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End bank runs during emergencies,$ laundering, hoarding & undeclared income - re-issue new notes

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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:21 PM
Banking had progressed and evolved our world.

No longer does a human needs to carry bags of gold to buy an egg and be rejected by the seller as having no change and go hungry, or get robbed by brigands. All he needs is a promissary note - money, backed by the authoriser well known and respected within the community who hold his assets, to exchange such smaller denomination notes capable for purchases and exchanges in value.

With further improvements in the banking systems such as today, we can move billions in a blink of an eye through the internet to get things done a whole lot faster, unlike the past whereby it would take months for gold or promissary notes to reach another part of the world by ships, if at all due to weather conditions.

Unfortunately, what man nobly creates, it can be twisted by evil for its own selfish agendas, as we realized now the duplicities of bankers and corrupt politicians when in collusion. The mistake had been made, but reforms are on-going.

However, that trust in banks had been badly shakened, and many had chosed to keep their savings hoarded under mattresses at home, which does not CIRCULATE the money into the economy to distribute and share wealth to others within that shared society. It only gathers dust when hoarded.

We came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing anyway. But many had only left such wealth under their mattresses undiscovered when they passed on, or under the ground as proven by a lucky few who found it.

Point is, money is best kept in banks, put to good use within society than be left at home and have it stolen, so long as those funds are kept within reputable and well - regulated institutions, unlike those in Cyprus, Russia, Iran or China.

But when bank runs occur, at times more due to emotions than reasons, govts and banks will have to stem such panic to prevent a collapse to society with the SUDDEN loss of such funds which had served as a function in the economy of a civlised society to maintain stability, more so during a NATIONAL EMERGENCY when such funds are desperately needed.

One method the insignificant nobody me can think of is -

1. Declare a national emergency tax during those critical times, explain honestly the reasons why, and then tell the citizens that it will be deducted only from those whom have higher savings, within the banking system while the money is still in there.

Of course, it would have been better to give citizens a choice to make and send voluntary contributions, but comprehending human nature - it doesn't happen. Most will selfishly ignore it and expect others to do so. Thus the need for enforced participation in the rescue of the nation - effective deduction.

2. Inform them at the same time that NEW notes would be issued and can be exchanged for old ones, but only at a minimum trade in of below $1000 daily, and that after 3 days of announcement, old notes would be considered null and void, and all banks and foeign exchanges around the world will be informed immediately on this policy.

For those who wish to change more than $1,000, they can save it in the bank, BUT within 3 days and it will be automatically converted into new notes.

This will ensure that ALL hoarders will place their monies back into the banks rather than to own worthless paper. And once in the banks, the registration of their wealth will be made known, even if split into different accounts or other traceable links, and the national 'emergency' tax will kick in immediately.

Even if they were to withdraw later, it would be 3 days later. And if the nation still continues to have hoarders screwing up the economy, another round of 'new notes' issue will take care of that. It could even weed out money launderers, corrupt officials and criminals whom now think that they can safely put in small amounts but daily to hide and transfer their ill begotten gains across the economy.

But with the 'new note issues' - they have limited time to change those funds and can be discovered immediately once they place such funds into banks for exchange.

This is only my personal idea, but I am sure there are far more intelligent folks out there than me who can think of simpler and effective ways to end the fear of bank runs which if are based upon fear mongering and irrational beliefs. There will be rational times when humans will truly need to take out their savings to protect themselves, and nothing can hide from the truth. My post does not intend to curb such times, but only to curb irrational selfish intended bank runs.

The cost may be high in terms of informing all but can be cut down using our modern interconnected media. However the cost of not doing anything will be higher as criminals and the selfish continues to screw around with our financial systems, which may even doom our civilisation.
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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:31 PM
Problem... You are assuming that the people in charge of our country actually want to fix these problems. There are plenty of ways to fix problems but unless someone actually wants to fix them it makes no difference.

We have NO control as a people if you think you do then you are deluded and they have won the fight against you because they have convinced you that you have a say which keeps you in your place.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

So you think your idea to go after practically all the people with money will work? Who do you think makes the rules? Yep....The people with money

The idea is a good one, and would solve a lot of issues......It is just not going to happen...

Laundering money from drugs, guns, theft, etc......Those are the kinds of people with the money.......The greedy & corrupt are the ones with money and ultimately and unfortunately are the ones who make the rules.....If not them, a friend or close business relation that receive money from these crooks to cover their bum....

Point is, the only way this would happen is for normal people to start a new currency and bank......There in lies the rub....Normal people can't, and even if they could, once big enough will be corrupted and back in the same boat all over again.....

It's a lose - lose for everyone......But I do like the idea....S&F for the thoughts

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by dc4lifeskater

Thanks for the replies.

But make no mistakes, I am under no illusion that the insignificant nobody me will be heard, and most certainly not from here.

I only share this insight here for the germination of better concepts which may protect our financial systems and civilisation, from the criminals and the selfish hiding amongst us in our world.

One human alone cannot change the world, but if more may consider the possibilites - to discuss, debate and find better solutions, and share it with their families, relatives and friends, which when combined, it makes up our society and world, and from us all, will change for a better world comes, if not for us, it will be for the innocent next generations....

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 03:05 PM
I'm pretty sure you're the same person I responded to yesterday, in which you posted this same idea.

Banks are only necessary because they tell us that they are. Middle men always insist they are a vital part of the financial chain, when all they really are is a money grubber, trying to get a cut by getting in between a person and the purchase they want to make, the bill they want to pay, or the payroll they want to distribute.

Forcing people to keep their money in banks, and then taking some of their money when the bank's risk-taking in the big casino called Wall Street causes them to lose, is just plain wrong.

Banks are not required to be the engine of progress and financial stability. They can be used that way, but not in the past 30 years have I seen solid evidence that banks have created actual wealth and stability within a society. All I see is eventual financial destruction.

You call it "hoarding" when people keep their money at home. It's not hoarding, it is keeping what you have earned. What is wrong with that?? Credit has destoyed the prosperity of the American household. Credit cards mean that people become trapped in a cycle of never having enough money to buy something, so they must buy it on credit. Of course the banks love this, because they get a nice fat cut from it.

The central banking model is a failure, and destroys every country it infests.

You can feel free to continue to be a cheerleader for the big banks, and I will feel free to disagree, each and every time.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 03:07 PM
Under the present system, another way to tackle hoarding is by devaluing the dollar, as money gets hoarded up and uncirculated, so that the hoarders will realize the furtility of hoarding devalued dollars and will want to use it in the light to bring upon better value than before.

Devaluing will only cause the middle classes and poor to suffer as they are ones whom will face inflation spikes the most, not those whom have tons of cash hidden away mostly at home.

But if we use the issue of new notes exchange or better systems, it will cause the hoarders to exchange those hidden old dollars for new ones, and shed light upon those funds. Once in the light, it lays in the convincing power of the authorities, if they are trusted, to help them to circulate those wealth instead of keeping it hidden in the dark, and a chance for all that money to be circulated.

It is obscene, if not insane, for the wealthy to hide millions under the mattresses, as happened in recorded history throughout our civlisation. When one person hides a million, that's fine and neglible, but when 10% of our world population hide such amounts, it is a staggering loss in the circulation of money in economies.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 03:09 PM

2. Inform them at the same time that NEW notes would be issued and can be exchanged for old ones, but only at a minimum trade in of below $1000 daily, and that after 3 days of announcement, old notes would be considered null and void, and all banks and foeign exchanges around the world will be informed immediately on this policy.

...would start a few wars against the US.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

You can keep your few dollars at home all you like. It is your choice and free will, and selfishness in the face of humanity's needs for progress and evolution.

Not many can think or see further than the length his nose.

I agree that that there had been misuse and abuse of the banking system, even such as credit, so does any other man made systems, but DO NOT throw the baby out with the bath water.

I travel often and lived in a congested city to earn my living. Should I save for 30 years to buy a treadmill excercise machine, when I am then too old to even walk, to excerise?

If I bought it today on credit, whom had I helped, but myself, the bank, the workers of such machines, the traders, the transporters, the govt taxes, etc, the economy and everyone whom had my funds and will get on to produce and innovate more, which in turn progresses and evolutionise mankind.

Extrapoliate that upon the millions of products which makes our lives better and improved, and think, WHAT were the PROCESSES, that are involved which had resulted in our remarkable century old growth from thousands of years of horse travel to a mere speck of 100 years old sudden discovery of space rocket flight today.

I can provide many more arguments to show the selfishness of your mentality, but it would be in vain, for you had already convinced yourself in your strong belief of selfishness and ignorances to progress and evolution of mankind, and NOTHING will change your mind, for you had already said you intend to argue for argument's sake.

I have no time for folks like you, and would rather leave you in peace to your blissful ignorance, as my thread seeks not to argue or be contentious, but only the sharing of personal insights, to read and consider only.

But I thank you for your participation in this thread, to freely express your views, something which I doubt you would extend such similar courtesy to others

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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 05:00 PM
I see your argument, but I must respectably disagree. The whole crux of your position suggests that banks are a necessary part of our economy. This is simply untrue. I can hold onto my own money just fine, as can everyone else. Banks wouldn't be such a big deal without interest. Since banks can create money out of thin air then lend it to us at an interest rate, there is never enough money in the money supply to actually pay the debt back.

Interest is the real culprit of our economic woes. It has made it so that bankers run our monetary supply, so that they can become obscenely rich, and so that they are above the laws written by the countries that they reside. Now your op comes along trying to get me to retrust these parasitic nightmares that prey upon civilization? Do not talk to me of hoarding a few hundred dollars under my mattress when the richest of the rich are hoarding billions in offshore accounts. Remember the Fed injects $85 billion a month into Wall Street, yet we've seen table scraps of this money. Do not be so naive to think that advocating the use in banks now is going to fix our problems. Look at Iceland.


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