no. 4213 pp. 480-482
DOI: 10.1126/science.170683

Visually evoked magnetic fields of the human brain

D Brenner,
SJ Williamson,
L Kaufman


Magnetic field variations from the human brain produced by visual stimulation have been observed in a normal laboratory setting with a superconducting quantum interference device and no magnetic shielding of the subject. Previously unknown temporal and spatial features of the field near the scalp are reported.

Science 26 November 1982:
Vol. 218 no. 4575 pp. 891-894
DOI: 10.1126/science.6813968

Neuromagnetic localization of epileptiform spike activity in the human brain

DS Barth,
W Sutherling,
J Engel Jr,
J Beatty


Local paroxysmal discharges of epileptic tissue within the human brain, which may be electrically recorded as voltage spikes in the electroencephalogram, also generate extracranial magnetic fields. These fields were assessed by means of recently developed neuromagnetometric techniques. Surface measurements of magnetic spike field strength in the region of the focus appear sufficient to establish the location, depth, orientation, and polarity of currents underlying the paroxysmal discharge.

Science 28 April 1989:
Vol. 244 no. 4903 pp. 432-436
DOI: 10.1126/science.2655083

Recording and interpretation of cerebral magnetic fields

R Hari,
OV Lounasmaa

+ Author Affiliations

Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland.


Contemporary brain research progresses along two main lines: the microlevel approach explores single neurons and subcellular elements, while macrolevel studies focus on more complex cerebral functions, including behavior. This review presents results obtained mainly in our laboratory by means of an intermediate method, magnetoencephalography (MEG), which reflects cortical activity of neuronal populations at the level fo cytoarchitectonic areas. Because it is completely noninvasive, MEG can be used to study brain functions that are characteristically human.

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