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Claudia Moss: The Myth of Christian Persecution

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posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 07:54 PM
I'm a share a an interesting piece by a person who who claims to be an ex-member of something like the illuminati occult catholic branch of things and this is what he says about catholic saints:

( [color=palevioletred]better to read the whole link so nobody gets the snippet out of context)

Page 64

The role of Catholic “saints”:
...Each saint in the Catholic repertory, whom
Rome uses to seduce the entire world, is not a
saint in the real sense of the word. These are dead
people of often doubtful origins and lifestyles who
are venerated by Catholics. Many of them have
been magicians or Rosicrucians serving the devil
while living. The bodies of these “saints” are
recovered after their death by occultic means.
These bodies are then mummified, just as for the
Popes, and kept in the vaults of Saint Peter’s
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posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by EfficientP

that material may be somewhat too heavy to bring to this discussion, however closer analysis of it brings out something that i see may be important to inject here.
it seems to me that, even if the author of that fails to state it, there is relationship between the luciferian forces and the cult of jesus.
my opinion is that they are both on the same (evil) side.
also, a conclusion one should draw from the story that is presented, would be that all matter is evil which is in tune with what the Gnostics propose in writing attributed to them.

also, an error i am seeing in info from the other posters on this thread, is the assertion that only the christian faith was present in opposition to the roman state run religion.
there was also a group that followed john the baptist and after his death would likley be hostile to the beliefs of the romans, christians and the sadducee side of the jews.
i would think that the roman state would not, at least publicly, make a distinction between these different groups, something like we have today with the 'crusade'
against islam, shia vs. sunni.

what i'm trying to say is just that the topic as presented is a rather narrow view of history, but maybe that is exactly the focus of this book and they are only covering the deaths of those who were christian and not 'miscellanious'.

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 09:07 AM
I saw this thread just today - there is already one ongoing about this book,
could we not consolidate the two, please? Don't mean to be a whiney baby...just sayin'. Thanks for bringing more attention to the book, though.

Ah, I see others have pointed this out as well. (Thank you Klass, adj, and NuT.) Never mind then, I guess?

edit on 24-3-2013 by wildtimes because: noticed others have already mentioned the other thread. Leaving this one up anyway.

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