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Is the Human Psyche a memory vault for real happenings in the Human races Ancient past?

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posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 08:49 PM
The human collective mind is no secret it does exist because we interact with it every day of our lives.
We are all programmed from birth to recognise it and understand its rules and cues.The most easiest way to understand what it is comes when realising that the system we live in is a reflection from the mirror of the Human Collective mind; or more simply phrased Human psyche.

And what does the mirror show us?

It shows us at the Macro level a world of turmoil and disruptions and of frictions between nations and governments. Then moving down the scale down to micro level of the social constructs we engage in daily; the game of surviving and making a living. A game where we are all at the mercy of forces which constantly encroach into our space and demand the pound of flesh from us.

And behind the mirror shining is the illuminati of chaotic order/disorder and there within resides the human pysche.

What i am proposing is the idea the human pysche holds the Ancient memory of the system that has long past. A system which held magic and witchcraft. Men and woman really could really fly through the air like you see on them wizard movies. It was a magical age and the feats of magic were no more imagined than what we experience as real happenings in todays world.

The human pysche an ancient memory vault to the fantastic world that existed eons ago. The tales of the Greek and Eygtian Demi gods not fiction all fact. The age past where vampires and werewolfs were abundant and roaming the earth; all true not fabled legends.

Then from these dark and myserious times the human collective mind has moved through the age of Religion as a mechanism to subdue its fear of those Demi gods and Demons gone.

Then to contempory times into the age of Science of technology to subdue the psychosis and paralysis brought on to the human race; and to dilute those thousands of years of fears brought to bear under the religious servitudes.

Yes i am propsoing the fantastic the world we live in and its physical laws and boundaries are manifestations of the collective human mind. The power of every human mind pyschotechnically connected togther just like the internet creating and spinning continuously the reality world we are encapsuated within.

Whats your Collecttive thoughts?
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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 04:52 AM
The human collective mind is collecting dust

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 06:05 AM
My thought is that you cannot see that the alarming rise in:
Ghost hunting, belief in ghosts
Angel and demon worship
Guardian angels
Mantras and chanting
Ouija boards
Consulting the dead
Animal whispering
Incense burning, candle lighting
Channeling, mediums
Psychic hotlines
Gods of "fortune"
Gladiatorial type sports
Statues bleeding, crying
Goddess worship, Marian worship
Child sacrifice
Eastern spirituality
Belief that you are a god
Belief that you are immortal
Rules/regulations covering every aspect of life
Popularity of vampires and werewolves

Is just signalling that we are descending into another Dark/Middle Ages as we reject the One- Jesus Christ - who made us free from all that nonsense. This nonsense has been swarming through the Christian charismatic and Pentacostal churches just as it consumed the RCC. Any wonder why the so called churches are calling for "unity" with their mother church again today? Any wonder why these wolves in sheep's clothing are passing around the false anointing as fast as its sweeping through our entire culture?

If you'd like to be part of that collective by all means, but I'll tell you now the truth, it's the delusion allowed by your Creator. What do you think the tower and city, later known as Babel, signified with its. "one language"?

It is what is called the mystery of iniquity. The sons of perdition are rising everywhere, and their mantra is "collective". Get out some unbiased books on the middle ages and the ancient civilisations of Rome, Greece, Babylon etc. they were consumed by these superstititions. Any freedom that we have remaining is only due to Jesus Christ and His presence in those of Faith. As that is swapped for a false anointing, the beast of man arises. Do you want to know what the Middle Ages were like? Just keep a watch on what the new 'pope', apostate Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Freemasonry, occultism, and paganism, emphasise.....the 'holy spirit'....'3rd eye enlightenment'...."special anointing".....differents words for the same thing - destruction.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing.
In a world of rising lying signs and wonders, most will use their senses to validate the truth of claims put worth by our 'authorities'. Some really freaky stuff is happening, so there are only two choices - believe man or believe your Creator.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 08:38 AM

Originally posted by WhoKnows100
Rules/regulations covering every aspect of life

You just described the bible in a nutshell.

Also, Eastern & Pagan spirituality have been around much longer than any Abrahamic beliefs have. If the Christian god really is the "right" god, then why did he take so long to make himself known? Humans have existed for approximately 150,000 years. According to the bible, God supposedly makes himself known only a few thousand years ago. So that would be roughly 148,000 years that he decided to kick back and let us wander around aimlessly before he bequeathed us with his guidance? Why would he wait so long?

And if other religions/spiritual beliefs are 'wrong', then why did he only make himself known to one part of the world? Asians, Native Americans, South American Natives, Australian Aborigines, Europeans, Polynesians... none of them heard about god or his son. Why would god leave all them out and decide to limit the knowledge of his presence to a group of people in the Middle East?

(Hint: Employ basic logic and you'll come to the conclusion that the story was fabricated in the Middle East, and this is why nobody else had ever heard of it.)

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by WhoKnows100

Blessed are those who believe without seeing.

So you basically say ignorance is bliss or in another words faith of someone who gets it by '3rd eye enlightenment' or OBE is never as strong as someone who belives in few thousand years old book which got changed every time new Emperor Palpatine got his hands on it.

On topic yes i believe in collective mind. I also think that somebody hacked matrix and is using it against us (more precisely illuminati order), but just like Orwell wrote "I understand how. I do not understand why." . I mean if they already know so much and use so much ancient symbology , don't they then believe in some higher power ? Why don't they fear enternal punishment , bad karma or something else? Is it possible that collective mind is everything that exists and by this i mean is collective mind actually God? If so is thier final goal total control of collective mind or in another words is their goal to become God?

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