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Power of Resonance

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 09:00 AM
We see big stones being moved by ancients and we think they must have been moved by ET.

We underestimate our ancestors.

They were more in tune with natural forces and things around them then we are.

It is likely they used sound to move objects.

It is likely this same technology is being researched as a means of propulsion.

Simply because it is clean, would use less fuel and could result in better transport.

So rather than anti gravity is is likely that sound waves are used to control UFO.

Maybe the correct sound resonance frequencies (I dont know much about this to be honest) can tune in with certain forces which can then be manipulated to control a craft.

IN the ancient times most temples had giant bells and/or gongs that would be striked to cause a certain resonance frequency which they probably beleived "called their god", but maybe it opened a portal or the sound caused a change in the worshippers there, made them more receptive etc..

this is probably how some people levitated. By meditating and chating...resonating their bodies to the correct frequency to allow it to "weigh less" so to speak and lift of the ground. After this is mastered through deep meditation they could then practice it without meditating. It is possible by ryhtemic humming and controlled breathing to change the resonance frequency of the body.

Most ancient temples or sacrific alters etc... had big gongs or bells or used the resonance of huge rythemic drumming during their CEREMONIES, there idea would be that it gets the attention of the people, as it is loud and leaves a hanging sound it gets attention, but it really dies get into you and gets your attention, but it could also be a summoning of spirits that are attuned to that frequency, or some might say it opens a portal.

On a side I was writing the above text I was also watching a video about ancient people and at EXACTLY the same time I started to type the word "CEREMONIES" the narator in the video said "CEREMONIES", could that be a coincidence? Theres like millions of words so thats quiet a coincidence. The thread was not inspired by the video.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 09:51 AM
I accept this claim to be logic. After all, the military has guns that dissolves solid matter with sound waves. I bet you could repel the frequency of the atmosphere the same way for propulsion. BTW I just so happen to barely remember levitating half way into a sleep state last night, then I would be drawn to this thread. I hardly log into ATS nonetheless read posts. I have levitated while being awake a couple times too.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 09:56 AM
please describe your levitated state, i.e standing or lying down, position of arms legs etc.. the type of movement

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by rkingpin

Awesome post man! You are on the right track.
I am obsessed with studies on our planteray resonance and magnetic fields, and I believe they hold the key to both the knowledge of the ancients and the deepest secrets of our planet.

I believe that planetary resonance and our planets magenetic fields are interconnected, and inturn, are connected will all living things. I believe, the ancients possessed and understood this knowledge and used it at their own will, and they have tried to hint at it through the ages. Some people, have claimed to have already discovered these secrets and put them to good use. (Ed Leedskalnin is a good example, quoted for saying he discovered the secret of the waves might have also been used)

It's all about frequencies and harmonics.
Earth has an electric pulse of its own. We do not hear very much about this pulse or resonance but all living things on earth are tuned to this mother earth wave.  You need special monitoring equilment to measure this very faint pulse, but its there! (The earth's resonance or wave frequency was named as the Schumann Resonance, after the man who identified these waves. This resonance was first calculated by Schumann in 1952)
An example of a type of resonance would be a music tuning fork, when struck to vibrate, it will activate another adjacent tuning fork. Both tuning forks vibrate in response to the same sound wave length and at the same frequency pitch. 

A Russian engineer, Georges Lakhovsky, discovered in 1924 that all living cells in plants, animals, people, germs and parasites were able to send and receive minute electric wave currents and display resonance. When Lakhovsky bombarded living cells with the appropriate amount of electric current, the strength and vigor of that cell was reinforced and become stronger. When he used different outside frequencies the electric current weakened the cells. As a result cells lost vigor and vitality. Lakhovsky postulated that all living cells, including disease organisms, could act as both an emitter and receiver of very high frequency oscillations. This gave way to the perception that that sick cells could be treated with resonant electricity and become healthy again.  

I also  believe that Nikola Tesla found a way to harness this 'pulse' or 'resonance' into a form of free energy, 'Radiant Energy'.

Good point about the monks chanting. Many, believe that the ancient monks chant the word "ohm" for these reasons  and to help resonate with these frequencies.

I must admit, I have never gave the gong and ceremony aspect a good consideration before, but that is a very good notion!
Maybe these ceremonies were for other purposes other than sacraficial or to pay homage, but rather for 'building' structures or accessing the earth's frequencies for other purposes.

I believe that planetary resonance is a conscious energy that 'controls' how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports, iucluding the harmonics of the DNA spiral itself. This could be the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs. There  is a biological and harmonic connection between our biological pulsating frequency and that of the earth.   The inherent frequency of the earth is 7.8Hz [ 7-13 Hz ]. Earth resonates with a frequency similar to a person's brain waves. This frequency has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Since there are so many extraneous Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] frequencies in the earth's atmosphere at this time [ radio waves, TV waves, electrical grid lines, computers and cell phones ], these frequencies can cause a drowning out, or supression of the natural Schumann resonance. I have alaways wondered, if maybe some of this interference is purposefully put in place to hinder our natural vibrations and resonance.

Sorry, I'm kind of just rambling on here lol. As for antigravity, if a true understanding of our planetary resonance and our magnetic fields can be grasped, then 'antigravity' is just a step away. If one can make a 'craft' or 'object' resonate in such away that it operates differently with in our magnetic field, then antigravity can be achieved. An example of this, would be Hitler's Foo Fighters during the war times. (some were mercury magnetic vortex systems)

Here is a link to a site containing the most antigravity papers and studies that I have ever encountered, you might find interesting,

Antigravity /

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