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It is Actually Good to Hope and Be Receptive to End Time Dates And Bad to Laugh at Believers

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posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by stereologist
reply to post by vkey08

I apologize. I thought it was the non-believers acting like religious fanatics.

Shame on me.

I did not know about vibrational flu. Fascinating. Is it like motion sickness?

Misunderstanding. I wasn't insulting non believers at all

I was referring to the spiritual people who claim to be "enlightened" and look down on everybody else. They claim to be anti-religion, but they share many of the same traits as religious people.

posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by boncho
Yes, while some people were waiting for a "better world" during the whole, the world is ending rage... Some of those pessimistic skeptics were out doing things that needed to be done. They weren't hoarding what they had, or spending money on non-essential items being hawked by doomsayers, some weren't giving up their jobs, businesses and careers because they started "vibrating at higher frequencies".... Nope, they just continued on making contributions to the people around them and to society as a whole.

Was it all of them? Are all skeptics hard working, job creating entrepreneurs? No. But neither are all hippies completely braindead, and not all are scholars.

Labelling one group of people and passing blame onto them for something you haven't even quantified seems a tad ambiguous.

I will say one general statement about the believer camp... If you wish your kids to grow up irrational, naive, and susceptible to every predatory personality in the world, you're in good company....

I not always agree with your opinions, but this time you hit the nail.
There are many "lazy revolutionaries" around here, they expect something "greater" to come and fix the world for them, while they discuss whether to vote Democrat or Republican...
We CAN change the world, not obama-change, REAL change but it takes commitment, sacrifice and above all EMPATHY... Something sadly scarce this days...

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