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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:17 PM

The rising smoke in the darkness of the room show the moving silhouettes like in a slow old black and white movie.

The lascivious dance ,bodies full of sinning flesh over their mind make my thoughts to fly away somewhere in a distance...the distance where she will surrender into my arms.

Looking to the way she dance in his arms give me the fury of dark thoughts that I never had before about any one.The sound of clashing glasses is covering my thoughts and make music to be heard intermittently making her body in that beautiful white dress to feel like a soft light covering everything around me.

Suddenly she is running from his embrace of that dance and she approach me .I felt a strong emotion by never expecting to something like that,probably my stared looks could be the reason .
Oh and she ask me if I want to dance.How can I refuse such an opportunity to see my dream come true.

We start dancing with slow moves in the beautiful sounds of the piano feeling her body sticking to the mine a soft touch like she knew how much I love her .
A flastfull surrender of her body in the darkness of the room and her voice whispering softly in my ear ,"I will wait for you tonight in my appartments".

First I thought I didn't hear the words but that insecurity amplifies my emotion thinking that indeed my dream will come true.The perfume of her words and body starts to give me dizziness and when the dance has stopped I looked her in the eyes where I saw a mystic spark of light like in front of me would expect a night a thousand nights.

The music has stopped and she returned to her table next to him.I was wondering what she was thinking of.A discret smile in my direction was the proof that I am not dreaming.

I left the party going in to my room waiting for....

The night of Surrender when I will surrender into her arms like she will surrender into my arms...


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