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Help my mum please

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:02 PM
Please check out Gerson therapy and Dr. Ann Wigmore. Just google the names. Their protocols have healed
many with cancer. Lots of vege juices and enemas or colonics.

I pray for your Mom , Jean Reilly, to receive relief from her pain and healing in her body. Keep up your spirits and
your strength!

Vitamin D3 and chaga mushroom tea very good for healing cancer also. The pain relief others have mentioned
works well.

Good luck and ......i believe in miracles

running with the wolves

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:06 PM
((prayers)) and peace flowing to your Mom.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:14 PM
Vitamin B17 and Hemp Oil. You can still cure your mom if she starts these treatments right away. Don't do chemo! It's pure Big Pharm evil!

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:27 PM
Done and Done. I humbly ask/ed the Arcangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel to bring as much help as they can.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:40 PM
Not sure how much this will help... but it's worth a look:

12 Ways to Cure Cancer
10 More Ways to Cure Cancer
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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:15 PM
Have faith , prayers do work . I was sick from something some days ago & asked a few people to pray for me & i feel much better today . I just got done prayjng for your mom

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:42 PM
She needs some lipo C for a start and a CRON diet, as well as a spoon of Flax Seed oil a day and may be a few drops of extract of oregano in her tea/water and also 30/20 mins of exercise a day is exactly what the doctor ordered for cancer patients.

My mum died 9 days ago from cancer as well it started in the lung. wish it wernt so aggressive and the doctors paid her more attention. she was also a bit skeptical about trying these things i hope your mum isnt, it could save her life.
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posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by chelsealad

You might want to check out this thread as they think they have cured his dads cancer with nutrition,
vitamins,minerals etc...

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 12:35 AM
Not a praying person ordinarily but will ask for you mother's pain relief and improved health.

Best wishes to you

edit to add prayers sent to you as well.
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posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by chelsealad

I know how tough it is to have a parent diagnosed with cancer, and can understand how stressful this is for you. Will pray for your mom, that she can find some relief, and for healing as well. We don't always get a "yes" answer to such prayers, but it can happen. Seen cases of real, miraculous healing, so I know God still does heal people on occasion. Anyway, prayers sent.

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 01:03 AM
I am so sorry about your mom. I join my prayers with everyone praying for her.

There is a saint, Saint Gemma Galgani, she had terrible pain in her back. She prayed a novena (9 days of praying a particular prayer) to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Here is a link, with witness to her intercession.


posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 02:33 AM
In the sacred name of the first cause, that which is without beginning and without end, the creator of all things seen and un-seen, that which i and all creation obtain the gift of life, from deep within to distant without - I thank you from the most sincerest part of my being for the complete healing of Jean Reilly.

Cancer is curable:

Be in peace brother.

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 02:34 AM
Your Mum will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish her the strength and courage she needs at this time. I have beat cancer myself. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. HUGS!!

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by chelsealad

Two Words [Medical Marijuana] get 2- 5 oz of real good bud process it into oil & dose her with a match heads worth three times a day orally. & Google Run from the cure (the Rick Simpson story) for more info on the positive affects of hemp oil I am a cancer survivor due to this remedy & am now 100% healthy again after chemo,radiotherapy the works!

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 04:29 AM
Horrible thing to have to go through. No one deserves that crap. Rest assured, Jean Reilly will be in my prayers tonight friend.

As for a remedy, marijuana is one I hear of often when it comes to cancer. It's worked for so many people but the idea alone turns them away before they can really try it. If possible it's worth a shot I'd say. Anything's better than prescription.

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 05:12 AM
Book a cheap flight to see Dr. Simoncini in Italy. He has cured lung cancer with his completely safe i.v. baking soda treatment protocol. You can continue the treatments at home, once he sets your mum up with a subclavian i.v. and all the solution you need.

Chemotherapy ultimately kills at least one in three patients. I urge your mother to seek this treatment first, before it is too late.

Here is some information: Dr Simoncini

Warmest hopes for both of you.

P.S.: Tell her to refrain from ALL food oils right now. They can and eventually will cause her cancer to spread like wildfire. I don't have time right now to go into the mechanics of it, but trust me on this one.
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posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 05:24 AM
Said my prayers for your beloved mother. Kia Kaha! (Be strong, in my language

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 05:29 AM
Here's. Link you may find useful.

Blessings to you and your mother, good luck and be strong.


posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by chelsealad

I am very sorry to hear about your troubles. I will pray for your mom.

As far as the pain....well, honestly and I am completely serious when I say that thing that is against the T&C to even talk about. It will help with the pain.

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 06:02 AM
Condolences friend.

Since Mum is fed up with the meds perhaps a more natural approach is called for?

There are all kinds of healthy alternatives that seem to work miracles for many.

It's worth a shot. Maybe she will be receptive.

First step though, as indicated by Maxatoria will be do get her to fight for it. This is crucial. There is an echo in here because it can't be said enough.

Here's to wishing the best for both of you.

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